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Saturday we had a date with laura – she spoiled at us all-you-can-eat, Tanpopo on Denman. John got overly stuffed, we all tried new things and even ran into laura’s cousins. We walked up Robson, got some gelato, cruised around Chapters and Granville then waited for our movie. We used our free passes and caught […]

under the tuscon sun

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office banter anne: this lady on the skytrain today found a wallet – newsroom: oh cool anne: she opened it up and it was full of crap newsroom: huh? like…garbage? anne: no… she even said “it’s full of feces” newsroom: (laughing in disgust, and at anne’s delivery) anne: so what do you want to order […]

we like roy

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the live action simpsons opening that i blogged about earlier this month will be used in tonight’s episode. we just got back from fort langley with my parents and have OD’ed on coffee and peanut butter bars. time to veg out, maybe watch the count of monte cristo (an all-time fave) and be bums for […]


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coincidence – could they have used that word more? we saw V for Vendetta last night with my brother. it was good – i think john enjoyed it a lil more than i did though. about 10 mins left to the movie, everything is climaxing, i’m totally getting into it, and ZOOOOOP! the power goes […]