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Vancouver History: City Scenes

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Trying to come up with themes for history posts is sometimes a bit tough. I’ve done everything from feature photos of long-gone hotels and aerial images of the region, to people walking dogs down Hastings Street a hundred years ago. Sometimes it’s the oddities that are the most interesting, such as that time an elephant […]

Vancouver History: Then and Now, Intersections

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After a bit of a break from the Then and Now series I’ve decided to get it up and running again. Usually I explore the Vancouver Archives online database however I’ll be pulling from the Vancouver Public Library‘s collection for today’s “then” images. The “now” images have been captured from Google Maps. 1908 – Hamilton […]

Vancouver Art Gallery Relocation

Comments 19 by Rebecca Bollwitt

The Vancouver Art Gallery is icon in our city and was a central hub of activity during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and although the building won’t be going anywhere… it’s what’s inside that counts. Photo credit: rodefeld on Flickr A relocation, that would see it move out of the old courthouse building, has […]

Mount St Helens Eruption: 30th Anniversary

Comments 8 by Rebecca Bollwitt

After hearing the loud rumble that caused the curtains to blow in my mother walked over to the crib to check on me. It was Mother’s Day. She thought the noise came from someone slamming lids on dumpsters but soon found out on the news that Mount St Helens in Washington State had erupted. I […]

Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria

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Craigdarroch Castle, legacy of the Dunsmuir family, has been perched overlooking Victoria since the turn of the 20th century. Nowadays its red spires are barely visible over the stretching Garry Oaks but it’s definitely a main attraction on many tours and personal trips to the capital city. History The Dunsmuirs are pillars of BC’s industrial […]