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RadioZoom Episode #125

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This episode of our podcast will be submitted to the fine folks organizing Northern Voice 2007. It didn’t involve trudging through muddy, stick-laden parks or interviewing rock stars and no, there isn’t even any Vancouver trivia. It’s a classic episode, just John, me, a couple mics and some music. Although I shouldn’t describe it like […]

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #18

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Yes, I didn’t make a post for Episode 17, but I was working on it, I swear. It wasn’t a true round table episode as is the norm with TCC, it was audio from our experience on Hockey Day in Canada. With the blessing of our co-hosts we posted the audio on The Crazy Canucks […]

The Crazy Canucks – Episode #16

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Sweet, sweet number 16. Dave is a healthy scratch for this recording as the rest of us gathered together to record another episode. We lost the streak against the Wild, but the Leafs were our next victims as the Canucks took them down on Hockey Day in Canada over the weekend. Record as of this […]

This American Life Podcast

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Every now n’ then John will make a post about what he’s listening to [audihertz], linking to various podcasts. He listens to far more than me, but when we head out to New West on the weekends I plug my headphones into his iPod and we both listen to whatever he’s got on his playlist […]

RadioZoom Episode #123

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We recorded Episode #123 of RadioZoom tonight, and for the first time in about a month it was a full in-studio episode complete with Vancouver trivia. As talked about in the episode, we’ve included links below to sites we mentioned during the show. Our first episode back in the studio after quite a while. We’ve […]