Would You Like Fries With That?

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Jenny in the UK - Scary Statue in Wales After having traveled to the UK every few months in the last year and a half I am pretty used to the slight differences in everyday life. Looking right before crossing the street, ordering your food at the bar, trousers are pants/pants are underpants (this can make for some interesting conversations) and so on.

I normally travel alone as well, waiting at airports and bus depots for countless hours I end up mainly just people watching. This past trip my friend Tanya decided to join me and make her first trip across the pond (mandatory lame ‘pond’ reference). People in shops do not ask you how you are doing or if they can help you find something. At first, as friendly Canadians it is hard to get used to, I used to think they were being rude. Now I love not being bothered while I shop. We were also quick to notice that every single meal you will get will include ‘chips’, this includes the Mexican food and everything will really cost you an arm and a leg and possibly an eyeball.

Jenny in the UK - Stonehenge We spent a little time in Wales and the rest of the time in England. I am fortunate enough to have made some really good friends who invited us to stay with them and showed us around. Anytime after a few drinks we could not stop ourselves from mimicking their accents, luckily they thought it was cute, rather than annoying.

There is nothing better than living like a local when you are abroad. We adopted ourselves a little stuffed sheep in quaint town of Bourton-on-the-water and decided that he will forever be our travel companion. We wanted to visit some real sheep but our friend Craig insisted he would not go around asking anyone where he could find some. Apparently ‘sheep worrying’ is a crime anyway. We didn’t want to worry them we just wanted to take their photos!

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No Tyee Love for Us

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On December 7th, 2005 I wrote to the editor of The Tyee, wanting to add a couple blogs to their new blogroll. Looking back at the email, I sent them my url, John’s and also Dave O‘s. (Dave was one of the first blogger/podcasters that got in touch with John when he first moved up here and they’ve been friends ever since… aww).
The Tyee

Well, 6 months passed and we still hadn’t been added, so I wrote another email. This time I kindly gave them my url again, John’s url and since they seemed to be linking to podcasts, I sent them the link for RadioZoom. I received a nice reply, thanking me for emailing again. It said that they update every month so we’ll be included next time, which sounded great.

It’s been quite a while since December of 2005, and I was just wondering – why are we still not listed on The Tyee’s blog roll? John and I have been podcasting in this town since October of 2005 (and now have another Vancouver podcast) and my little blog’s been around 3 years now – not to mention when you Google “Vancouver Blog” this here site is in the top 5. But no matter what our “credentials” my little emails just seem to have been forgotten.

I’m tempted to send another quick email (also including Gus Greeper‘s blog because I noticed she’s not on there either), but I’ll just write a post about it, because well… I am a blogger. I have nothing against The Tyee, it’s a great source of news, they have informative columns and they take a friendly, independent approach to new media issues. I was just wondering… are we being snubbed?

Update: Got a nice note from the editor, I’ll resubmit our info (*crosses fingers*)

To be Seven Again

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Today was my niece’s 7th birthday. She’s the beautiful, brilliant daughter of my sister, Jenny – who also writes for this blog. Lexi and I discovered a few things this afternoon that I would like to share.

First off, she and the other kids loved Photobooth. It was definitely a challenge on my part to keep my lovely, pristinely white Macbook away from 8 sticky, cakey, childhood paws but I was successful. The kids LOVED the little distortion options and had the best time making faces with “mirror” images.


Second, Webkinz are a little strange. They’re plush toys you can get at the store, and much like the Cabbage Patch Kid fad, you can “adopt” your new friend. With Webkinz, you get a secret code, which you enter on the website and continue a “relationship” with your new friend online through various games and tasks. Pound Puppies meets Tamagotchi. Kids seem to love them, and maybe she will too, but the whole explanation of the concept took way too much time on party day.

Lastly, the sparkle lip gloss that comes with a Barbie cosmetic kit takes likes absolute crap and shouldn’t even be used to strip paint off the side of your house let alone makeup a 7 year old… and her aunt.

Shot in the Back

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Two positive things to mention today.

Crazy Canucks

1) We saw Alanah, our fellow Crazy Canucks podcaster who was visiting from Vancouver Island.

2) Matt launched his new site. Head over, check it out. When you register you’ll be able to access some tunes via download as well as a sleeve for one of the singles, enjoy!

Take the Blue Sky

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Today was such a Monday. It dragged on, it was grey, gloomy, and people weren’t in good moods. My feelings towards man on the crowded soggy bus ride home who was setting his ring tone on his phone for 20 minutes just typified how I’ve felt lately. Yes, I said “typify”, thanks Ryan Walter!.

When Friday is a Monday John and I are having some job woes right now. He’s looking since he’s got all his paperwork from the Canadian government, but we’re not having the party I anticipated. We’re busy, stressed, and scouring Monster and Workopolis for opportunities. We both have extensive experience and qualifications (and if you’d like to know more please contact me) but things just aren’t going our way. I haven’t spoken much as to why I left my recent position but technically “I was offered a lovely severance package so I accepted it”. Emotionally, it goes a lot deeper than that and even though I’ve put on a happy face, I’m still recovering…

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I really am. We get to meet up with fellow Crazy Canucks podcast co-hosts for the Open Practice at GM Place. It will be really great to get the whole gang together, because in case you hadn’t realized, we record all episodes via the internet. John and I are the only ones actually in the same room together. I’m pretty excited to see Alanah again – she’s a total hockey blogger guru, and since she lives the furthest away, meetups like this are few and far between.

I am looking through the clouds at this point, although it just seems that our entire year has been a struggle, and things just never get any easier. But then again I suppose (and I’d like to believe) that makes John and I even stronger, as a couple and individually.