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The Appeal of ReRuns

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I wrote last week about a podcast we’d be listening to, where one of the show themes was about TV reruns [ms604]. The woman producing the segment said that Boy Meets World was her guilty pleasure, which made me shudder then wonder, what are mine? First off, I know you’re thinking ‘why not just turn […]

Road Hockey Rumble

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I spotted this show, Road Hockey Rumble, on OLN today and caught the last 15 minutes of the episode. The premise: Two guys travel across Canada, landing in communities and assembling road hockey teams who will play 1 game in the town before they move onto the next. The series premiered last week in Trail, […]

The Race Is On

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Last night before heading out for a little bit of birthday dinner, my sister and I met up with Bill Lin from The Amazing Hunt to sign some forms and get more info for our team. I’ve talked about the race in the past on some of my other sites, since I’ve been an Amazing […]

Grumpel Time

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Gus and I were just trying to remember the Vancouver reference in this past Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons. After a couple Google searches, locating the episode name and going from there, I found it. Moe: (Selma and Patty are admiring Elvis Stojko) Don’t you hags know that all male figure skaters are twinkly in […]

'no nude scenes' bob barker retires

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According to CBS, Bob Barker – Mr. Price is Right – will be retiring next summer. “In June, Barker [wiki]will celebrate 50 years on television and 35 as host of the game show that asks people to guess the retail price of items in its showcases.” [cbc] This December, he’ll be 83 years old (just […]