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Friday, March 17th, 2006 — 8:59am PST
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not wearing any green today, i got this cute lil blue shirt the other night so i wanted to wear that instead. last night John and I got our hair cut (no dye for me…yet) and had dinner with laura — WHO btw, just started up a blogger blog – she’s such a big girl now!
so… not wearing any green… st. patrick’s day reminds me of several things. my mom would tell a story about how we all got chicken pox that day. well, when my sister was in elementary school my mom was putting her hair in pig tails with green ribbons and noticed a lil red circle on her neck – a few days later my mom had 3 kids all at home with the chicken pox (all under the age of 7) .

this day also reminds me of being in high school, livia did that irish dancing (before the whole riverdance craze) and often competed and often won medals. she would bring them in on st. patrick’s day and we’d wear her medals as necklaces and pins. i think i still have some, somewhere, kicking around my parents’ house.

(and yeah, i dont own any green shirts, i had to improvise…. :p)

EDIT: I like my post last year hehe ! Check it out….

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006 — 12:50pm PST
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getting my hair done tonight. i want a cut and colour but i think i’ll settle for cut right now. i’d really like to be brunette again. when i went to get my license she entered my colour (since my roots are showing so bad right now) as my natural colour. so i was thinking… okay probably blond? not quite brown, and not red. apparently “Sandy” is an option now with ICBC so that’s what I am. my mom hates my hair dark anyway *sigh*

the trip last night was somewhat successful. i tried on a pair of jeans, they were wicked, i just wanted a different size. i go to the rack, grab the size i want and take off. i get them home and they’re “SKINNY” cut not boot – wtf?! Skinny is the new tapered? EW! So dissapointing. And, I won’t listen to John anymore – he said to get him “small” t-shirts. So i bought small even though they looked TOO small and yeah… too small… When my sister gets back from Wales we’ll have to head down again so I can return those items. other than that – it was REALLY fun. I came home with a Cinnabon hangover though.

While in the toy department of Target getting Ethan his bday present (although Lexi’s bday comes first, we couldn’t pass up this thing we saw that was just TOO perfect)… anyhoo Laura comes across a lil hand-held 20 Questions game. So she starts playing… the lil device is asking her questions … “is it a household object”, “is it an animate object”… after about 25 questions it says ” I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!…. ARE YOU A BRASIERE?” …um wrong… after 3 more questions “ARE YOU A SANDWICH?” … no… we were a kitty. stupid game.

from outer space

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 — 3:09pm PST
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hm so scientology eh? i really don’t know what it entails… i had to wiki it… alls i know is that celebs are converting like hotcakes. not that hotcakes convert, i just felt like saying that…

Isaac Hayes has quit South Park because it satired scientology. Hmm okay so mocking judaism, christianity, islam, etc etc is okay but that’s where he draws the line? interesting. to each his own… but don’t you think there’s something wrong if you’re going to say if you insult what i believe i quit, but i was okay with you mocking others for years prior to this?

i found this anti-scientology website while “researching” for this post. i’m sure you could make fun of anyone’s religion if you tried (unfortunately), but be wary of the consequences. it’s all about tolerance and respect people. EDIT: I’ll toss in the official site as well for anyone wanting more info (just to be fair, i won’t just post the link to the anti-site :p)

on a completely different note… i’m heading down to america with Lolo and my mumma tonight. gotta do the usual ‘paying of the VS bill’ and seeking out of shoe-deals at mervyns and famous footwear. i only have my paper license since i’m getting my name changed and all… so i have to cart around my passport – with my pic from 2001 (where i have bright blond hair that’s above shoulder-length and i look like a 16 year old crack-whore…nice). hopefully all goes well, the trip will be successful and i’ll come back with lots of goodies. remind me to look for a paper towel holder at target.

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 — 10:00am PST
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Laura was pretty opinionated in her post on our Amazing Race blog last night hehe. We were going to watch it on the eastern time zone channel last night but were too caught up making dinner. So after a cat nap at 930pm John and I woke up to watch it at 10. More comments about that will be on the AR9 blog.

Laura found me some giant m&ms… i blogged about that a while ago and i must say… i’m rather dissapointed. They’re just chubby regular size m&m… not even as dense as a Mini-Egg.. but still yummy anyway.

John played me the Daily Breakfast podcast last night – apparently Ft. Roderick was featured on iTunes recently as well… so getting a plug in for John’s podcast out to his thousands of listeners was pretty darn cool.

I’ve seen it everywhere this morning – Canucks broadcasts will be on CHUM station The TEAM 1040 starting next season. John interviewed there in the summer, since he’s all radio-man and stuff (actually went to CKNW as well). I wonder what their coverage will be like? I think as long as they retain Shorthouse and Larschied, it’ll be pretty seamless – just adjust your radio dial.

And I havent really posted much about the Canucks and all their losses, what can i say. we were all talking about defense and goalies then our forwards just shut down. the last 6 goals were from Sedins and Carter – that’s it. There’s a drastic need for something… anything… a wake up call… we’re slipping in the standings and with 15 games left that ain’t good.

who's popular now

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 — 10:35am PST
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John’s now a member of – AND an email he sent was read on Father Roderick’s podcast this morning – boy does that guy get around ๐Ÿ˜‰ I believe with the new he’s going to be expanding a little more… if only someone could develop a pretty logo for him.. hmm

I for one am without an ipod for the next week and a half since i gave it to jen for her trip. i’m so nice… but…. i miss it already ๐Ÿ™ (oh yeah and i miss her too :P)

There’s a (what appears to be) a commercial being filmed around the corner from my work. not like that’s anything “new” or “special” or “out of the ordinary” around here… as stated in an article yesterday, film production around here is getting a jump – and it shows – jumping 50% over 2004, in 2005. The only film I’ve ever been in was in 1985, it was called SuperCape and I was the Sheriff – my sister was the masked robber and my brother was the “shop keep” and the infamous SUPERCAPE. super 8s rock