Missing Marty

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This past summer a really good friend of mine went away on vacation for two weeks with her husband. Upon their return home, they found their house had been broken into and most possessions were gone. I’m certain it was a devastating blow to the young married couple, being one of those myself, I know how hard things are in the first couple years together and this must have been quite the stressful situation.

Recently I remembered how much of a Canucks fan she used to be back in the day. Hanging around outside the Pacific Coliseum, getting Trev’s autograph [wiki], running into Corey Hirsch [wiki], and having a riot at the Canucks Family Carnival. Her favourite player was Marty Gelinas “Marty” and she had a signed jersey of good ol’ number 23.

Gelinas was a factor in the Canucks’ 1994 postseason run. Though they lost in the Stanley Cup Finals to the New York Rangers in 7 games, Gelinas himself had an opportunity to force overtime late in the deciding game. With Ranger goaltender Mike Richter at his mercy, Gelinas wristed the puck into the post, coming within an inch or two of tying the game. He had a strong career in Vancouver during his four year tenure there. His best season came in 1996-97 when he scored 35 goals and 68 points, highlighted by a four-goal game, and being voted the team’s Most Valuable Player after the season. [wiki]

The man who was traded to Carolina alongside the now PPV star, Kirk McLean will always have a place in our hearts. Unfortunately, my friend no longer has the prized uniform in her possession – it was a victim of the break-in last summer. If you have seen a signed Marty jersey around town, smelling like teenage girl from 1994 – please let me know.

The Crazy Canucks Episode #26

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Playoffs are on the horizon for our Vancouver Canucks and we discuss the last couple of wins, our new “fame” on Canucks.com and much more in Episode 26.

Dave is a healthy scratch on this episode, but the rest of the crew gathers to tackle the recent games, look ahead to who is coming up, and hash out some topics that the big media folks are drudging up. J.J. makes a call in from the game he went to against St. Louis(W), and we look at the other two games against Detroit(W) and Edmonton(W) in true TCC fashion.

Record as of this episode: 44-23-6
Northwest Division: 1st
Western Conference: 3rd

We also bring you some breaking news at the top of this episode regarding the Canucks and the world of podcasting, Alanah details her live blogging on the day of the Red Wings game, and J.J. presents some interesting insight to the slight against Naslund’s play even though the team record has been overly positive.

Visit website for Episode 26 show notes and links.

Tanning Teens

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I have to admit, I’ve faked-and-baked more than a few times over the last couple of years. It’s nice to get a head start on your summer colour so that when you hit Third Beach you don’t blind those around you with your pasty whiteness. It also feels warm, and gives you 30 minutes to yourself, listening to tunes. Yes, I understand all of these are pretty weak arguments when you look at the consequences.

As of today, teens under the age of 16 will need their parents to go with them if they want to tan at one of Canada’s largest chains of tanning parlours.

And 16- and 17-year-olds will need parental permission to tan at Fabutan. The company says the new policy will ensure that parents keep track of how much their children are tanning. [News 1130]

Photo credit: kk+ on Flickr

16 year olds go tanning? Yikes. Not only does that not sound good for your skin’s health, but when I was 16 I wasn’t getting naked for nothing. (Pause for gasps of disbelief here because you all know I grew up in Surrey). No matter how safe tanning booths are reported to be, regardless of possible melanoma badness, you don’t want to end up looking like a 50 year old leather purse when you’re 35. It kinda defeats the purpose of trying to obtain that lovely looking sun kissed look, really.

Around Vancouver you can spot numerous bronzed faces on every city block. Thing is, I’m pretty sure they’re just very smart people who’ve been able to get out of town and head someplace tropical during these very grey winter months. Being lucky enough to live downtown in the summer time I have to say, I prefer real sunshine and fresh ocean air to the stench of toasting skin and cocoa butter simmering on a Viper VHR bed 4 feet away behind that rattan wall.

Michelle Kim Joins Miss604

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I’m Michelle Kim, I’ve been best friends with Miss604 since Kindergarten! She has been kind enough to ask me to start contributing to this lovely site, so in the next while, be prepared to read some of my ramblings. In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Surrey, BC to a Korean mother and an English father, was raised and schooled there, went to UBC, then moved to London, England to work as a journalist for the BBC. Wrote a novel, worked in Seoul, South Korea, and have since moved home to the West coast to expand myself even further—into the wonderful world of acting. Yes, I’m a full-time acting student and I’m absolutely enjoying it. Really random, but that’s who I am.

So be prepared to read some even more random stuff written by yours truly – that would be me, not Miss604, though she can be quite random at times, too. 😉 I don’t have a website yet (Miss604 will be making me one shortly) but in the meantime, check out my MySpace page for more of a bio, pics and information about this website’s newest contributor.