Hot July Nights in 100 Mile House

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Two kinds of horsepower were involved in my FestivalSeekers research in 100 Mile House earlier this summer. The first was General, a trusty albeit snack-happy horse at Spruce Hill Resort. The second, a smokin’ 1937 Dodge Rumble Seat Coupe. I was in the area to learn about Hot July Nights (July 13, 14 & 15, 2018) a weekend of cruisers, classics, choppers and hot rods at the Centennial Park in 100 Mile House.

Surrounded by 20,000 acres of Cariboo wilderness and 150 kilometres worth of ranchland trails, we rode through a canopy of aspens and came to a clearing with vast meadow, marshland, and one of many of the hundreds of lakes in the area. The landscape was spotted with free-range cattle, who weren’t bothered by our presence at all, and lent us their likeness for some pretty epic photo opportunities. Continue reading »

Spruce Hill Ranch

100 Mile House

I hadn’t been on a horse in years but I felt at ease, which kept General pretty happy. We managed to trot, even to canter, I think we bonded pretty well as we cruised through the breathtaking landscape.

100 Mile House

After my horseback adventure I heading into 100 Mile House where I met up with the Hot July Nights team, and classic car enthusiast Phil Pogue, at Jackson’s Social Club.

Jackson's Social Club

Pogue has owned his coupe since 1975. It was because of his love of his beauty of a classic that he got involved with Hot July Nights in 2009. Whether you’re part of the show n’ shine, or you’re showing off a current restoration project, everyone loves viewing these impressive pieces of automotive history.

Out in the parking lot, I felt a bit like a Dick Tracy-era gangster post-heist as I jumped into the coupe’s rumble seat for a ride down to the festival grounds at Centennial Park. Instead of a Tommy Gun or a giant bag of cash with a dollar sign on the side, I held out my GoPro to document my ride – and the giddy grin across my mug – as we cruised down Birch Avenue. Continue reading »

Explore the South Cariboo and check out some amazing cars parked along the creek in Centennial Park during Hot July Nights. There will be activities for kids, but there’s also a playground and a great walking path by the creek to a waterfall in the park too. Enjoy the great outdoors, and the great selection of hot rods, cruisers, and classics on display.

100 Mile House

100 Mile House

You won’t want to miss Hot July Nights! There’s something for everyone and for all-ages at this free festival in the heart of a great community.

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