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Bridging the Gap

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We got home last night and I checked my mail noticing a crisis notification from Metroblogging, regarding Metblogs Minneapolis [LiveBlog][LiveFootage]. We flipped on the news and saw what had transpired that evening. Photo credit: bridgepix on Flickr The major bridge collapsed during rush-hour traffic shortly after 6:50 p.m. CT Wednesday, sending more than 50 cars […]

Best Island Life in North America

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In honour of Keira heading to her hometown today on Vancouver Island (and Alanah who we want to import for the hockey season) I thought I would post about this little tid bit that we should all be proud of. Travel + Leisure’s 2007 readers survey identified Vancouver Island as the best island in Canada […]

100 Days of Summer

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Photo credit: uncleweed on Flickr Instant blog posts are contained within the Tourism Vancouver “100 Days of Summer” guide. They have cheap thing, interesting sights, and fun for the whole family. Let’s see what they recommend today: “July 28 – HSBC Celebration of Light – CANADA – FREE – Fireworks at English Bay. [Tourism Vancouver]” […]

Do we need more Vancouver blogs?

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Image from BustedTees Well maybe more would do the trick but I’m talking about more diversity. We have several group blogs in this city. Metroblogging, that is a part of a 50-city worldwide network, Beyond Robson, that is a part of the Fresh Daily/BlogTO family, and Urban Vancouver is the aggregator and Vancouver forum on […]