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Miss604 Poll: The Greater Vancouver Zoo Issue

Comments 14 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Remember when there was a Zoo in Stanley Park? Monkeys, nocturnal critters, kangaroos, and polar bears. There was horseback riding and those little penguins that would swim up and glide down a slide into their own little pool. Photo credit: © caelie on Flickr – all rights reserved The Stanley Park Zoo is now walking […]

Miss604 Poll: Magnificent Mt. Washington

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Contrary to popular belief, Mount Washington is not in America. Photo credit: Keira-Anne on Flickr I’ve heard the rumours and I have to say, they’re all true. From the Hawk 6ix Pack (and the Hawk Dog Stand) to the Rainbow Rollers, I got my butt kicked by Mt. Washington today and I pretty much loved […]

Miss604 Poll: New Years Eve in Vancouver

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I’ve heard from some people that actual New Yorkers don’t ever venture into Times Square, that it’s more of a touristy thing. Regardless, this year they have the usual party in the street, a new LED ball, interactive messages that you can text to the big screens above, and you can even go to this […]

Miss604 Poll: The Price of Drive-Thru Service

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

On a trip down to Bellis Fair a few years ago, Tanya and I stopped by a drive-thru coffee shop to order some caffeine for the ride home. We drove around to the far end of a gas station parking lot where it was located and pulled up to the window to order. The barista […]

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascot Revealed in Surrey

Comments 40 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Today at 10:30am PT we’ll all find out if our mascot for the 2010 Olympic games will be a bear, a marmot, or another freakin’ orca of some kind. The unveiling will take place in Surrey at Sullivan Heights Secondary… more specifically the adjacent Bell Centre for the Performing Arts. I already blogged about past […]