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well it’s Black Friday, markets are closed early in the US so that means work is slow. This also means that when Outlook and some of our proprietary software crash for all western regions, the rest of the country has to pick up the slack. it also means that laura and i can play Solitaire Showdown and blog. I saw a shirt on Tony Pierce‘s blog “No, I don’t want to read your blog” hehe or on the geek site (where I had those panties listed way back in the spring) “I’m blogging this”.

Not much is happening this weekend. There’s the Grey Cup festivities all over the place that I think we’re going to check out tonight, and tomorrow my family is coming over. I mean…cousins that I haven’t seen in years kinda family. But back to the Grey Cup – it’s football so who really cares, but if it brings this city together and livens it up – it’s a good thing :p Football is like baseball in my books = who cares. But if I had to cheer for anyone, I’d pick Montreal. Because, it’s kinda a cool place, the Allouettes are our clients, um Edmonton is stinky and Montreal had to beat Toronto to get into the final 😉 *shudder* Toronto speaking of which, Christmas AND my Birthday are coming up, I’d LOVE to get tix to the ‘Nucks vs Leafs game Jan. 10th. I’d..REALLY…love that :p

you and me and he and she and we are glad because…

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i have to write a play today. it being Thanksgiving in America (and all the stock markets there are closed) our work load has slowed to barely a crawl…so now I have time to write a play. i think i just managed to do it, we’ll see, i’ve sent it off to my mom for approval. the christmas concert is only a few weeks away and the children have only been practicing songs. they need something more theatrical and play-like to perform.

when i was living in boston my mom was telling me about the play the kids were doing back home. my niece alexis was in it. i was like ‘is she an angel? a shepherd? mary? a wise man? none of the above. she was ‘the mexican’. :-\ interesting… i’ll never forget the time she was mary though, there was a lil boy about her age (4 at the time) who was joseph. and the whole time on stage they couldnt stop fidgeting. she would try to sit still and he’d be tugging at her shirt or bugging her, she finally just let him have it. it wasn’t so much a of ‘silent night’ but it had great entertainment value :p

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Canucks 3, Blackhawks 1. It was so much fun at the game 🙂 We were sitting in a section full of interesting people. The guys behind us were from Thunder Bay, Ontario, the guys in front were from around here but I think they kept trying to pick us both up :-\ Then there was anything from pucksluts (alone or with their man-arm-candy) or gravelly-voiced cougars wearing jerseys drooling over Bert. The game was good – I told ya – as long as Auld was in net we’d be okay 😉 Also, ‘my boy’ Park got an assist, and some other really great chances. The beer and the company were just lovely although I was battling (and currently still am) a head cold.

This week/weekend is the Party on the Pacific – I was never much into football at all. Although I find most sporting events are pretty darn exciting when you’re there in person. The crowd, the atmosphere, the stinky-sweaty smell of competition. Good times. The BC Lions aren’t even in the Grey Cup this year but I’m sure the energy around town will be pretty electric will all the festivities going on. We’ll see how it goes, especially with good ol’ Pam being the Grand Marshall of the Parade. Good luck girls.

I’m a rugby girl. 5 years as scrum half for Whalley and QE – we went to provincials twice and kicked butt. No pads, no helmets, just a bunch of girls tackling each other in the mud. Oh my 😉 Except if the “mud” is like the stuff on the field at Langley Secondary – I think their septic system is under the field because OOOH boy that stuff was nasty.


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i can’t get my flickr badge to stay put where i want it so it’s gonna just hang out where it is for a while.

i was just checking out the Gemini Awards website to see if I missed anything Sunday night. Corner Gas won for Best Comedy, which isn’t really a surprise, it’s a great show. i noticed as well that a friend of my friend who hosts a show on CBC also won a Gemini… I guess we’re getting into awards season. I heard a crazy stat about award shows once – that there’s about 2-3 going on EACH week. That’s nuts. The only one I’ll really try to watch (since Ma usually has a lil party with snacks and stuff) is the Oscars.

When I was 15 I fell in love with Forrest Gump. I could recite the movie in my sleep, standing on my head chewing bubble gum. I just loved the character, Tom Hanks, his relationships with his Momma, Jenny, his son… I’m thinking about the lil speach he says to Jenny’s gravestone right now and I’m about to tear up. hehe. I worked at camp that summer. Everyday in the staff lounge I’d put up a new “Gumpism” on the chalkboard. You could say I was slightly obsessed. Movies have comesuch a long way even since Forrest – wow I guess that’s 10 years ago…gosh…

We never did see Harry Potter on Friday night – it was (of course) sold right out. I could have bought tickets online at work during the day, but there would have been mega-fees and stuff. I can wait and see it in a little bit. I think after Harry Potter the next one will be John Cusack’s new movie, the Ice Harvest. I believe his next one is currently being filmed in Vancouver – but then again, what ISNT these days.

hey now now we're going down down

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using song lyrics for a post title, not original – but this song is stuck in my head so it’s all i could come up with.

I just changed banks. It was a pretty bold maneuver on my part. Yep, saying goodbye to the financial institution that’s treated me like crap since my parents opened my account in 1985. Even after paying off a $17,000 care loan in its entirety, they had the nerve to ask me for a co-signer for my new car. also, after 20 years of banking there was still a hold on my checks and don’t get me started on the ‘customer service’ or lack thereof. But that should all be over now. The new place seems to be quite fantastic. I won’t have to go back to Surrey anymore for banking either – yeehaw!

Speaking of which, I’d like to thank Vancouver for treating this lil Surrey-girl so well (ya ya ya hold off on the jokes!) but Surrey will always be my home. Home of Surrey Minor Hockey, the Little League World Series-worthy Whalley team, previously Canada’s largest vacant office space, car theft capital of North America, QE Royals, West Whalley Trojans – now the Kwantlen Park Coyotes, The Rodeo Drive-In, The Round-Up Cafe, Tynehead Park (and hundreds of others), Strawberry Hill Cinemas (still the best around), and my family. Good luck to Surrey with their new Mayor, Diane Watts. My sister said she’s decent so that’s all I have to base my opinion on. I think if McCallum got in again they’d be putting in an 80-storey tower on King George in the near future. Hm …yeah…. Vancouver also has a new mayor, Sam Sullivan. It’ll be tough to fill Larry Campbell’s shoes (aka DaVinci hehe) but let’s see what he can do, eh?