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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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Contributed by Keira-Anne It’s an art; having your photo taken, that is. Many factors influence the outcome of a photo. The setting, the lighting, the pose, the colours, the photo subjects and any number of crucial camera settings. Every single person has both a “good side” and a “bad side” – even Lisa Turtle. For […]

Checking from Mission Raceway

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John is on location at Mission Raceway today and checking in every now and then. He just sent me this photo with the caption SO LOUD. There are few sports that make remembering the “old days” as easy to do as drag racing, with its rich tradition and reverence for old cars, and this weekend […]

Tired of Flyers in your Mailbox?

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Contributed by Duane Storey I hate the mail. I hate walking down to get it. I hate how my landlord refuses to change his address and I have to sort his mail too. But most of all, I hate that my mailbox is always full of a bunch of useless flyers, considering I just huck […]

Pre-Blogstock Continued

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Of course as people wake up from their drunken stupor, I mean… well-rested from a night of fun that involved no debauchery at all, more photos are appearing around the internet. Tony posted these ones recently, and I have to say they’re much better than some of my camera phone pics I posted earlier. We […]