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Our Experience with Nordica Photography

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

We were fortunate enough to have Cole and Jakob from Nordica Photography approach us to do a couples photoshoot. After months of trying to connect we finally met up in the West End where John and I posed and smooched for what seemed to be our engagement photos (just 5 years later).

Fourth of July in Iowa

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Yesterday I experienced my first Fourth of July in Iowa. The skies teased with raindrops every few minutes but luckily by noon, when the parade began, the sun had peeked its way through the grey blanket of clouds above. We sat along the side of the road in John‘s hometown as other families with tarps, […]

A Dose of Vancouver

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After completing my sixty4media tasks last week, which have kept me locked away indoors for at least a month now, I was able to recoup, repair, and restore some of my love for this city from which I have felt isolated lately. Rather than publishing half a dozen posts about upcoming events this morning I […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2010

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Last weekend I enjoyed an annual girls getaway with my mother, sister, and niece in Victoria. It was a fantastic way to reconnect, explore, and also celebrate my mother’s birthday. We’ve been doing our girls getaway weekends for 8 years now and for 6 of those years we’ve stayed at the lovely Delta Ocean Pointe. […]

Book Signing Event at London Drugs Recap

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This past Saturday I had a book signing event at London Drugs. Earlier this year, I co-authored Blogging to Drive Business along with Eric Butow of California. This was my first book signing event and it was a fantastic experience. Many people came and went throughout the day including my Blogger Starter Kit contest winner, […]

Back Online For Now

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I wanted to write a post to address the recent attacks on These weren’t your regular spam or virus attacks, these were mighty serious. There wasn’t much I could have done to prevent these, or to get my site back online, but by detecting vulnerabilities or even the attack early, you have a better […]