Q&A Get to Know Historic Barkerville in the Winter

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In search of long line, fresh powder, friendly locals, and epic Instagram-worthy sights and scenes? Then you need to #SkiNorthBC!

Photographer and writer Abby Cooper (@AbbyDells) set out for Northern BC with SnowSeekers’ #SkiNorthBC expedition this winter. She hit 6 different destinations and chronicled her journey. I wanted to find out more about what she experienced, discovered, and what anyone looking for a Northern BC adventure simply cannot miss.

Q&A Get to Know Historic Barkerville in the Winter

Abby’s next destination was the historic gold rush town of Barkerville.

SnowSeekers Barkerville
Photo by Abby Cooper

Q1. 1 What were your first impressions of Barkerville?
Abby: Surreal. The perfectly preserved town seems too perfect to be a functioning piece of the past, yet it’s lively atmosphere quickly proved me wrong.

Q2. Who was your best local resource for info?
Abby: James Douglas over Visitor Experience or character “Billy Barker” himself are both oozing with information about the past, present and ways to experience all things Barkerville in a hands on way.

SnowSeekers Barkerville
Photo by Abby Cooper

Q3. What did you find most surprising or unexpected?
Abby: I came to Barkerville excited to experience the town, the history and the culture. What I didn’t expect was for the opportunities to adventure all around it via snowshoes, backcountry ski touring and snowmobiling!

Q4. What is a can’t-miss at this destination, any insider tips?
Abby: The views! It’s easy to stay in the magical town of Barkerville, but throw on some snowshoes and get some perspective on the trails. View it from above and get some exercise, guaranteed you’ll appreciate how the original prospectors settled this gem of a town even more this way.

SnowSeekers Barkerville
Photo by Abby Cooper

Q5. What was the most instagram-worthy moment or place?
Abby: The Chinese Village was spectacular. Seeing the cultural mix of Chinese traditions with old frontier style log buildings was really unique.

Q6. What would make you go back again and again?
Abby: I’d love to see it in all seasons knowing that the aesthetic of the town changes dramatically with each season and so does the opportunity for exploration.

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SnowSeekers Barkerville
Photo by Abby Cooper

If you go

  • Explore Barkerville »
  • Call Tourism Quesnel at (250) 992-8716
  • Troll, Quesnel, the District of Wells and Barkerville are destinations along the famed Barkerville Highway (aka Highway 26) – all within the Cariboo Regional District.
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For more on skiing in Northern BC, set a bookmark to check out the #SkiNorthBC expedition page on a regular basis. More stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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