Jim Ward from Sparta and RadioZoom

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Nov. 10/06: Interview Audio is now up on RadioZoom

Sparta @ Richards on Richards

Since John now describes me as the official “PR Babe” of the Podcast (on top of being the co-host) I thought it my duty to make something happen when he said he REALLY wanted to see the Sparta show. A couple emails later and we were sitting in the back room of Richard’s on Richards (again) interviewing Jim Ward of Sparta [official site][myspace]

The doors were at 9:00 but we were scheduled in at 8:00pm, leaving our house at 7:45pm we walked at a very fast pace to make it down to the club on time. I called the tour manager, Ed and he confirmed that everything was going smoothly, “Rebecca from Radiozoom.net – yep, we’ve got you with Jim at 8”.

Sparta SnacksUpon our arrival, Ed came out to greet us. Entering a nearly-empty Richards was a little trippy. There were cases, cables and equipment all over the dance floor as the two opening acts were getting ready for their sets. We were lead back into the same tiny room where we met with the guys from Aberdeen City [RadioZoom Interview]. It was Jim Ward, John, me and a microphone.

From there the podcast took off. We talked about everything from the new album, Threes, to politics, hometown memories and the health benefits of carrots. The interview will be available early this week on RadioZoom.net

After about an hour, we got a few pics with Jim, thanked him and walked out into the club on a high. Continue reading this post ⟩⟩

i guess since i'm half american now

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On Tuesday Americans take to the polls. While I don’t really want to get into any political issues, I’ll still post this YouTube link, cause it’s just amusing as heck.

Update: I was just out on my lunch break (it’s so rainy I swear I saw someone canoe past me on the sidewalk *badum ching!*) seriously, what’s with GOLF umbrellas this season? It’s bad enough trying to maneuver down a sidewalk downtown on a SUNNY day, let alone a regular rainy day with regular umbies all around. But GOLF umbrellas? I passed about 10 within a block. Sheesh!

RadioZoom Episode #117 – Music, Trivia, Good times

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RZ #117 is now up for your listening pleasure

RadioZoomWe play some great bands (with permission) on this episode and talk about the upcoming interview with Sparta. We also cover another edition of ‘Vancouver Trivia’ – testing John’s knowledge of the city. The site’s been redesigned slightly and some new features have been added to keep everyone informed and to make searching for old episodes an easy task.

Check it out on RadioZoom.net.

Run time: 53:56
Episode #117

The Crazy Canucks – Episode 5

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I took the helm this time around and we were missin’ Dave-O somethin’ fierce. We giggled a lot, I think he keeps us in line.

We go ‘Dave-less’ this episode as Alanah, JJ, John and Rebecca bring you this week’s discussion. The Ovechkins Capitals were in town on Friday and JJ shares his experience being at the game. From the awe-inspiring young Russians of the league, goalie showdowns, to shootouts.

Murmurs about the crazy schedules, that only bring players by once every election year, who we’d like to see more of and who we could really do without.

Nashville handed us a ghoulish defeat last night while we’re still getting used to the lines, players and Coach Viggy’s words of wisdom.

Record as of this podcast 7-5-1 (2nd in Northwest Division)

Running time: 23:50

The Crazy Canucks Podcast, Episode 5

Miss 604’s Sparta Interview

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sparta.jpgThe adventure continues. After having so much fun podcasting with Aberdeen City, it was decided that we definitely wanted to do that sort of thing more often.

With that said, we’ve been able to score an interview this coming Saturday with Sparta who will be playing at Richard on Richards.

Here are some links:



Tickets ($15) are available at Zulu and Scratch records.

It should be an amazing show – can’t wait! We learn more with every episode, and the fun just keeps growing as well. Stay tuned for updates.