Jarr is a New Package-Free Low-Waste Grocery Delivery Service

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Jarr offers package-free and low-waste groceries, personal care and household supplies, delivered to your door in returnable containers. Jarr (with two r’s for Reduce and Reuse) was founded in July 2020 by Emily Sproule, and operates in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Bowen Island. Their mission is to simplify zero waste living—together.

Jarr Sustainable Delivery

Jarr Grocery Delivery Service

Jarr’s products are locally sourced, organic and vegetarian. They use standard glass mason jars made for canning. Because of the intrinsic value they hold, people are less likely to throw them out, or send them into recycling streams, which can also be problematic. Jarr delivery drivers use MODO cars to keep their carbon footprint down and have just expanded to bike delivery as well.

Jarr Delivery

How it Works

  • Place your order online
  • Reusable, deposit based containers are filled with high quality, package-free pantry staples by the team at Jarr.
  • The items are then delivered to your door (delivery is free on orders of $40 or more)
  • When you place your next order, leave out the reusable containers on delivery day
  • The containers are picked up, counted and sanitized to be used again and again. You then gets your deposit back (ranging from $1-$2 per jar) and can apply that deposit to their next order

Since launching in July 2020 Jarr has filled 5,000 reusable jars, saving 5,000 pieces of single use packaging from ending up in the landfill. Jarr has seen a 25% increase in sales month-over-month since launching in July 2020.
85 pounds of plastic packaging saved from supplier Westpoint Naturals items alone (15% of Jarr Revenue).


  • Pantry staples: pasta, rolled oats, popcorn, nuts, baking staples, baking mixes, lentils and beans, spices, tea & coffee, quinoa, dried fruit
  • Fresh & frozen groceries: bread, eggs, milk products, organic fruit and vegetables, burger mix, jam, milk alternatives Personal care: shampoo and conditioner bars, soaps, shower melts, cleansing powder, face oil, liquid body deodorant, solid deodorant, hand sanitizer
  • Household supplies: jars, funnels, beeswax wraps, laundry strips, bottle cleaners, all purpose cleaner, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, dish brush, lunch bag, aluminum bottle, mesh tea infuser.

Currently available for delivery in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New West and Bowen Island.

Enter to Win

I have a Jarr prize pack to give away that includes $150 of groceries AND a $100 gift card to shop again! Here’s how you can enter to win:

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Friday, April 16, 2021. Winner must be within the delivery area. UPDATE: The winner is Liz K!

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  1. Justine CrawfordMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:27am PDT

    What an awesome program! I’d love to win this package! 🙂

  2. Rebecca WoodfordMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:31am PDT

    Love that they are locally sourced and that they use mason jars cause they are unlikely to throw them out

  3. TrinaMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:42am PDT

    Looking for more delivery services-like the sound of this!

  4. Kirsten FisherMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:44am PDT

    This is fantastic! This delivery service is such a great idea! I would love to win this awesome prize.

  5. MaryanneMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:53am PDT

    This sounds amazing! What a great way to reduce garbage.

  6. Jax baileyMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:55am PDT

    I would love to try this service. It sounds great and I love that it is a greener concept.

  7. HeidiMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:06am PDT

    A great small business!!

  8. Amber olakMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:10am PDT

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  9. Debra GendronMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:16am PDT

    i would like to try that, hope i win

  10. Lindsay MMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:24am PDT

    What a great idea! Excited to try this out 🙂

  11. ANNA NGOMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:32am PDT

    Commented on FB. Thank you for a chance.

  12. Kam PMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:46am PDT

    This is a great low-waste option! Thanks for sharing!

  13. 𝕊𝕠𝕗𝕚𝕒Monday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:48am PDT

    What a fantastic program!!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!
    𝕎𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕨𝕚𝕟!!

  14. Jason BMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 11:53am PDT


  15. Shirley liMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:00pm PDT


  16. Peter mMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:01pm PDT

    This is great

  17. Lc liMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:01pm PDT

    Pick me

  18. VanessaMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:01pm PDT

    Love this

  19. Julie FMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:30pm PDT

    Sounds great, would love to give it a try

  20. Silvia JMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 12:39pm PDT

    Have been wanting to try a food service. Thx for the chance to win

  21. YasminaMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 1:04pm PDT

    What a fabulous business model and idea.
    Here’s hoping for great success and expansion when it happens.

  22. MarcusMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 1:45pm PDT

    Looks great!

  23. Jill KMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 1:49pm PDT

    Wonderful business idea. Wishing you lots of success

  24. Lindsay CMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 2:32pm PDT

    Sounds like a great business and one that I can definitely use as a new mama!

  25. Barb StaetterMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 2:51pm PDT

    This looks like a great low-impact company1 thanks for the opportunity to win this prize.

  26. JeanMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 3:12pm PDT

    A great new service!

  27. Leah AMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 5:57pm PDT

    Love this – can’t wait to try it!

  28. JammieMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 7:00pm PDT

    Love this sustainable food program!

  29. Slavka Obretenov BohacMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 7:07pm PDT

    What a great idea. I’ve been thinking about something like this for a while now.

  30. MikeDMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 7:37pm PDT

    This is so cool. Love this idea. Thank you for posting this.

  31. HallaMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 8:09pm PDT

    This is super cool, I love this idea!

  32. JeffMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 8:21pm PDT

    Would love to try them out!

  33. Kevin SarrazinMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 8:36pm PDT

    What a great idea! I already use these jars for spices & storage so it’s a match!

  34. RosemaryMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 8:39pm PDT

    Great idea

  35. JJMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 8:48pm PDT

    Jars are so versatile! Love this idea

  36. SueMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 9:02pm PDT

    Sounds fantastic!

  37. NicolleMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:19pm PDT

    A-mah-zing! Would love this!!!

  38. MaryMonday, April 12th, 2021 — 10:52pm PDT

    This is a wonderfully sustainable option

  39. Douglas TamTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 6:33am PDT

    This is a really great way to make greener options in grocery.

  40. Tabby72Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 6:37am PDT

    I love zero waste grocery stores, and would love to give this a try!

  41. RenTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 7:34am PDT

    Great idea!

  42. jane jamesTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 7:42am PDT

    Entered for this wonderful package

  43. ShelleyTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 7:52am PDT

    Not a bad idea at all. Would really like to try this.

  44. Ray CTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 8:51am PDT

    Low waste = great idea. Liked & commented on FB

  45. DevonTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 10:04am PDT

    Jarr is amazing. A great selection of products!

  46. daneTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 10:54am PDT

    love to try

  47. CindyTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 11:30am PDT

    What a great idea!

  48. MK LowTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 12:38pm PDT

    Such a great initiative! Great job Jarr!

  49. MarieTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 5:25pm PDT

    Love what Jarr is doing and that we have more sustainable options for groceries!

  50. Tracy KTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 8:45pm PDT

    would love to try them out!

  51. NicoleTuesday, April 13th, 2021 — 9:07pm PDT

    What a great company to promote so close to Earth Day 😌🌎

  52. NancyWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 5:21am PDT

    What an awesome initiative that Jarr is taking to help us simplify zero waste living together. Thank you for featuring Jarr and helping promote this amazing local business!!

  53. SteveWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 6:21am PDT

    Seeing these kinds of businesses go more mobile makes so much sense. We’d like a kickstart to try them for sure!
    Following, and liked.

  54. LauraWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 6:24am PDT

    We’d love to test this out.

  55. NicoleWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 10:20am PDT

    That’s awesome. Perfect. now if only I could find invent a machine that folds and puts away my laundry. 🙂

  56. KarenWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 11:58am PDT

    This is amazing – thanks for the giveaway!

  57. Kathleen BWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 8:38pm PDT

    Sounds yummy – great concept

  58. Katie HoodWednesday, April 14th, 2021 — 9:53pm PDT

    would love to win! looks like a great service

  59. LindaThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 3:23pm PDT

    This is a fantastic service. I love that they are concentrating on minimizing waste.

  60. AngelaThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 9:35pm PDT

    They deliver to New West? That’s fantastic!

  61. TracyThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 9:35pm PDT

    Cool service !

  62. Tracy MThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 9:41pm PDT

    Love this idea! Hoping it grows!

  63. SarahThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 10:38pm PDT

    Cool concept

  64. SarahThursday, April 15th, 2021 — 10:38pm PDT

    Cool idea

  65. TiffFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 7:38am PDT

    Love how thoughtful and environmentally friendly this company is. Especially these days, grocery delivery is such an important and needed service as well.

  66. AlexMFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 10:50am PDT

    Would to try them out

  67. bjhFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 11:16am PDT

    Would love to gift this to my dad!

  68. Becky WernerFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 11:29am PDT

    Entering the contest – Thank you!

  69. ValerieFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 1:31pm PDT

    liked both on FB! A superb idea, this business.

  70. TammyFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 2:48pm PDT

    Great prize! Thanks!

  71. wenFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 2:53pm PDT


  72. Elyse GouletFriday, April 16th, 2021 — 5:32pm PDT

    So exciting to see more businesses like this in Vancouver!

  73. Amy PezzenteSaturday, April 17th, 2021 — 12:42am PDT

    Fingers crossed

  74. WesSaturday, April 17th, 2021 — 7:57am PDT

    Love this idea!

  75. ChristineSaturday, April 17th, 2021 — 8:37am PDT

    So great we are getting more companies like this.

  76. Tamara CroftMonday, April 19th, 2021 — 8:52pm PDT

    great idea!

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