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Support the Boobies

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Those of you who use the popular instant status updating, feed-publishing, messaging, window-into-your-soul web application, Twitter may have noticed over the last few weeks that some of your contacts or those you’re “following” have changed their avatars to include peas. The peas represent frozen peas, actually, and they’ve morphed into this entire support network that […]

A Night on Granville

Comments 9 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It’s not what you think, we went home well before the doors to Tonic and Caprice opened up and line ups grew around the corner (although there were only 10 people inside). This evening after work some folks headed out to Wings for happy hour and a couple well-deserved brews. Five people, five pounds of […]

Vancouver History: The Yale and The Great Fire

Comments 11 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The Yale (also formerly known as “The Colonial Hotel”) was once a bunkhouse for CPR employees but later this century it became a hotbed of live music and blues activity. It’s welcomed acts like Colin James, Jimmy Page, Jim Belushi, Buddy Miles, and is a staple venue for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Yesterday plans […]

Punk History Vancouver: Disco Sucks

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Remember when bands promoted a cause or took a stand not just because a record company told them they were going to be on a hit pre-fab compilation CD? When they would sing about injustices and weren’t sporting Louis Vuitton tracks suits in glossed over music videos? A huge part of the entire punk movement […]