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Surrey's Reptile Refuge Closes to the Public

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I accompanied my niece’s preschool class to the Surrey Reptile Refuge several years ago. Tucked away off 176 Street it houses reptiles that have been abandoned i.e. that cute little alligator Timmy got for his birthday that soon grew 6 feet thus being too big for the family bathtub. You can view nearly 400 animals […]

Pipe Dreams or Reality for New Skytrain Lines

Comments 18 by Rebecca Bollwitt

When I was 9 years old the Skytrain came to Surrey. I remember driving over the Pattullo in our little red van every week and watching the progress on the Skybridge, just wondering how tall it would go and what it would look like when a train went across there for the first time. This […]

Lack of Office Space in Vancouver

Comments 11 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Of the dozen construction sites I pass by on my walk to work, only one isn’t for a residential tower and that’s the new convention centre in Coal Harbour. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new condo development popping up. They tore down that old store around the corner, what’s going in there […]

The Amazing Hunt, Surrey Edition

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Over the last few years Bill Lin and his crew have organized Vancouver’s own version of the Amazing Race, and have done a fantastic job. My sister and I were lucky enough to participate earlier this spring and I have to say it’s a really great adventure. Since September 2004, The Amazing Hunt introduces this […]