Dali and Picasso at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

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Oakridge Centre in partnership with Chali-Rosso Art Gallery will host, for the first time, “Meet the Masters’ art exhibition – showcasing original Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali works of art. This free exhibition draws a parallel between these two Modern Masters.

Dali and Picasso at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

When: Friday, September 21, 2018 to Sunday, October 14, 2018
Where: Oakridge Centre’s West Gallery (650 W. 41st Ave, Vancouver)
Admission: Free!

Dali and Picasso at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

This public Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali exhibition will include numerous pieces of art that highlight various stages of these two artists’ professional careers. Picasso and Dali worked and created artworks during the same time period, and they also had a relationship of mutual inspiration and rivalry. These prolific artists are known for breaking away from tradition by bringing abstraction into the realm of art for the first time.

One of the many highlights of the art display at Oakridge will be Salvador Dali’s 98” high, Surrealist Piano sculpture, valued at $1.2 million.

Dali and Picasso at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver

Salvador Dali chose to transform the banal wooden legs of a piano, replacing them with dancing female legs; creating an animate, joyous instrument that can dance as well as play. It has been exhibited in cities such as London, Paris, Venice, Shanghai, New York, Singapore, and Los Angeles. In addition, the exceptional Dali Sculpture Collection will be on display at Oakridge. This collection has been exhibited in numerous, prestigious galleries worldwide, allowing millions of people to experience Dali’s unique language in a three-dimensional form.

Special Presentation

A public Picasso and Dali presentation by Chali-Rosso Gallery Director Oree Gianacopoulos will take place on Saturday, September 22, 2018 in Oakridge Centre’s West Gallery from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Guests will be afforded a glimpse into the world of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, and learn about the history of these European Master Artists. There will also be discussions regarding the meaning behind the various Picasso and Dali artworks on display.

Chali-Rosso Gallery and Oakridge Centre partnered on this exhibition to allow public access to some of Picasso’s and Dali’s great works of art in a nontraditional gallery-type atmosphere.

For the duration of this exhibition, all public donations, as well as a percentage of Chali-Rosso Gallery sales will go to Arts Umbrella, a non-profit arts education centre for young people.

Chali-Rosso Gallery also presents Definitely Dali, which you can visit anytime outdoors in Downtown Vancouver at Lot 19, at Hornby and West Hastings St.

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