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Midnight Nudity

Comments 3 by Rebecca Bollwitt

I know I know, it’s probably not the most appropriate thing but the post title has you intrigued doesn’t it? Since Keira and I were on a Degrassi kick over the last 24 hours she must have been searching through YouTube because well, this is just classic Joey Jeremiah…uhh… bum. Blogathon: Post #37 – Sponsor […]

Troubled Hubble – 14,000 things to be happy about

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Good day, and welcome to my first appearance on this Blogathon. I’ve been busy for a good portion of today with the newly christened day job, so my appearance here needs to be in true fashion. That means, a post about music, not to mention a nice YouTube video to go along with it. Sadly, […]

100 Days of Summer – Tennis

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Seeing as how tomorrow is almost here, I’ll toss in some filler material while I try and rustly up something EXCELLENT for the next 7 hours that remain. According to Tourism Vancouver’s 100 Days of Summer, on July 29th it would be ideal to go to the: Tennis Open – Take in world-class tennis during […]

No not a warzone

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Hanging out on our balcony we ‘heard’ the fireworks tonight. We weren’t able to get down to the beach but we recorded some podcast audio. When John went to plug in the ipod on which we were recording the computer freaked out and I think everything we recorded – and everything HE recorded today at […]

I have no beer

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Ever since Alanah’s post I’ve been craving some Granville Island lager. I decided that these contributor posts are just too great to get swept away with the rest so they’re all in their own category “guest post” so that you can revisit them after the Blogathon. I’ve made it past the halfway mark and I’m […]