Upintheair Theatre Presents 2021 rEvolver Festival

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Upintheair Theatre Company will present the 2021 rEvolver Festival over three weeks this summer, with 12 artist presentations expressly designed to showcase new work in development. Aimed at tapping local audiences into the creative process, the festival is made up of an eclectic combination of digital and audio experiences, conversations and workshops. 

rEvolver Festival 2021

2021 rEvolver Festival

When: Wednesday, May 19 to Sunday, June 6, 2021
Where: Online
Tickets: Available online soon. All festival presentations are by donation.

rEvolver festival’s presentations will provide an artistic platform for reflection. The group of artists has been provided pre-festival access to studio time with the opportunity to deep dive into creation. During the festival, audiences are invited into a discussion of what the creative and performing arts might look like in the post-COVID world. 

Project and Artist Information

Presentations include community workshops, an interactive website, play readings, role playing games, and a visual EP to investigate themes such as activism, climate change, disability, fortune-telling and media.

  • Anna Saves the Marsh, by Adam Schwartz* 
  • Catfish, by Simran Gill, Jess Amy Shead 
  • Collider, Single Thread Theatre Company, by Shelby Bushell, Chloe Payne, Liam Karry* 
  • Hwatu, by Romi Kim / Skim, Jaewoo Kang / James Q Parker, Gray Park / Count Cupid 
  • messier objects EP (working title), by Stéphanie Cyr 
  • Multi-pocalypse Livestream, Tricksters Media, by Raven John, Deborah Courchene, Aidan Hammond 
  • Necessary Dream, by Jackson Tegu 
  • Not So Stupid, by June Fukumura, Daniela Atiencia, Sue Jutson 
  • Shadow Sign for Bedroom Protest: What I Dare To Do In The Dark, Art Action Earwig, by Minah Lee, Wryly Andherson 
  • Szepty/Whispers: Dialogue, concept by Veronique West 
  • The Frontliners, by Zahida Rahemtulla 
  • Real Talks @ rEvolver Festival, in partnership with Gateway Theatre 

*All artists are Vancouver-based with the exception of Adam Schwartz (Winnipeg) and Single Thread Company (Kingston/Vancouver). 

Co-artistic producers Daniel Martin and David Mott and Resident Curators Davey Caldedron and Kayleigh Sandomirsky curated the lineup to provide an output for emerging and mid-careers artists to focus on transition and building capacity, flexibility and resilience — looking ahead to what artistic presentations could be like in our post-pandemic existence. 

For more information follow Up in the Air Theatre on Facebook.

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