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No, They're Not Mine

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Not that I wouldn’t want to claim these smart little cuties. John and I were just visiting with the kids this afternoon. You know that show on Life Network called Crash Test Mommy? Yeah, my sister would LOVE to sign me up for that. She raises her 3 little ones (who are 6, 4 and […]

A Poor Man's Food

Comments 9 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I used to call it Valentimes when I was little, I’m sure most other kids did too, until they were 6. John and I got married around this time last year (Feb. 25), so due to budget constraints this month we had to choose between a mid-week Hallmark celebration or a weekend-long 1st anniversary extravaganza. […]

The Paralancer

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Last night I had 2 glasses of wine, a burger from Deighton’s Well (which was named after Jack Deighton, who was Gassy Jack, who is the namesake for Gastown…) topped off with a paralancer. This morning I got up, did an adventure race, ate a bowl full of sashimi and drank 4 beers (really fast). […]

That's where I'm a Viking

Comments 10 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I lost my dreams a while back, I didn’t have dreams anymore. Yeah, that sounds pretty melodramatic and sad but I just never remembered them, if they did occur. In the last week, they’ve come back more vibrant than ever. Earlier this week I had a dream that was in movie format, complete with time […]

Centre of the Universe

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It’s something everyone West of Thunder Bay has come to accept, Toronto is the centre of the Canadian universe. We scoff at the CBC and their disregard for Western programming and hockey coverage, federal politicians have long-before snubbed those on this side of the Rockies and let’s face it, they get all the good shopping, […]