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New Canucks Third Jersey – Rumoured

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Update: According to the TEAM1040am the third jersey will be unveiled tonight (November 13th) at 5:00pm Pacific time. [via icethetics] Update: It was true, the third jersey was launched tonight, you can view the announcement on and watch the following video for more details. I’m just glad they mentioned Denman Arena. Before I start […]

Wednesday Morning Conservative Link Fest

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Last night I probably did the most Twittering I’ve done in a few months while watching and tracking election coverage. The dust has settled this morning (well for some, since our voter turnout was a record low) and while we all try to adjust to our new same minority government, here’s a tasty link fest […]

Online Fundraising for Social Change at Net Tuesday

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Unfortunately I will not be in attendance tonight for the monthly Net Squared / Net Tuesday event so I won’t be able to provide a live blog. However, the subject matter is of such importance that I must share some of the details regardless.

Voting in Vancouver

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It’s the first of three times I’ll be hitting the polls this fall and even though I didn’t receive my voter card, I called to make sure a) I’m registered b) I know where I need to go. In case you’re looking to find out where to go, what you need to bring to vote […]

Vancouver Blogger Profile: Stephen Rees

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My 23rd blogger profile in the series features Stephen Rees – who is much more than a transit and eco-blogger. He’s someone that I would suggest everyone in the region (not just Vancouver) put on their list of regular reads. Photo credit: Stephen Rees on Flickr Who are you? I am a 59 year old […]

Luc Bourdon and the Start of the Canucks Season

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With the way last season ended, many had lost faith in the Canucks and with so many changes over the summer no one really knew what to expect when the puck dropped for 2008-2009. There are those who wanted to sell off their season tickets as soon as they got them, and those who have […]