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Northern Voice 2009 Evolution of Storytelling James Chutter

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The name for this session per the Northern Voice website was “Mash Media Storytelling” and having recently seen RiP: A Remix Manifesto, I’m definitely interested in this topic. That, and I also caught James Chutter speak at Interesting Vancouver this past summer and would love to hear more. Update: In 2004 James graduated film school […]

Northern Voice 2009 Dave Olson Letters from Russia

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From Dave on Flickr When Uncleweed is on tap for a speaking engagement I make sure not to miss it even though I’ve seen him do over a dozen talks in the years I’ve known him. In fact, his F*ck Stats Make Art talk last year was so successful that he was asked to present […]

Northern Voice 2009 The Death of Advertising with Chris Heuer

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By John Biehler on Flickr Is advertising dead and if so, who killed it? Chris Heuer‘s talk becomes a discussion rather quickly surrounding marketing, advertising and its shift to reality and reviews in the online realm. “Big clients, small clients, they’re coming to me and saying my advertising isn’t working anymore,” Chris then plays a […]

Northern Voice 2009 Friday Keynote with Stewart Butterfield

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As I took my seat at the very front of the auditorium (like a keener) for Northern Voice 2009 I realized I forgot my card-reader as well as my camera cable. The result of this being none of my photos will be uploaded until the evening so in the meantime I’m going to grab a […]

Northern Voice Dinner 2009 and Last Minute Notes

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This weekend the UBC Forestry Sciences building will be filled with a sold-out crowd of 300 social media enthusiasts. Canada’s largest personal blogging conference, Northern Voice, will kick off tomorrow morning with two special keynotes, a main conference track as well as an unconference track. On Saturday there will be another keynote and several panels, […]