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24 Hours Covers my 24 Hours

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Update: Just found out through the Blogathon website that one of the administrators, Sheana, will be interviewed on 95 Crave tomorrow morning with Nat & Drew. Tune in to find out more about the event which kicks off with me in my pajamas at 6 am Saturday Since I decided to take part in Blogathon […]

Aeropostale is Coming to Canada

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My $10 Aero Shorts Aeropostale is Coming to Canada – more specifically… Surrey. Aeropostale is one of those shops in which I can always find a good deal AND something super comfy. When we head on little retail therapy outings to Bellis Fair, just south of the border, we usually have a game plan in […]

What The Surrey #8 – WTS Metroblogging

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I had a big HUGE Surrey post all written up for this week then my cohorts at Metroblogging Vancouver decided to pump some life into the site by featuring a handful of posts about the suburbs. Naturally, I chose Surrey so this week’s edition of WTS is actually over there. You can also read the […]

WTS – What The Surrey #7 – Anti-Car Theft Capital

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Local news was all over the story when Surrey was announced as the “Car Theft Capital of North America” a few years back. If anything bad happens in Surrey you know it’s going to make the cover of The Province. It’s really lovely to get the attention and although it’s negative 90% of the time, […]

Transforming Missing Cat Footballers

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What a weekend! John and I have been so busy but everything seems to involve down time in the sun so we’re not complaining one bit. With a few words and pictures I’ll now walk you through our weekend, starting with Thursday and ending as I’m cooking some salmon and asparagus as we ‘speak’. I’ve […]