For Every Flu Shot at London Drugs, They Will Donate a Lifesaving Vaccine to UNICEF

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It’s the time of year when we strategically position tissue boxes located in all of the most frequented areas of the house, which means it’s also flu season. This year, London Drugs pharmacists are also reminding healthy individuals that one of the best reasons to get the flu shot is not just to protect yourself, but to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Getting vaccinated is crucial for individuals at high-risk for developing flu-related complications such as newborns, young children, pregnant women, and adults with chronic medical conditions. In addition to protecting susceptible people in your own community, getting your flu shot at London Drugs now helps protect the world’s most vulnerable children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

“Many people mistakenly believe there’s no need to get a flu shot because they are healthy,” says Gianni Del Negro, Pharmacist at London Drugs. “But good health is not an excuse to skip the vaccine. Getting a flu shot can save lives by preventing the spread of illness to high-risk individuals living in our communities.”

To reinforce this message, London Drugs is providing added incentive to get immunized this year. For every flu shot administered at any one of its 80 pharmacies, a lifesaving vaccine will be donated to UNICEF Canada to immunize children in a developing country against tetanus, polio or measles.

London Drugs’ vaccination donation campaign is in partnership with I Boost Immunity (“IBI”), an online immunization advocacy network managed by the Public Health Association of British Columbia (“PHABC”), the BC Centre for Disease Control and funded by the BC Ministry of Health.

I Boost Immunity has donated over half a million vaccines for children through UNICEF since March of 2016 through various campaigns.

Find a list of locations and more important vaccination information here »

Flu shots are available at all London Drugs locations. Be sure to ask your pharmacist if you qualify for a publicly funded flu shot (at no cost to you). If not, a fee will apply.

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