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Lindt Chocolate Shop Grand Opening at The Exchange Tower in Downtown Vancouver

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 — 9:42am PDT
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Downtown Vancouver is about to get a whole lot sweeter! A brand new Lindt Chocolate Shop is opening up at The Exchange Tower, the long awaited reconstruction of the old Exchange Building on Howe Street at Pender.

The 1929-built heritage building has been converted into Canada’s second-largest LEED Platinum building. At street level, it will be home to a brand new Lindt retail location, filled with truffles, chocolates, and all of their incredibly delicious creations.

Lindt Chocolate Shop Grand Opening at The Exchange Tower
Where: 455 Howe Street, Vancouver
When: Grand opening on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The fist 100 shoppers to spend $25 during the shop’s first 6 days the shop is open will receive 1lb of Lindor Truffles for free ($30 value).

Back in 2009 during a trip to Switzerland I visited Lindt & Sprungli Chocolates, it was like a dream. They had a massive shop filled with holiday treats (like the signature gold bunnies with red bows) and I even got to learn how to properly do a chocolate tasting. It’s Swiss chocolate at its finest!

Enter to Win

To celebrate the grand opening on November 7th, I have a Lindt gift basket to give away (valued at $100) sponsored by Lindt. Here’s how you can enter to win:

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I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Friday, November 10, 2017. Open only to BC residents. The winner must be able to pick up the prize in person at the new Lindt Chocolate Shop in Vancouver by November 30, 2017.

Follow Lindt Canada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the new shop in Vancouver.

Update The winner is Angela Zanatta!

Disclosure: Sponsored Post
Sponsored by Lindt Canada


  1. Steven S says:

    Would love me some chocolate

  2. Maryanne says:

    All the chocolate!!

  3. Tara Wasney says:

    Would love to win and share the temptation!

  4. Pat B says:

    What a perfect location! Can’t wait to check it out.

  5. Cheryl G says:

    I wish we had a Lindt store in Nanaimo. I’m so envious when I see posts of the great discounts offered in-store.

  6. Rebecca F says:

    Yes please

  7. Jeannie Lam says:

    Love Lindt chocolates, so I’m really excited about this opening!

  8. Stuart DesBrisay says:

    This is good news! The variety of great chocolate available is one of the best things about Vancouver retail, and Lindt will be a welcome addition to the scene.

  9. michelle says:

    this would be so sweet thanks for the chance

  10. Michelle says:

    Oh, yum. Must dig through cupboards in hopes of forgotten stash.

  11. Cassia Morais says:

    Wow!!! Lindt Chocolate= True love! πŸ€©πŸ’™ 🍫

  12. Iris N says:

    Lindt is always a holiday favourite in our house.

  13. Sara Chiesa says:

    Lindor chocolate is my absolute favourite! Would love to win this! πŸ™‚

  14. elaine douglas says:

    oh wow my kids would die if i won this for them!
    thanks for the awesome giveaway

  15. Rebecca says:

    The salted caramel dark chocolates are my all-time fave. Also, my house is pretty much never without a bar of their dark chocolate fleur de sel. So good.

  16. Megan says:

    Yummy, yes! I love their chocolate.

  17. Melissa Hoffmann says:

    Oooooh this would be yummy to share during the holidays!

  18. Dannielle N says:

    Yes please!

  19. Narceli says:

    Wow! Yes please!

  20. Maya says:


  21. Robert Dall says:

    I love Lindt Chocolate! Yes Please!!!

  22. Juliana Galbiatti says:


  23. sophia macnicol says:

    Oooh love me some lindt!!

  24. Michael Bryan says:

    Lindt makes fantastic chocolate…thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Elizabeth B says:

    Wow…this would be a fantastic early Christmas gift…to me! πŸ™‚ Maybe I will share πŸ˜‰

  26. Karen CHEW says:

    My family loves Lindt chocolates! Especially my kid. This will make clean up time much easier for me if I can use these as a reward~!! Good luck to everyone!

  27. Fred Quan says:

    My family loves Lindt chocolates.

  28. jan says:

    A big yum to this!

  29. Amanda says:

    Mmmm…. chocolate. Love to have Lindt around for the holidays, makes a great last minute hostess gift

  30. Ming says:

    Love love love Lindt!

  31. Marisa. P says:


  32. Tara says:

    Mmmm chocolate. Lindt Chocolate. <3

  33. Rob says:

    We love Lindt chocolate!

  34. Deya says:

    Lindt is the best! top shelf.

  35. Virginia L says:

    Lindt chocolates are the best!

  36. Sab Edwards says:

    YOU HAD ME AT CHOCOLATE …I am a white chocolate lover myself

  37. bjh says:

    My favourite food group

  38. MEI LING LIU says:

    thanks for the chance to win, love it

  39. Stacy says:

    Mmm chocolate!

  40. Luc says:

    How sweet life is!

  41. Linda Webster says:

    Just in time for Christmas. Lots of chocolate!

  42. CK says:

    You can never have too much chocolate!!

  43. Debbie F says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  44. Midori says:

    I will be one of first 100 customers at your opening store this Tuesday for sure!

  45. Donna says:

    My fave Christmas treat!

  46. Eva says:

    Can’t wait for it to open!

  47. Andrea S says:

    YUM chocolate!!

  48. Francine says:

    Lindt chocolate = Christmas love

  49. Lisa says:

    You can never have enough chocolate!

  50. Katherine Clark says:

    Seriously = do not let me loose in that store because I would go bonkers trying to decide what to purchase.

  51. wen says:

    Wowza chocolate and lindt chocolate!

  52. Heather Howard says:

    Liked and shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Retweeted on Twitter via @chaosnsilence

  53. Giti says:

    Would love to win it .its my favorite chocolate.

  54. Marsalie says:

    I love Lindt chocolate!

  55. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    Thanks . there is a Lindt store 45 minutes from me and I visit it often. Lindt is my favourite Chocolate

  56. kristen visser says:

    CHOCOLATE!? Im In ! πŸ™‚ Especially Lindt chocolate. Doesn’t get any better then that

  57. Beth DiMauro says:

    Love Lindor Lindt Chocolates!

  58. Teresa K says:

    I would love to win.

  59. Toni V says:

    That’s a Lot of Chocolate for Christmas Stockings!!!! πŸ™‚

  60. Kristy says:

    Lindt = my favourite chocolate!

  61. Kam says:

    Lindt Chocolate….yes!!!!

  62. Bonnie VD says:

    This is what I was going to get my daughter-in-law for Christmas. I saw her shop at Lindt in London Ontario after her wedding.
    This would be a nice combination Christmas and anniversary gift as they were married on Jan 2nd

  63. Andrea D says:

    I looooove Lindt! The red Lindor balls are my fave!

  64. Kim C says:

    Chocolate!!! I wish I could say I would share a lot of this prize but I’d probably end up eating most of it 😐

  65. Steve E says:

    Need that chocolate fix.

  66. Kelly says:

    Ohhh my is all I can say I want them mhhh mhhhπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‹πŸ«

  67. Helen says:

    Good location, great prize!

  68. tracy says:

    This is so sweet!

  69. Marcus says:

    A sweet prize indeed!

  70. Christine W says:

    Yes, please! Chocolate and hot chocolate on a cold day – it can’t get any better!

  71. Shelley says:

    Love Lindt chocolates!!!!!🍬

  72. Jen says:

    I love the Lindt factory outlets…it’s so much fun picking out a bag full of truffles!

  73. David Magallon says:

    Yay! Love Lindt!

  74. shelly says:

    I love chocolate !

  75. Heidi P says:

    HONESTLY is there any other chocolate that is melt in your mouth goodness like LINDT chocolate – I think NOT!

    My goodness you were blessed to be able to visit Switzerland and visit Lindt & Sprungli Chocolates, it was like a dream – I would say it was MORE than a dream, such an adventure in a real chocolate factory.

    Thanks for the chance to be able to win delicious chocolate

  76. linda says:

    Lindt chocolate. Oh! sooo good.

  77. Michelle Policelli says:

    I love Lindt chocolates especially the Lindor Truffles! they’re my absolute favourite!

  78. Pam says:

    Thank you for the info about the store opening. I have to get down there– with or without your gift card.

  79. Mike Gismondi says:

    What a great prize!

  80. Angela Griffin says:

    I looooove chocolate… I neeeeeed that gift card!

  81. Kimberly says:

    I LOVE Lindt chocolate!

  82. Michael S says:

    I love Lindt chocolates! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Kelly says:

    Yum, chocolate.

  84. Brenda says:

    Yum! My favourite is the milk chocolate red one.

  85. Eileen says:

    I love Lindt chocolates!

  86. Greg L. says:

    luv the chocolate balls

  87. Vince says:

    Pick me!

  88. Lorena says:

    Love love Lindt chocolate! Congratulations on your new shop and grande opening.

  89. Samantha says:

    Love Lindt!

  90. Dane says:

    mmmmm … chocolate!!!!!

  91. dane says:

    So many choices

  92. Janet M says:

    Lindt has such amazing chocolate.

  93. Marji says:

    This would be lovely to donate to the silent auction to raise money for arthritis.

  94. Amanda says:

    I love Lindt chocolate! I love picking out a bag full of Lindor truffles! What a great prize! πŸ˜€

  95. Amy Heffernan says:

    Done all! Thanks for the chance. YUM!

  96. Serena Debolt says:

    They make such great baskets that would be a great present for anyone this season

  97. Can’t wait for this store to open

  98. Chere Croteau says:

    Heaven! Yes please!

  99. Valerie says:

    have been playing with the thought of a glass bowl filled with the different coloured truffles on my dining room table !

  100. Thanks for the contest 🍫 My kids would love to help me pick out some Lindt!

  101. Karen says:

    Can’t wait to visit the store.

  102. Jeff S says:

    Yum, what a delicious giveaway!

  103. Claire says:

    A very sweet prize! Would love to win!

  104. Chocrazy says:

    That’s right, I’m CRAZY about CHOCOLATE!!

  105. Travelbuds says:

    I love Lindt so much. I would love to win this.

  106. Genia says:

    Looking forward to the new Lindt shop!

  107. Michelle Dimmock says:

    I love Lindt It is truely the best chocolate, so smooth and flavourful

  108. Kristy says:


  109. Rachel says:

    Lindt chocolate is awesome!! This would make my day

  110. Helen Sleep says:

    My favourite chocolate in the world. Looking forward to browsing and buying in the new store.

  111. linda says:

    This would be wonderful to use as Christmas gifts. TY for the chance!

  112. sheryl says:

    Oh my, how popular would I be at work with all that chocolate? πŸ™‚

  113. Tania says:

    I love Lindt Chocolate!

  114. Rino says:

    Can’t wait to visit the store.

  115. Yeiji says:

    Love Lindt! Excited that it’s gonna be in one of the more accessible parts of the city

  116. Suzi says:

    This is an awesome giveaway – my boyfriend loves Lindt and it would be amazing to surprise him with this for our upcoming 1 year anniversary!

  117. Tammy Dalley says:

    I love Lindt!! This would be amazing

  118. Nathalie says:

    I know what I’m doing on Tuesday!

  119. AJ Ivey says:

    This would be awesome to win. Who doesn’t love chocolate. Thanks for the chance.

  120. Maritess S says:

    I never say NO to chocolates especially Lindt white chocolates.
    Thanks for the chance πŸ€žπŸ€

  121. Grace V says:

    Mmm. Chocolate!

  122. Mimi says:

    Mmmm, Lindt – my fave! πŸ™‚

  123. Tara Gauthier says:

    I will never say no to chocolate. I am going to have to visit this shop on my next work trip to Vancouver.

  124. marissa says:


  125. marissa says:


  126. Elaine Deng says:

    I love Lindt Chocolates!

  127. Juliee Fitze says:

    My favourite chocolate. Yummy

  128. Lael says:

    Lindt chocolate is the best! I’ve never been in a store-I think it would be dangerous πŸ˜€

  129. Eileen H. says:

    Lindt chocolate is just what I need to chase the November blues away.

  130. Diane T says:

    Love lindt!

  131. Chad Nehring says:

    My wife would love this!

  132. Jocelyn says:

    Hmmm. Cannot resist the Lindt truffles!

  133. Lester C says:

    Love chocolate!

  134. stan says:

    love Lindt!

  135. FT says:

    It’ll be so great to win this gift basket!

  136. adam says:

    would love to win!

  137. ariel c says:

    i love lindt chocolate!

  138. Sarah Guszowaty says:

    I absolutely love lindt chocolate. I cannot wait for this store to open.

  139. LyNdA says:

    C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E ….. yes, Please !

  140. Kimi says:

    Yay, chocolate!

  141. Alex says:

    I need this!

  142. OJ says:

    OMG would be awesome.

  143. CMessenger says:

    Would LOVE to win this! Took a walk by on my lunch break and the place was bustling preparing for opening tomorrow!

  144. LaLainVan says:

    What an amazing basket to share over the upcoming holidays!

  145. Leah A says:

    my kid is over the moon for lindt chocolate!

  146. Brett Dean Jackson says:

    Double whammy

  147. Jorge Arnao says:

    My fav chocolate ever !!

  148. Bonnie R says:

    Very cool!

  149. Linda H says:

    When I was in elementary school, a friend nick named me Lindor. Lindt chocolate is awesome!

  150. Linda, that’s awesome!

  151. brandon Forsyth says:

    I would eat this prize very fast

  152. Heather says:

    Yum!! That’s a lot of chocolate!! ❀️

  153. Marlene says:

    What a nice contest! this chocolate is so good.

  154. Cathy says:

    Mmmm! A very sweet prize! Love Lindt chocolates. Thank you for this chance to win.

  155. Aene says:

    Load me up with dark chocolates! Antioxidants!

  156. xinyan says:

    This is awesome and great news! I really hope to win this as Lindt is one of my favourite luxurious chocolate! Dreaming about it : D!

  157. Rachel says:

    me please!

  158. Kim Blundell says:

    My must fav chocolate ever! I jistbfimished a white chocolate strawberry!

  159. Jessica eapen says:

    Great contest for the holidays!

  160. Kaitx says:

    Amazing prize, I’d love to win!

  161. Happy bunny says:

    Lindt chocolate. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    So goooooood.

  162. Debra Kato says:

    Love Lindt! Looking forward to visiting this new store downtown!!

  163. Sapphire says:

    Yes please!

  164. Kanwar says:

    Finally we got a shop in Vancouver!! I love their iced chocolate milkshake which is made from Lindt truffles!!

  165. Joel DC says:

    Will surely visit.

  166. Sarah N. says:

    A great addition to the downtown shops!

  167. Donald says:

    I love Lindt chocolate! White Praline box is perfect for parties.

  168. Sabrina D says:

    MMmmmmmm. I love the golden bunnies too! Must pick up the Lindt advent calendar soon.

  169. Nigel says:


  170. Tiffany Chan says:

    Chocolate…. mmm…

  171. graham woloski says:

    chocolate is the best!

  172. Linda says:

    I love Lindt chocolate. It is my go-to gift chocolate, too.

  173. Tina says:

    I love Lindt chocolate

  174. Jessica says:

    Love Lindt chocolates!

  175. siobhan says:

    I can’t wait to check this place out! Lindt chocolate is one of my favourites!

  176. Glenda says:

    Lindt is the best!

  177. Tanis says:

    OMG delicious! My dad brought some back from visiting my sister in Toronto… such a luxury to go to the store!

  178. Kathy Miller says:

    Danger, Danger! Way too close to my office. Can’t wait to see the new store.

  179. Diane G says:

    A new Lindt Chocolate Shop! Perfect!

  180. Emily H says:

    Yum! I would love to win this!

  181. Ryan R M says:

    OMG yes!
    I need to stock up for Christmas for myself… oh erm.. I mean gifts πŸ™‚

  182. Antoinette says:

    Lindt chocolate is how my husband and I got together πŸ˜‰

  183. Teresa C says:

    I just came back from the Lindt store and couldn’t leave without buying Chocolates πŸ™‚

  184. Tanya says:

    What a perfect time of year for the store to open! ‘Tis the season for the gift of great chocolate πŸ™‚

  185. Cheryl Stephens says:

    I can eat $100 of chocolate.

  186. Jamaluddin Muhammad says:

    Yes, like chocolate πŸ™‚

  187. connie wright says:

    Did somebody say CHOCOLATE? RUNNING RUNNING!

  188. Marianne says:

    A tasty devour!

  189. Jessica R.F says:

    I would share the chocolate with my colleagues!

  190. Hugo says:

    Need chocolate

  191. Jazzy says:

    Definitely craving chocolate now!!

  192. Daniel says:

    Did someone say chocolates?

  193. Harvey says:

    Craving chocolate now! Good luck everyone!

  194. Karen says:

    yes!!! Lindt is the best!!!!

  195. Jason B says:

    Fantastic Chocolate

  196. Yen says:

    cant beat quality sweets

  197. Paul Matson says:

    Yes please!

  198. Bonnie VD says:

    I love the cappuccino, strawberry cream and mint. I was in the shoppe and purchased some for my relatives to ship north but I neglected to get some for myself.

  199. Carol says:

    Oh my gosh, I am drooling, these are my favourite chocolates of all time.

  200. Meredith M says:

    Great contest. Thanks!

  201. Ruby says:

    great prize!

  202. Karen Miller says:

    Great prize. Love chocolates!

  203. Cheri-Anne Watson says:

    Looking forward to a visit to pick up some great chocolate!😍

  204. Val says:

    Love Lindt. It’s the best!

  205. Harold says:

    Sounds yummy.

  206. Juls says:

    Merry Christmas

  207. Vanessa says:

    This would be a wonderful experience!

  208. bonnie lam says:

    Good luck to you all. Huggiez.

  209. Shelley says:

    Lindt Chocolates… Get You Some Of That!

  210. Lindsay says:

    Me please!

  211. Tammy says:

    What a special prize!! ❀️

  212. Paige Strand says:

    Yum this looks amazing!

  213. Elyse Goulet says:

    Only the best!!

  214. Sandra says:

    Lindt Thins are my favourite!!!

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