Fright Nights Resurrection at Playland 2022

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Western Canada’s most highly anticipated Halloween event, Fright Nights at Playland, is back this autumn with new attractions on select nights from October 7 to October 31, 2022. Playland will once again transform into a terrifying Halloween-themed experience with seven haunted houses, 19 hair-raising rides, creepy decor, roaming monsters and gripping live performances.

Fright Nights Resurrection at Playland 2022

Warning! Not recommended for ages 12 and under, seniors 65+, people with sensitivity to strobe lighting or fog machines, people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnant women or scaredy-cats. Absolutely no guest costumes or guest costume face make up allowed.

Opening Scaremony

Witness the Fright Nights RESURRECTION with a nightly Opening Scaremony complete with all of the creepy cast members emerging from the fog to welcome Fright Nights guests in a completely unique immersive performance not to be missed! (nightly at 6:00pm at the entrance to the park)

Early Access Pass

Guests at Fright Nights have the option to purchase an Early Access Pass, which includes an expedited line for park entry (beginning at 5:00pm nightly) and early access to three houses (Hollywood Horrors, Keepers Doll Factory and Darkness) for a $15.00 additional cost.

Carnevil Scare Zone

This brand-new area features three shows nightly including the incredibly popular Caravan of Curiosities.

Fright Nights 2022 Features Seven Terrifying Haunted Houses

Don’t miss the chance to experience one of the most popular houses in Fright Nights history, Hollywood Horrors, where killers stalk the halls patiently awaiting victims. This is the last chance to experience this house, as it will retire at the end of Fright Nights 2022. From a dark corner, a bladed glove glistens in the flickering light. Hidden in the shadows lies a cannibalistic genius. The sound of a rusty chainsaw echoes through the hallways of Hollywood Horrors.

Another highly anticipated haunted house is The Bloodshed. This family of mutated murderers and sadistic aberrations feed on your fear, and your insides. The house foundation is built on the blood and bones of their victims. They’ll kidnap and mutilate anyone who dares visit The Bloodshed. Enter at your own risk!

Other houses for 2022 include:

  • Darkness
  • Fear
  • Materia Medica
  • Keepers Doll Factory
  • Haunted Mansion

Admission includes unlimited access to all seven haunted houses, shows and 19 rides. (There is an additional charge for the Revelation).

Due to the overwhelming demand and to ensure a quality guest experience, Fright Nights is putting a cap on the number of tickets sold per day. Tickets must be purchased for a specific date. Event nights have limited availability and may sell out.

Food Options

In addition to all the usual Triple O’s, Pizza Pizza, Buen Gusto, Coaster Dogs, FunDunkers, What the Fudge, POP, and Treat Thyself options, Playland will be offering a number of themed seasonal items such as the Bloody Orange Sunday, Zombie Fingers, Vampire Cookies, Charcoal Cone, and more.

Fright Nights at Playand Food

Family-Friendly Alternative

Tricks & Treats at Playland (Get Tickets)
October 29 & 30 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Admission for all ages: $31.50 (includes taxes and fees)
Includes some rides, access to 3 Haunted Houses (recommended for ages 13+) and candy scavenger hunt. Kids 3 and younger are free with adult accompaniment.

This brand new experience is ideal for kids and scaredy-cat adults. It takes place during the day at Playland and includes rides, games, a candy scavenger hunt, and other surprises along the way. Costumes are welcomed and encouraged.

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