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He said that she said that he said… Matt Good poses some questions to local Vancouver – Centre candidates. Responses: Svend Robinson, Hedy Fry, nothing yet from the others.

Meanwhile a group of Vancouverites will be gathering to view election results as they come in. It’s a great idea but I’m not sure I can handle 5 hours of election coverage in a row… albeit there will be beer involved…Speaking of liquor, Gus just got back from Puerto Vallarta – unfortunately for the first part of his trip he has tonsillitis. He passed along some pics and so has Anne (office Anne not Toronto Anne). She spent about 3 weeks in Hong Kong and has brought us back yummy cakes and postcards. Also, I’m messing around with my blog because I’m bored with it – now i’ve gone ahead and really screwed things up – if things don’t line up and they’re funny colours, just bear with me, i’ll try to fix it …. later

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Caught this on Darren Barefoot‘s site, it’s Craigslist meets Google maps (double true!) Pretty nifty. Craigslist got me through my move to Boston and even my moves in this area. I found my roommate, house, furniture (sold as well). John told me that he read an article about how they might start charging for CL postings – eek!

In a move to cut down on scams and frivolous listings, Craigslist, a popular online classifieds site, is considering charging a per-post fee for its real estate listings in San Francisco and New York City.

Last night the Canucks defeated the Penguins 4-2. Morisson had a great game and it seemed like Sid was pickin fights with everyone. They take on Buffalo on Thursday. John’s friend Don is from that part of the world, although more into football right now than anything he said – it’s nice to have a team like the penguins, anyone who comes to play in that arena goes home happy. Poor Pens. I say move em up to Winterpeg, sorry Mario.

I got suckered into buying coffee cake from ‘sbucks this morning, it sure it tasty. got to work at 6:55…things to do this afternoon so i took over the morning and will be off at 3pm for sushi with John and those things to do. Listening to Neverending White Lights right now and i think it’s making me sleepy…

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Just one question… why do people already carrying umbrellas a) walk under awnings? 2) stand under bus shelters thus leaving no room for those without umbrellas so they have to stand in the rain? i’m not sure if people around here just don’t trust the water-tightness of their umbies, or if they’re just completely paranoid of water. at any rate, this annoys me and my wet wet feet, shoes, pants, hair etc.

also, if you’re going to walk with your umbrella tilted down in front of your face, try to *sometimes* perhaps look where you’re going so i don’t have to dodge you and run into the street or on to the mud as we play sidewalk chicken – even though you’re not even aware what’s going on at all… anyhoo, home now, i have beer, i have hockey… 3-2… check out this crazy goal by Ovechkin (of the Washington Capitals) earlier today.

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just as i looked over at john and said – ‘where have all the mid-season stupid reality tv shows gone?’ i see an ad for ‘skating with celebrities‘. laura is a junky for this kind of thing, dancing with the stars brightened up her summer and she’s ecstatic that it’s coming back. the kind of show i was talking about would be like…temptation island, paradise hotel, the chair… my roommate in boston was addicted to the sleazy cheat on your bf/gf shows or hook up with as many people as you can for money shows. aside from the ‘good’ reality shows like Holmes on Homes and some makeover/renovation shows that i’m completely addicted to, what i really look forward to is Amazing Race. i swear my sister and i would totally kick butt on that show – we’re fairly well travelled between the two of us, we speak 3 languages, street smart and not too bad to look at (maybe, perhaps). The last season was a family edition and they stayed mainly in the continental US so it was a bit of a snoozer.

we both can’t wait for the new season of Rescue Me, John got me hooked on that one. i had my first taste of 24 last night and boy is that stressful – it’s a great show but my heart rate was up for 2 straight hours. i’d never seen an episode before and was pretty impressed. another big show neither john or i have ever seen would be Lost. everyone’s talking about it – i was just never compelled to watch it but maybe it’s worth a go? although it’s the season for big network season premieres, still i must admit my fave shows are usually found on Discovery Channel and Showcase (shh ;p) and since i’ve gotten digital cable, IFC has become my new best friend.

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Saturday: what the heck were the Islanders wearing? They looked like pumpkins, retina-burning pumpkin men. Second – 8-1 Vancouver, sweet. Bertuzzi with his 5th career hat trick as well. Tonight they play in Pittsburg. Poor pens… their coach sobs a lil too much… but i guess with reason… at least they haven’t had a blowout like the Sabres and Kings this weekend, 10-1! And hockey is back on NBC…good thing it’s not on FOX, blue for pass red for shoot, eh?
We caught the first period and part of the second when we stopped off to get some food on w4th on our way back from the Museum of Anthropology . John hadn’t been out to UBC so it was a nice round trip – and a lovely day on transit. It was his mom’s birthday this weekend so we sat down for a video chat with his parents when we got back home.

It was a great weekend, although saturday turned into Scarlett Johansson day. We watched In Good Company on movie central then she hosted SNL (ft. Death Cab). Intermittantly there were commercials for Karla. They’ve made a movie about Karla Homolka – that disturbs me. Anyone not familiar with the Bernardo/Homolka story, take a gander – but any stories you might find/Google could be pretty graphic and disturbing…

I noticed that Matt Good had put his blog on hold for a while (briefly..this weekend…). This happens periodically… he’ll take it offline for days, weeks, months. Throughout the years I’ve read his site/blog, his book, gone to shows etc. – classic fan. It’s pretty silly when you end up getting people calling your house to threaten you and your loved ones because you write liberal, opinionated, thought provoking pieces expressing your ideals. On a side note, yesterday we walked out of our house, down the street and almost right past Jenny Good picking up after her puppies. John was like “Is that Jenny Good?” and I was like “Is that Pete?! :-O”.