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omg repulsive to the knowing hand!

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hehe…. hehe…. Never before seen trailers for the Shining and Big I just found out that my morning coffee from Starbucks is actually Christmas Blend. I requested dark roast but apparently they’ve got Christmas Blend pumpin out all day today. It tastes like pine trees ground into crap with hints of reindeer….don’t… mess… with… my […]

part of the rodent invasion of the early sixties

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i’d like to watch Home Alone. it’s become a holiday staple – gets ya in the mood for christmas (and getting paint cans in the face) ya know? We got A Christmas Story (special fancy edition) on DVD just a lil while ago and i’m looking to get a copy of A Child’s Christmas in […]

God help you if I find pickles!

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Last night I watched a movie I’ve been meaning to see for a while now. I was channel surfing and found it starting on movie central. Good Bye, Lenin. It was rather amusing and actually pretty informative for those who knew little about the GDR or life on the other side of The Wall. Everyone […]