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Firefox 3 Themes

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I’ve been using Firefox for about four years and they recently unleashed Firefox 3 which touts: Increased security, wicked-fast loading times, heightened security, and new UI improvements, including default themes for different operating systems and new download manager [wiki] not to mention basics like tabbed browsing and spell-checker. I’m a fan of “add-ons” like the […]

Mental Auto-Complete and Shortcuts

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I sometimes find that my fingers go faster on he keyboard than my brain can spew out thoughts. I’m often auto-completing words that begin the same as a frequently typed word I’m thinking about, but in the end – they end up as typos. Example: Chick Flick becomes Chick Flickr, Dance becomes Duane. Such a […]

I Need Better Silicone

Comments 11 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Ever since Tod Maffin‘s session at Barcamp I’ve been thinking about getting me some silicone. I have a nice, white, pristine MacBook and I need to protect it somehow. Yesterday at the Apple Store in good ol’ Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA I checked out some possible keyboard covers. They were clear or white and […]

Streaming Presentation Apps for Mac

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I put the question out in the tech-o-sphere last week and haven’t been able to find any answers until today. Basically, we were looking for a desktop-sharing, online web conferencing application or service (e.g. Webex) that would work with a Mac. Everyone I asked seemed to think it was something that’s needed, and would be […]