These Images Will Inspire You to Relax in Tofino

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Photos and article by ZenSeekersJaiden George. This adventure is powered by Tribal Parks Alliance, Destination BC, Destination Canada, and Tin Wis Resort, which is owned and operated by the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.

Relax in Tofino

If one were to sum up Tofino in only a single sentence, the words raw, pristine, and boundless would, without a doubt, come to mind. Having lived here my whole life, I still find myself in awe of the intense beauty of it all every time I step out my front door.

Tin Whis from the Beach - Jaiden George
Tin Wis from the Beach – Jaiden George

Even in activities that I’ve repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times – biking along Mackenzie Beach, for example (pictured here) – I find that there are always new things to appreciate. No two trips are ever really the same, and simply existing on the land affords an unparalleled and wholly consuming sense of calmness.

Relax Tofino Bikes 2 - Jaiden George
Bike the Beach – Jaiden George

Taking a moment to think about it, a great deal of my most cherished memories are of being on the land with friends – hiking, climbing trees, scaling rockfaces, taking out the canoe or the paddleboards – memories of the ilk are physically and spiritually impossible to create in the abrasive, fast-paced dissonance of cities.

Relax Tofino SUP - Jaiden George
SUP – Jaiden George

Sure, there aren’t any large shopping hubs, and you’ll find virtually no chain stores (Tofino consists predominantly of local businesses – Chocolate Tofino pictured here) – but that’s not inherently a bad thing. We all have a tendency to build up clutter in our minds – to overcomplicate things – and it’s beneficial, necessary even, to scale things back. To remember what is essential – food, water, shelter, community and land – and what is supplementary – convenience, technology and material objects.

Relax Tofino Chocolate - Jaiden George
Chocolate Tofino – Jaiden George

When it really comes down to it, the supplementary things in life are never what allow for long-lasting memories. There is no substitute for sitting around a fire and sharing a meal with friends. It’s at the intersection between the immaterial and the essentials that special moments are cultivated, and Tofino offers an abundance of both to those willing to look.

Relax Tofino Campfire Jaiden George
Beach campfire – Jaiden George

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