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Switzerland: Lausanne to Bern

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Waking up this morning in Lausanne, Switzerland my group headed over to the International Olympic Committee headquarters for a tour. We saw the top secret meeting rooms, the VIP meeting rooms, the grounds, the buildings, and even some protesters outside. However, I’ll be covering the IOC and the Museum in another post, which will be […]

Switzerland: Geneva and Lausanne

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I am currently laying amongst the cloud-like pillows of the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland. Along with journalists and members of the media I will be spending the next 4 days exploring Switzerland, learning about the country, and even how it will be represented at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Our flight was long […]

Merridale Estate Cidery

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

A few months ago I did a tour of the Cowichan Valley and surrounding areas on Vancouver Island. During that tour, one of our stops was the Merridale Estate Cidery, photo of which I just rediscovered in my iPhoto album. The Cidery was a beautiful place and since it’s definitely worthy of coverage, here’s what […]

Girls Fishing Trip

Comments 4 by Rebecca Bollwitt

We woke up at 5:30 in the morning on the day of our fishing trip, departing from Sonora Resort. The day before was action-packed for my sister and I so we were looking forward to getting out on the ocean for 4 hours of fishing (which translates to 4 hours of talking, hanging out, and […]

Eco Tour at Sonora Resort

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

We returned to Sonora Resort after the Grizzly Bear tour for a spot of lunch before we headed back out on the water for an Eco Tour. The Eco Tour was run by Aaron, our knowledgeable guide who told us about everything from sea life and local animals to the history of the area and […]