je me souviens

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Halloween was fun. remember when halloween used to be spelled “Hallowe’en”? Anyone? Weird…

The next “holiday” of sorts is Remembrance Day. It’s not so much a holiday holiday as a stat-holiday; we wear poppies, talk about war, remember WWI, WWII things and people and places… elementary school students will be reciting ‘In Flanders Field’.

I remember when the “new” 10 dollar bill came out with the poem printed on it. Everyone (including myself) thought it had a typo: “In Flanders Field the poppies grow between the crosses row on row”. Although on the bill it says blow. What an outrage. Turns out – “we” were all wrong and the note was right. Blow. Go figure.

Now I didn’t have any relatives fight in the “great wars” for Canada… they actually were on opposing sides, Axis and Allies, on sides fighting over the same continent. I won’t get too much into world history or politics. I just know that I would really like to pick my Oma’s brain about her time spent during those years. I have a 20 page document from her niece, which is almost precisely that. I just have to find a translator.

between me and the cleaning lady….

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okay i made it. events tonight: cleaning lady scared the bejesus outta me…. and… well that’s about it. there’s really not much on tv (without cable) at this hour. lots of ads for phone chats, skin creams and vaccuums. i have been a google master. i have played Word Mojo. i’m ready to pass out. time to walk down the street to my car so i can go home to my bed. safety first.

forward-looking statements

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picture yourself swimming in an ocean a million miles from nowhere and the nearest phone…

at work, watching CSI on this little white 15″ TV/VCR combo unit. It looks as though it would be at home in a 12 year old girl’s bedroom where she can watch tapes of Backstreet Boys: Behind the Music while dialing the Corey hotline.

i’m full of coffee, panini and brownie… if only water rhymed with those words i’d…well….just sound completely nuts….err i mean nutty.

while i’m sitting here (until 430am waiting for work to come in) i should mention something about my car. if anyone in the vancouver area reads this (besides Jen) i have a 2004 Acura EL for sale, details are here. 😀

i’ll be sure to post another entry later ….perhaps at 2am…
when my mind is completely gone and i’m buzzing around the office pretending to be a hummingbird like Apu during his 96 hour stint at the kwik e mart…..Karma can only be portioned out by the cosmos.

are you frickin' kidding me?

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Laura never ceases to leave sugary treats on my desk. okay that sounds somewhat rude and somewhat…appetizing. nothing like sitting at work at 10 o’clock in the morning with the sweet, glossy, chewy scent of gummi-cherries, worms and bears floating around your workspace.

We’re in the middle of our “busy season” right now. meaning, no time to get coffee, go to the washroom, or breathe… really…until it’s your time to go for the day. and even then you could still be busy and rake in the overtime. Although seeing as how i’m writing this from work I can’t possible be too extremely busy at the moment – it’s refreshing.

I told laura i would put her in my blog – “i’m gonna put you on the internet!” so here :p

i still think about elmo

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driving through connecticutt in my rented mitzubishi lancer, listening to holly. fall reminds me of boston. reminds me of new england…reminds me that i wasn’t supposed to drive my rental car out of new england – while i was headed towards Vassar in upstate new york.

boston in the fall is gorgeous. fall in vancouver means rain until may. fall in boston means… autumn… rain…winter is coming… snow…chilly….cold…white christmas. you don’t get many of those around here – i don’t think a nice layer of ‘frost’ really counts. leaves, punkins’, sound of fireworks and firecrackers off in the distance…

there was this one time i went as a “present” for halloween. basically a big box with holes cut in the sides and top for my arms and head. covered in wrapping paper and a bow on my head.
i made the mistake of putting the arm holes on the sides; how the heck was i supposed to hold out my candy bag in front of me? my arms couldn’t both reach.
in retrospect, i should have cut the holes in the front… instead, i tried to staple the bag to the front of my box costume. that didn’t work very well since as it filled it candy it got heavier and heavier and wouldn’t hold. i think most kids use pillow cases anyway…but i digress