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'no nude scenes' bob barker retires

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According to CBS, Bob Barker – Mr. Price is Right – will be retiring next summer. “In June, Barker [wiki]will celebrate 50 years on television and 35 as host of the game show that asks people to guess the retail price of items in its showcases.” [cbc] This December, he’ll be 83 years old (just […]

studio 60 and sports night – so stick around

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I have no idea what it is but Studio 60 makes me wanna cry. No, not because it’s horrible nor is it because I’m a total wuss. I’ll also deny any claims of being a nerd-head mushy chick. The point is, there’s only one other show that has ever made me feel like this before […]

celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk

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So some people may have been a lil harsh on Cloutier but I still stand by my statements… not sure what they were really… but here’s some entertaining shame from the Canucks OpEd blog. Canucks are playing Philly right now… I’m not really up for posting much of an entry today. Work was uneventful, busy […]