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Vancouver Blogger Profile: Barbara Doduk

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Continuing the Vancouver Blogger Profile series of bloggers who don’t necessarily have to be from Vancouver, I contacted Barbara Doduk (Flickr) (Website) who has been publishing content online for the last decade and is responsible for numerous projects around the web. Barbara Doduk on Flickr Barbara first came on my radar a few years ago […]

Vancouver Blogger Profile: Mostly Lisa Bettany

Comments 4 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Every few months I do a slough of Vancouver Blogger Profiles. Admittedly, some of the profiles are not for those in or from our fair city, but they’re important and entertaining all the same. I should have a few mini and formulaic interviews lined up for this week so here’s the first on this season’s […]

Meet Dan

Comments 1 by Rebecca Bollwitt

On mornings when I have no news to report except there was an accidental fire in Stanley Park last night because of someone working on their moped, I cruise my blog roll for inspiration and potential link love. I ended up on Dan’s blog, then his Flickr. Man, he takes amazing photos. He’s in Arizona […]

Blogger Profile: Tony Pierce

Comments 4 by Rebecca Bollwitt

He isn’t from Vancouver but he loves the city almost as much as I do. Tony Pierce was a natural choice for my next blogger profile as he’s been blogging for just under a decade on his own site, is a sxsw panelist, takes pics with hotties, can grow a beard like Papa Smurf, bleeds […]

Vancouver Blogger Profile: Meg Fowler

Comments 6 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Continuing my mini-series on cool people, Vancouver bloggers, bloggers and internet heroes, I had to contact Meg Fowler. She was nice enough to answer the questions provided, use the word “muffin”, create a brand new word, and make me giggle simply by reading her replies. Photo credit: Meg Fowler on Flickr Who are you?: […]

Vancouver Blogger Profile: Sean Orr

Comments 5 by Rebecca Bollwitt

If you’re like me, when you check your feeds, Morning Brew is at the top of the heap. This is a daily feature provided by Sean Orr on the popular Vancouver group blog, Beyond Robson. After discovering he had many more projects on the go, and that he could get my Red Dwarf references, I […]