How to Get Ready for a First Date in Vancouver

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Contributed by Megan Edwards and Janet Reynolds “The Und8ables” and authors of Girl it’s Not You (it’s definitely him)

How to Get Ready for a First Date in Vancouver

Now ladies, we get it, the dating world is a tough one. It’s a dark and twisted tunnel that can swallow us up whole – leading us to believe we’ll be single forever, or asking the question, “what’s wrong with me?”. We’ve been through it all and we’ve actually written a book on it called “Girl it’s Not You (it’s definitely him)”.

From guys who disappear for 5 hours, to guys who arrive in their car to pick you up for the date butt naked. No matter how many bad dates we’ve endured, we have faith that the right guy is out there for everyone (yes, Miss Und8able, that means YOU too!) and you want to be at your best when that time comes. You go ahead and pamper yourself, spoil yourself, and when your date walks in, it’ll be all eyes on you! And hey, if the date doesn’t work out, call up your girlfriends and hit the town, cause you’ll be looking like a smoke show!   
Below are 5 “date ready” tips from some of our favourite places in VanCity – you’ll leave feeling like your best YOU – confident, gorgeous, and ready to grab the dating world by the balls (just the world, not your date).  

How to Get Ready for a First Date in Vancouver

1. The Skin Girls  
Girl, there’s nothing like having flawlessly soft, glowing skin, are we right? We can only do so much at home, so why not let the pros take care of the rest! The Skin Girls are at your service! How about an oxygen facial?  

2. Bling Nails
Ok, there is nothing worse than getting date ready, popping on those cute open toe shoes, and realizing the nail polish on your toes (if it hasn’t all chipped away) is a hideous mess!  Or maybe your finger nails are starting to look a bit gnarly.  Make sure you book a mani and pedi appointment with the experts at Bling Nails!  We highly recommend the gel mani and pedi combo – it’s the best! And your toes will not only prepped for your hot date, but for summer too…so it’s a win win!     

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3. Larissa and Sue at Style Lab Salon
Now it’s time to talk hair and make-up. If you’re like us, doing your own hair can be a chore. It’s not only time consuming; but trying to go for a sexy new look can end up looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket. And your make-up? Well unless you’re one of those naturally talented make-up appliers, you know how risky it can be to experiment with a new, sexy look. Can we say “The Joker”? Hey, we’ve been there, rushing to remove your face so that you can start all over again? It’s the worst! For the perfect blow out, make sure you hit up Larissa at Style Lab.  As for make-up, Sue is your go to girl!  

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4. City Lux Boutique 
This is the worst part of any date – WHAT DO I WEAR???!!! We’ve all stood in front of our closet, or maybe IN our closet, staring blankly at our clothes. We start questioning our style choices, asking ourselves, “Why didn’t I buy that cute little dress last week?” Or thinking “wow I really miss those cut-off white shorts from grade 10” or perhaps “maybe I can squeeze into those pants without getting a camel toe this time”. Well don’t panic! City Lux Boutique has everything from dresses to pants suits and rompers. Anything to make you feel sexy on that date!  

5. UVA Wine and Cocktail Bar 
Scope out your first date location ahead of time, or meet up with your best girl friends for the inevitable post-mortem. One of the best boutique bars in Vancouver is UVA. They’ve got some of the most creative cocktails in the city – and they’re pretty (and we love things that are both pretty AND contain alcohol). So hit them up – you won’t regret it!  

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So ladies, this guy might be your prince…but if he’s not, don’t get down on yourself – you put your best self out there and we salute you! We know the struggles of dating, trust us; I mean… we wrote the book on it! If your date was disastrous, send the story to us – you know how much we love a good dating story.

By Megan Edwards and Janet Reynolds “The Und8ables”. Authors of “Girl it’s Not You (it’s definitely him)”. Available online on Amazon, Coles and Chapters Indigo. Also available in stores at Black Bond Books and select Coles and Chapters Indigo around the Lower Mainland. Follow The Und8ables on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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