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make this go on forever

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We ended up seeing a movie late last night, The Last Kiss [imdb]. It was okay, it’s been dubbed “Garden State II” [imdb] because of the Zach Braff [imdb] involvement but the only similarities were the style of the film and the soundtrack (which are both awesome) [amazon]. I usually have problems with movies or […]

the polar bear joke

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why are tv commercials for radio stations so annoying? there’s one on the american channel (komo) right now with a bunch of butts dancing… that’s all, just butts. dancing to 90s music – like they just threw on Much Dance ’94 and tacky pants and thought – wow this would make a GREAT commerical. remember […]


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Saturday we had a date with laura – she spoiled at us all-you-can-eat, Tanpopo on Denman. John got overly stuffed, we all tried new things and even ran into laura’s cousins. We walked up Robson, got some gelato, cruised around Chapters and Granville then waited for our movie. We used our free passes and caught […]

under the tuscon sun

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office banter anne: this lady on the skytrain today found a wallet – newsroom: oh cool anne: she opened it up and it was full of crap newsroom: huh? like…garbage? anne: no… she even said “it’s full of feces” newsroom: (laughing in disgust, and at anne’s delivery) anne: so what do you want to order […]