Day After the iSwitch

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Being a Windows user since I was 10 and only having brief run-ins with Apple II GS’s and Macintosh when I was in school some things are completely foreign to me. Here are a couple things I’ve figured out (I suppose this is my non-video, non-witty attempt at the “I’m a Mac” and “I’m a PC” commercials).

  • The CTRL key doesn’t perform the functions you know and love.
    Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo shortcuts are no longer with CTRL, you have to use the little Apple key along with the appropriate letter e.g. Apple (oops sorry, it’s called “command”) + V is paste.
    This also applies for browsing in Firefox, it’s no longer CTRL + T to open a new tab, once again, use the Apple key.
  • There is no Backspace AND Delete Key. I am used to using the Delete key on a PC because it erases things in front of your cursor. I personally prefer this instead of always getting ahead of what you want to remove then ‘back’ spacing. On a Mac, the Delete key only back spaces.
  • If you want to install a dashboard widget, just point and click. When it’s installed and say, you want to uninstall, just remove it from the dashboard. There are not going to be 100 other files spread around the computer all related to it, and there is no “remove programs” option in “control panel”. The computer just does what it’s supposed to.
  • When you want to install a printer, you don’t have to install a printer. You just plug it in.
  • screencapture.jpg
    Wallpaper image used is property of Sokazo on Flickr

    I’m getting getting used to the look and feel of the Macbook and the operating system. I will need to get Office since all my files and archives are in Word (.doc) or Excel (.xls) and this reminds me, some of these filename extensions are completely new to me.

    I even wanted to take a screen shot right now but I had no idea where the “print screen” button was. So I just Googled the “screen capture” keystroke combinations. This is where John comes in handy. But so far, on the bright side, all the pretty bells and whistles have left me feeling pretty warm n fuzzy and I’m not regretting my iDecision.

    To do list:

    – Get waterproof, inconspicuous laptop bag.

    – Get Office for Mac

    – Get cool stickers to “bling” out my Macbook. John got a lot of flack at Northern Voice for having a pristine system. I’m all about the stickers. Send me stickers.

    The Crazy Canucks – Episode #24

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    Last night we dialed into Dave‘s cell phone while he was commuting across the seabus, so we were all on the line… sorta. We walked about the recent Alanah and I swear the bra wasn’t one of ours, but I’m not sure how many people believe us. Check The Crazy Canucks site for show notes and links.

    I’ve Made the iSwitch

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    The year was 1989 and my dad brought home a PC from work for us to use. We played Spacewars and basked in the orange glow of the monitor. Since then, I’ve always had a PC. From DOS to Windows 3.1 to XP I’ve always been a slave to Microsoft. I know it inside and out, I can troubleshoot with my hands behind my back, my eyes blindfolded and my legs crossed. Well, thanks to some unexpected fundage that was solely allocated to such things, I made the switch and am the proud owner of a 13.3 inch Macbook. John and Steve Jobs have won.

    I've Made The iSwitch

    Yes, that’s the kitchen behind me in the photo. My frankenbox PC is taking up my workspace right now and the other desk-type furniture we have is occupied by John publishing the latest podcast episode. Although I supposed with a laptop I could be sitting anywhere in the house, really.

    There will be a learning curve and everything isn’t as tikety-boo as it should be right now but I’ll be good to go soon enough, making blog posts from around the city and staying connected, as I should be. Hopefully this will help further my career path and pay for itself in the long run…

    Update: John just showed me this on the Onion, too funny. I think I’m going to love this.
    “In 1984, Apple introduced the Mac,” Jobs said to an overflowing crowd as an image of the first Macintosh computer was displayed on a giant screen behind him. “We changed the face of the music industry with the first iPod in 2001. And in January, we showed off the revolutionary new iPhone. Today, Apple is releasing a piece of innovative new technology that will forever change the way innovative new technology is released.” [TheOnion]

    Hosers and Fifty Mission Caps

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    I’ve learned a thing or two in the last couple of days that may seem completely automatic for any other Canadian, and for this I apologize.

    The first being the origin of the word “hoser”, which is a commonly used Canadian slang term, similar to calling someone a “loser”, popularized by Bob and Doug of The Great White North [wiki].

    Thanks to this post by fellow Crazy Canuck, Alanah over at Canucks and Beyond, John got to the bottom of the term.

    “Alternatively, the term may originate as a variation of “loser”; in amateur games of hockey the losing team would have to “hose down” the rink, resurface the ice with a water hose.” [wiki]

    It’s the last explanation that I’m sticking with for now. I mean, the rest of it makes sense, but relating it back to hockey works for me. [audihertz]

    Second, is something I learned while watching Hockey: A People’s History, and I just haven’t applied it to anything until this morning listening to the radio while getting ready for work. During the series on CBC, they mentioned Bill Barilko and a curse that plagued the Maple Leafs for several years [FiftyMissionCap Blog].

    Photo credit: HipMuseum

    …On August 26, he joined his dentist, Henry Hudson, on a flight aboard Hudson’s Fairchild 24 floatplane to northern Quebec en route to a fishing trip. On the return trip, the single-engine plane disappeared and its passengers remained missing despite a massive search. On June 7, 1962 a helicopter pilot discovered the wreckage of the plane about 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Cochrane.

    Notably, the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup that year, after not winning it at all during the eleven years that he was missing. The Tragically Hip‘s song “Fifty Mission Cap” (from their 1992 album Fully Completely) prominently features Barilko’s tragic story and the absence of the Leafs victory until the year he was found [wiki]

    As a good Canadian, I should be able to interpret any lyric written by Gord Downie, but at least now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

    RadioZoom Episode #128

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    This episode was recorded on the fly while I was packing for Victoria… so I rambled… a lot.

    [John] ran around the apartment with my minidisc and microphone to record this one. Rebecca was preparing to head over to the island for the weekend with some of her family(girls only), so I followed her around while spouting off about various topics. I tore into a can of Guinness to find out what those things they put in there look like, we give our review on the Northern Voice conference that occurred last weekend, and give a roundup to the Vancouver Podcast Meetup that Mark Blevis, of the Canadian Podcast Buffet, put together last Sunday. Other hilarities included.

    Run time, 55 mins. Visit the site for Episode #128 show notes, links, mp3 and all that good stuff.