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Hospital Music in 3 Days

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On Tuesday July 31st the highly anticipated Hospital Music by Matthew Good hits record store shelves. Of course my niece would turn to me right now and say “what’s the record” but I digress. Starting a press tour prior to the actual concert tour, Matt’s been pretty busy lately. Photo property of Orbitcast Every review […]

Stanley Cup Comes to Town

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Actually, it’s going to tip some cows in Duane’s hometown of Chilliwack. The Stanley Cup pays Chilliwack a visit [today], appearing at Cottonwood Mall along with Anaheim Ducks general manager, and Chilliwack Bruins co-owner Brian Burke. Starting from Dakota’s Restaurant at 11:30 a.m., Burke and the Stanley Cup will be joined by a number of […]

The Zit Remedy

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From awesome geocities site Before some silliness starts today I might as well rehash some of the silliness from last night. While meeting up with Corinna, Adam, Tony and Duane, Keira mentioned something about Degrassi. I shouted out “The Zit Remedy!” and ever since then we’ve both had their song stuck in our heads intermittently […]