Bears Eating Beets

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Sometimes I can be cranky. I know, it’s hard to believe, but I can. Today I have been in a pretty crummy mood. It’s come in waves but man, it can be unbearable sometimes. Luckily for me, John will never hesitate to let me know when I’m being completely unreasonable and intolerable. In the same way, he can make me do a 180 and totally cheer me up. His ability to bring me back down to reality works so well that I ended up doing dishes today AND mopping the floors, just because he suggested we clean up a little. We then went for a walk, to the store to try on shoes together, got smoothies, then came home and sat on the couch side by side to geek out with our laptops in tow. Have I mentioned how lucky I am?

For the last few hours we’ve been talking, blogging, developing sites, and I just spent a good while browsing The Office clips on YouTube.

I love the parts of ‘office life’ to which I can relate, the silliness of the characters, the awkwardness, the pop culture references, and the dynamic they all have with each other. Honestly? I (heart) Jim Halpert. I totally just said it. I don’t mind the quirky cutesy glances at the screen, the wittiness at inappropriate times and the jerkface-d-ness. It works, it’s awesome. So in honor of a) my husband who is Twittering about how he loves watching me giggle til I cry and b) Jim Halpert… here are some clips.

I may have started out the day pretty cranky but I’m sitting next to my best friend, chilling out and laughing my ass off with him. Sweet.

Best Canadian Blog

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Update: You can vote more than once, check back every 24 hrs.

Inspired by Duane’s post and a Twitter I saw somewhere somehow…. you should go vote for Raymi – here’s why I did.

When I started blogging four years ago there were few influences around. The biggest to me personally being Matt – the next couple of course were Tony and Raymi – as they’ve been doing this fantastically for far longer than I have.

Photo credit: duane storey on Flickr

Although I’ve never personally interacted with Raymi (except in a few comments) I believe she and John passed a couple notes back and forth in regards to healthy dinner party foods, which was still pretty rad, and most recently she discovered how fun my buddy Duane is, which is again, pretty awesome.

She’s got a completely unique style of blogging, and has had it for the last decade. It’s often copied, and rarely duplicated in its honesty, reality and blunt ability to tell it like it is. It’s Raymi and Raymi’s style – this is what this entire genre of blogging has become, why she’s up for this award, and why you should vote for her as Best Canadian Blog.

She didn’t ask anyone to do this, really, but she is offering bribes. Sweet.

TCC – The Crazy Canucks Episode #50

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Yes, we’re still awake. Yes, we did a podcast tonight. In all honesty, it’s one of my favourites to date – despite the fact that we were totally missing DaveO.

a girl and a microphone Good day, and welcome to episode fifty. This is a long overdue one, and there were some technical difficulties that occurred before this episode saw the light of day. Regardless, we push forward, sadly without our good pal Dave, but he shall return. Alanah actually joins us about twenty minutes in, and hilarity ensues.

Record as of this episode: 5-8-0
Northwest Division: 4th
Western Conference: 14th

The basic lowdown to this recording is that we are just as baffled as you are about our beloved team. There is no easy answers other than trying to pick ourselves up and work hard at being a better team on the ice. The recent 3-0 loss to Nashville is fresh on our mind, and it hasn’t been that much better before that. [TheCrazyCanucks]

Visit the site for show notes, links, or to download and listen. Hopefully things can only get better from here, eh!?

Metroblogging and Miss604

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Metroblogging T-Shirt Has Arrived When writing about strictly-Vancouver content I often have to chose between publishing on my own site or on Metroblogging. I have been involved with Metroblogging Vancouver for over a year and am actually one of the City Captains – meaning I get to sit in on all the global blogging domination chats every month, which is kinda fun. If you’re missing some content, think I haven’t updated or posted about a certain topic it may be useful to get your Rebecca fix over at Metblogs. For instance, I’ve had a few people ask me about Google Transit and why I haven’t written anything about it – rest-assured I have, it’s just over there.

My fave/top posts on Metblogs include:

  • All in the Cards
  • Vancouver’s 7 Burbs: Surrey Edition
  • Towel Power
  • Not Just Stanley’s Park
  • Why share my content with another site? I don’t know, I usually find myself asking that same question and wondering why I’m contributing, free of charge, to a site that makes money that I don’t see. I think I just like the idea of contributing, period. Getting different perspectives, different audiences etc. Am I a sucker then? Maybe, but it’s still pretty fun to be a part of such a neat group of authors, locally and from around the world. BTW – we’re almost always looking for more authors so if you’re interested just drop me a line.

    Vancouver 2010 Mascot

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    Update November 27, 2007: The mascots have been revealed, read more here.

    A big huggable bear? A bird of some kind? Perhaps a giant inukshuk come to life? Just what exactly will the Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascot look like?

    It’s a closely guarded Olympic secret! The designs have been drawn and redrawn for more than a year, and tested and retested before special audiences across the continent. But finally, later this month, we’ll get to see the 2010 Winter Olympic mascots. [News1130]

    I’m seriously scared, I have no idea what to expect but in my opinion Vancouver’s got pretty great mascots so far. Fin is charismatic, full of energy and just plain crazy. Then there’s Jack, he’s pretty lovable and has some great dance moves and who can forget Expo Ernie – he rules.

    To view what has passed for an Olympic mascot in past years they have an archive gallery available.

    I gotta say, it might be hard to top “The Friendlies” for Beijing 2008. I personally like HuanHuan’s fiery spirit and can-do attitude.

    But have Vancouver 2010 organizers found their true creative genius to come up with an image we’ll all come to know very well over the next few years? I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.