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Sunday Times

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The big conference is over so will return to its regular format tomorrow and I’ll also be launching a fun new contest that my readers can enter. It’s my father’s birthday so we’re heading out to Surrey (as we sometimes do on Sundays per my story in the The Province this morning). To say […]

Because You Only Turn 29 Once

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I’ve celebrated 28 birthdays in the Greater Vancouver Region so turning 29 (for the first time… for real) while in Iowa is a new experience for me. Mom won’t be there when I wake up with a stack of pancakes on the table pierced by a single celebratory candle. I won’t be able to answer […]

Happy Birthday Keira

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Today is my friend Keira‘s birthday. She’s another year older, another year wiser, another year prettier (to make up for the older comment), and another year full of friendship, respect, and kindness. Keira is one of the few people I can trust to listen without judgment if I need to pour out my soul, and […]

I Know That I am the Luckiest

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When John and I were separated by thousands of kilometers before he made the move to Canada we used to send each other video postcards. One evening when driving back to the city from his parents’ house he put his camera on the dashboard of his car and spoke to me while cruising through the […]

Happy Birthday Dave, Everybody's Favourite Uncleweed

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Hopping into the wayback machine let’s explore late 2005. John had just moved to Canada to be with me and decided to add me on his podcast, RadioZoom as co-host/local expert. At the time he was immersing himself in podcasts and connecting with interesting hosts all over the globe. One person that he had been […]