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Miss604 Poll: Would Skytrain Radio Fly?

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I enjoy comparing our region’s transit options to other cities’ when it comes to fares and donuts in their stations. More than half the time I’m using the other systems as examples of what we should be doing but I think the latest developments in Boston have stopped me in my tracks. The MBTA has […]

Miss604 Poll: Coffee and a Skytrain

Comments 13 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The smell of roasted nuts and hot chocolate mixed with exhaust is what I would experience every morning at Harvard Square T station. Sweetness combined with mechanics mmmm good morning!. A friend of ours who just recently moved to Canada from England pointed something out on her blog: One thing we have noticed, bus stations […]

Miss604 Poll: Canucks Ticket Prices

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It doesn’t look as though going to a Canucks game will make my “Cheap Fun” or “Cheap Things to Do” list anytime soon. At the beginning of the pre-season Canucks blogger (and podcast co-host) J.J. took a look at the price leap for tickets. The Vancouver Canucks posted their single-game ticket prices on their website […]

Miss604 Poll: Patio Smoking Ban in Vancouver

Comments 23 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Update: Vancouver City Council has just approved the tougher anti-smoking law. “The law bans smoking in taxis, bus shelters, on restaurant patios, and within 6 metres of any door, window or air intake on a public building” – News 1130 There was a comedian on Last Comic Standing a few weeks ago who was talking […]

A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils

Comments 12 by Rebecca Bollwitt

As Vancouverites, we accept 10 months of rain and mild weather. We come to live with the fact that if there’s frost on the ground, no one can drive properly and if it’s rainy from October to June… at least there will be sun in July and August. This year I don’t think Mother Nature […]

Miss604 Poll: The Facebook Effect

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

It’s become a part of almost every conversation I have lately because at some point someone mentions something they wrote, did or read on Facebook. Up until a little while ago if I dared talk about anything computer or internet related in a social setting I was made fun of. Now, social media has allowed […]