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Throwing Real Punches: Happy Birthday Jenny

Comments 9 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Yeah, we’ve had our share of brawls. Last night over dinner we reminisced about Christmas tree shopping when we were little and recalled the time we got into a fight in the parking lot. We both got teary-eyed we were laughing so hard – last night – not at the time. Being the little sister […]

All Kinds of Amazing: Happy Birthday Keira

Comments 11 by Rebecca Bollwitt

In August of 2006 John and I walked into an apartment building for an event. We spotted a blond girl in the lobby that I suspected we were supposed to “check in” with but we just avoided entirely by bee-lining it to the elevators. A few months later that same blond girl walked into our […]

UGM, World Series, Hockey, Swag and Bloggers

Comments 7 by Rebecca Bollwitt

What a long weekend and yet I still don’t have much of a voice due to gitis of the larynx that has plagued me over the last week. Since we’re uber tired and I promise to have many quality posts up for the rest of the week, this entry just purely warrants a photo montage.

Happy 29th Birthday Juan!!!

Comments 14 by Rebecca Bollwitt

Here is where we insert the mandatory “John is great and I love him now I’m going to make all my readers cry by being SUPER sappy but he won’t be impressed by just a blog post so maybe after I write this I’ll go make him coffee and bring it to him topless”. You […]