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Live From The Junos, It's Friday Night!

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Hey guys, it’s everyone’s favorite software developer at the Junos – that’s right, it’s me, Duane Storey. First, I want to thank both John and Rebecca for all their support in the last few weeks. While I am at the Junos alone right now, shooting photos, taking movies, I am not by myself – I […]

Duane Rocks the Junos, Represents the Blogging Nation

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John and I have had our fair share of podcast interviews with bands and honestly it’s always been casual, friendly and from a fan’s perspective. Those are exactly the qualities I value in Duane’s coverage of the Junos so far in Calgary. He’s simply there to take photos, and experience it all as a blogger […]

Vancouver Represents at the 2008 Juno Awards in Calgary

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Keira first showed us a Russell Peters video and although it takes a lot for a stand-up comedian on TV to make me laugh, we were literally rolling on the floor with tears in our eyes when first introduced to his humour. Photo Credit: Duane Storey [website][Flickr] This weekend he’ll be hosting the 2008 Juno […]