Got Craft Holiday Edition: Win a Prize Package

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 — 4:15pm PST
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Vancouver’s largest indie craft market is back to host its 20th fair with Got Craft? Holiday Edition December 10th & 11th at The Pipe Shop Building in North Vancouver. Browse and shop with over 85 makers and indie craft designers at the biggest market yet. Vendors will showcase unique accessories, home décor, toys, greeting cards, bath and body products, delicious edibles, West Coast art, and so much more.

Got Craft? Holiday Edition


  • Where: The Pipe Shop Building, 115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver
  • When: Saturday, December 10 to Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Tickets: Available online for $3 or at the door for $5. Tickets can be purchased at Got Craft? and are valid for the whole weekend.

The market gives a unique opportunity for the Vancouver shopper to cross everyone off their holiday shopping list in one weekend, including the organic fanatic or tough-to-buy-for foodie. Guests will enjoy food trucks, fresh coffee, swag bags and a DIY workshop in partnership with Collage Collage.

Enjoy a day of shopping at the Got Craft? indie craft market with amazing swag bags for the first 50 guests each day, and a hands-on DIY workshop providing guests the opportunity to make their own wooden block pencil holder to take home. Find handmade treasures for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Prize Package Giveaway

I’m very happy to partner with Got Craft? to offer up an amazing prize package — valued at $1,100 — thanks to their talented exhibitors. This is what is included for the lucky winner:

Prize Prize Value Company
Gold Mountain Necklace $60.00 Amara Blue Designs
Mini Mountain Earrings $18.00 Cabin + Cub
Baileys & Mallows $17.00 Chocohappy Whistler
Art Print $28.00 Cici Art Factory
Holiday Card Set & Ornaments $23.00 Draw Me A Lion
Alexa Lil Bowls $20.00 EM’SAY
2 bags of crackers $16.00 Eve’s Crackers
Blanket $80.00 Forest & Waves
XOXO Mug $48.00 g ceramic & co.
Airplant Terrarium $40.00 Green With Envy
Sterling Silver Necklace $95.00 Irit Sorokin Designs
rough emerald earrings $90.00 LanaBetty Designs
Women’s True North Tshirt $35.00 Locomotive Clothing
Ear Warmers Army Green $40.00 Make More Happy
Cake Topper $13.50 mikaspartyshop
13pc Chocolate Box $25.00 My Chocolate Tree
Liqueur Bottles x2 $60.00 Old Order Distilling Co
3 cards $15.00 Olive Branch and Co
Gift Box $60.00 SeaLuxe
Medium Pendant $45.00 Shi Studio
Soap set $18.00 Simple Soap
Nomad Earrings $60.00 Studio Sparkes
Cream $30.00 The Good Oak
Sweet Holiday Butter Trio $8.00 The Local Churn
2 large box sets $36.00 The Nut Merchant
Sample Gift Pack $28.00 The Salt Dispensary
Christmas Ornament $12.00 The Uncommon Good
Leather Cardholder $59.00 Treibholz Designs
Print + Card $52.00 Urbansketcher

Of course the winner will also receive 2 tickets to the market.
Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment naming a Got Craft? vendor (1 entry)
  • Like, comment on, or share this post on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
RT to enter to win a $1.1K @GotCraftMarket prize pack from @LFieldsShoppe + @Miss604

Follow Got Craft? on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information. I will draw one contest winner at random from all entries at 9:00am on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The winner must be able to pick up the prize in person at Got Craft? on December 10th or 11th.

Update The winner is Monica Surette!

Current contests on


  1. Dara Fontein says:

    Cabin + Cub 🙂

  2. Tanya CI says:

    Mmmm, the Salt Dispensary!

  3. Jennifer PG says:

    Simple Soap

  4. Jen V. says:

    My chocolate tree

  5. Grace says:

    Simple Soap!

  6. Trish Huston says:

    Locomotive Clothing!

  7. Maryanne says:

    Locomotive Clothing! I love them!!

  8. Donna S says:

    Sweet Holiday Butter Trio!!!

  9. Ashley Viens says:

    craftedvan is one of my fave local shops! I used their mini magnetic bookmarks as my wedding favours! <3

  10. Kelly says:

    Sea Luxe

  11. Nicole Aston says:

    Forest + Wave

  12. narceli says:

    Broken Fog Art & Apparel

  13. Joan says:


  14. Lorrie Helliar says:

    Forest & Waves!!!!

  15. JenZ says:

    How exciting! I already love my Cici Art Factory tea party painting but I always have room for another 🙂

  16. Lisa says:

    My chocolate tree

  17. Jacinda Krieger says:

    Forest & Waves

  18. Susan Sheldon says:

    I love Shi Studio

  19. Marisa. P says:

    My Chocolate Tree!

  20. Elysia Sum says:

    Simple Soap

  21. Anne-Marie Tvete says:

    Amara Blue Designs

  22. Heidi says:


  23. Kathleen Thom says:

    Forest and waves

  24. Tabby72 says:

    The Local Churn!

  25. jan says:

    Love the Cici Art Factory

  26. Anne B says:

    Lanabetty designs ❤️

  27. Meg M says:

    Fantastic prize!!

  28. Meg M says:

    Oops forgot to name a vendor: old order distilling co

  29. Dee says:

    The Good Oak

  30. Janet K says:

    Make Cheese Inc.

  31. Amy H says:

    Great giveaway! LanaBetty Designs 😀

  32. Tara says:

    Nice prizes! The Uncommon Good.

  33. Louise says:

    My Chocolate Tree – delicious!

  34. Jenny says:

    LanaBetty Designs! I love their jewelry!

  35. Katy Waldegrave says:

    The Nut Merchant

  36. Christine W says:

    My Chocolate Tree 🙂

  37. Alana says:

    Absolutely love the butter from Local Churn

  38. Jessica says:

    LanaBetty Designs! Great giveaway!

  39. Rebecca T. says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  40. Anne Guagliardo says:

    The salt dispensary

  41. Maya McDonald says:

    My chocolate tree and simple soap!

  42. Rachel says:

    The uncommon good

  43. Elysha Cohen says:

    I am gonna love My Chocolate Tree!

  44. Lauren says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  45. Jocelyn says:

    The Uncommon Good!

  46. Vince says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  47. Bonnie R says:

    The Salt Dispensary! This is an amazing prize!

  48. Linda says:

    I would like to see Broken Fog Art & Apparel.

  49. Angela Griffin says:

    Coconama Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate!!

  50. Mike Gismondi says:

    Really cool lights at East Van Light!

  51. Nadia Bonamin says:

    The salt dispensary!

  52. Shawn says:


  53. Kam says:

    One of the vendors is Chocohappy Whistler…yum!!!

  54. Michelle W says:

    Amara Blue Designs. What a wonderful prize pack! So many lovely items that would make such nice Christmas Gifts for family and friends!

  55. Hayley says:

    Simple Soap

  56. Jennifer Anderson says:

    The Nut Merchant

  57. Ana says:

    The salt dispensary

  58. Brent says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  59. Jacinda says:

    LanaBetty Designs – love her stuff!

  60. Kylie says:

    The Nut Merchant

  61. LMS says:

    Make Cheese Inc – want to try this!

  62. David Magallon says:


  63. Rebecca says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  64. adam says:

    Draw Me A Lion

  65. yvonne says:


  66. Mercedes says:

    Old Order Distilling Co

  67. John says:

    The Nut Merchant

  68. Diane says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  69. Jeff S says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  70. Alicia says:

    The Uncommon Good. Love their ornaments.

  71. Andrea D says:

    The Nut Merchant sounds fab!

  72. christophe says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  73. Sonja says:

    Draw Me a Lion

  74. shannon says:

    Belvedere Gents! My boyfriend loves her legit bowties (and I love them on him)! ?

  75. Danielle says:

    Will be shopping at LanaBetty Designs for sure this year!

  76. Lindsay C says:

    I love the Salt Dispensary!

    Liked the post on FB and tweeted on Twitter.

  77. Justina says:

    Draw me a Lion ?

  78. Kristy says:

    Simple Soap

  79. Jason says:

    The salt dispensary!

  80. Leana says:

    Simple soap!

  81. Lisa says:

    Cabin + Cub ?

  82. Stephanie Y says:

    You + Me Candles!

  83. Kaki says:

    Can’t wait to see the goodies with Half Baked Cookies Ltd!

  84. Monica S says:

    Feest !

  85. Mairi says:


  86. Alex says:

    Wow – great prize! I like Simple Soap

  87. Marlene F. says:

    g ceramic & co.

    this event looks amazing.

  88. maggie says:

    all the babie vendors! 🙂

  89. Donald says:

    Make More Happy

  90. Bernadette Estrada says:

    Birch Street Studio!

  91. Holly says:

    The Local Churn – There is no bad butter. All of them are amazing!

  92. Nicole P says:

    So excited for this! Lou Lou Lollipop

  93. Mary says:

    Lana Betty Designs

  94. Dave Howie says:

    Wow! What a generous prize package. This is very difficult because all the artisans have put their hearts and souls in creating. I am going to choose Green with Envy. Love the air while beautifying your space with their creative and modern arrangements. Thank you.

  95. Ann-Marie V. says:

    Coconama Chocolate

  96. Renee says:

    Locomotive Clothing!

  97. KittyPride says:

    Lana Betty Designs.

  98. Jen says:

    Shouting out Coconama Chocolate who also do really fun workshops!

    That’s an incredible prize pack. talk about your one stop shop!

  99. Amy says:

    I do love all things with chocolate so I would definitely pay a visit My Chocolate Tree if I have a chance!

  100. Lucie B says:

    So many great vendors, but I love Coconama chocolate!

  101. Carrie says:

    Simple soap

  102. Caitlin E says:

    Really just go to discover new vendors and stalk one of my all time favorites Iritsorokin designs

  103. Sara Blaney says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  104. Stacey Hagerty says:

    Make More Happy looks so cozy!

  105. Sasha says:

    Cabin and Cub!!

  106. Fred Quan says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  107. Ruby BB says:

    The Salt Dispensary. What a great prize! Fingers crossed.

  108. Ross says:

    Coastal Craftwork

  109. Chista says:

    Blue Trimble Designs

  110. Dela says:


  111. Eileen Cook says:

    Cabin + Cub!

  112. Liz says:

    The Salt Dispensary… so flavourful!

  113. Ariane says:

    Cabin + Cub = the cutest!

  114. diane says:

    Cabin +Cube

  115. Adam says:

    the nut merchant

  116. Ariel C says:


  117. Pen H says:

    Cabin + Hub 🙂

  118. Tan says:

    Coconama Chocolate

  119. Haley Wells says:

    The salt dispensary!

  120. Christa says:

    LOVE em’say! ❤️

  121. Fate says:

    Coconama Chocolate!

  122. Pepper says:

    Wow, such a beautiful prize pack with amazing local products.
    Locomotive clothing.

    Looks like a fantastic fair☺

  123. Maegan Fox says:

    Locomotive Clothing!!!!

  124. Matt says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  125. Rachel says:

    Amara Blue Designs! I got a necklace from them last time and have been a fan ever since!

  126. Victoria says:


  127. Chrisitna says:

    Lanabetty Designs

  128. Stacey says:

    I’ve been eyeing some Feest candles

  129. Rob Bear says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  130. Louis says:

    The Uncommon Good 🙂

  131. Mary says:

    I am in love with ERINLAURA Jewelry! All their pieces are delicate and lovely. This is such an amazing gift prize thank you for the opportunity! Got craft is my favourite event to attend with my family.

  132. Andy C. says:

    Simple Soap

  133. Emily H says:

    Cabin + Cub

  134. Andrea says:

    The Nut Merchant

  135. Lindsay says:

    Make more happy 🙂

  136. Rachel says:

    Forest & Waves is one of my favourites…

  137. Elyse says:

    Green with envy!

  138. Eileen says:

    Amara Blue Designs

  139. Eileen says:

    Tweeted @eleenie

  140. Linda says:

    Delish General Store!

  141. Brenda S says:

    LanaBetty design

  142. Catherine says:

    SeaLuxe. What a wonderful Christmas gift to share with family and friends!

  143. Catherine says:

    SeaLuxe. What a wonderful gift to share with family and friends.

  144. Kim says:

    Cabin + Cub

  145. Lindsay says:

    Simple Soap

  146. Melissa F says:

    The Good Oak!

  147. Kevin says:

    The Local Churn

  148. Amy says:

    I LOVE the salt dispensary, delicious!

  149. Jenny Wong says:

    the knit goods! winter woolies and make more happy.

  150. Clara says:

    Shi Studio

  151. Jacqueline says:

    The Salt Dispensary. One of my favourites!

  152. Emma Herbold says:

    oooh so many good vendors this year! looking forward to seeing Green With Envy!

  153. Mandy says:

    Ebony + Sparrow

  154. Olivia says:

    The Salt Dispensary!

  155. val says:

    Cabin + Cub! <3 <3

  156. Heather says:

    Cabin and Cub!

  157. Kathleen Wong says:

    The Local Churn

  158. Kathleen B says:

    One of the vendors is the The Good Oak

  159. Linda Phan says:

    East Van Light !

  160. Carol McCann says:

    Studio Sparkes

  161. Lael says:

    Locomotive Clothing is one of the many that look really cool.

  162. Steve Vanderwoerd says:

    The Salt Dispensary

  163. Laura Langs says:

    Locomotive Clothing is a standard for us

  164. Diana says:

    Make Cheese Inc. …yumm

  165. Ann says:

    MY CHOCOLATE TREE – You had me at chocolate!

  166. Virginia L says:

    Green with Envy … for the person who wins this awesome prize pack!

  167. Amanda says:

    Coconama chocolate!

  168. Shirley S says:

    One of the vendors is Locomotive Clothing.

  169. Tara says:

    Simple Soap

  170. Caresse says:

    Forest and Waves

  171. Justine Crawford says:

    The Good Oak! 🙂

  172. Kevin says:

    Green with Envy

  173. Heidi says:

    Birch Street Studio

  174. Carol says:

    Hermit & Anemone

  175. Niki says:

    The Uncommon Goods

  176. Niki says:

    the Uncommon Good

  177. Maureen says:

    My Chocolate Tree-tasty and beautiful!

  178. Priya says:

    Simple Soap!!

  179. Jason B says:


  180. Lori M says:

    Eve’s Crackers

  181. Darcy says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  182. Christina D says:

    My chocolate tree! Thanks for the chance!!

  183. Mary Ann M says:

    I would love to win this to check out the goods from Amara Blue Designs

  184. Dave says:

    Those blankets at Forest and Wave look really cool.

  185. Breannah Nicolson says:

    Simple Soap looks amazing!

  186. Lisa says:

    Cabin + Cub Thanks for the opportunity.

  187. Teena Laughton says:

    Studio Sparkles

  188. Adam says:

    Forest and Waves – great gift!

  189. Lyn says:

    – so many to choose from: Lanabetty Designs.
    Love jewelry!

  190. katie says:

    uncommon good

  191. micky says:

    Hermit & Anemone – So many exciting vendors, would be lucky to win!

  192. Luisa Ramirez says:

    good luck!

  193. Helen says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  194. Zoe says:

    Wow, what a prize! Forest and Waves!!

  195. Jen Rentz says:

    The Nut Merchant!!!

  196. Darren R. says:

    The Local Churn! Hmmmm…butter.

  197. Kristy says:

    Chocohappy Whistler

  198. Shi studio!! Tweeted & shared on FB.

  199. Shirley says:

    Coconama Chocolate

  200. Heidi says:

    Cabin + Cub

  201. Marie says:

    Forest & Waves looks awesome!

  202. Angela says:

    Sealuxe! So many great vendors to discover, this would be AMAZING!

  203. Monique McQueen says:

    The Uncommon Good
    Art + Soul Creative Co
    Cabin & Cub

    SOOOO Many great Vendors 🙂

  204. Chad Nehring says:

    This is amazing!

  205. Kellie nehring says:

    My Chocolate Tree…..gotta love chocolate!!!! thanks for the chance 🙂

  206. Renita says:


  207. Christine t says:

    The Good Oak:). support Local companies

  208. Meeza says:

    I love My chocolate tree!!!!

  209. Susan says:

    Make More Happy! What a great name for a shop! This package is AH – MAZING!!!

  210. Lois Lam says:

    Green With Envy
    love the green around

  211. Teresa Sadler says:

    Chocohappy Whistler’s Bailey’s & Mallows just sounds so amazingly delicious! I must look for them at the fair!

  212. Maria says:

    Make More Happy – what a great name!

  213. Diana Serban says:

    Simple Soap

  214. Jennifer says:

    The Uncommon Good

  215. Meredith says:

    East Van Jam

  216. Kristen Macgregor says:


  217. Michael Hudsin says:

    Forest and Waves

  218. Sabrina says:

    The Nut Merchant

  219. Jen says:

    I love Irit Sorokin Designs, for beautiful jewellery.

  220. Adam says:

    Forest & waves

  221. Tammy says:

    Wonderful it!!!

  222. Kristina Macdonald says:

    Love Blue Trimble’s jewlry:)

  223. Cecilia says:

    Earrings, Chocolates, T-shirts…..and more !!!
    Ohh, my 2 girls and I would love,love,love this !!

  224. Marilyn M says:

    Forest and Waves. An amazing prize! Love to craft

  225. Valerie Lee says:

    Cabin + Cub

  226. Danika says:

    Draw Me a Lion

  227. Catherine C says:

    Cabin + Cub

  228. John-Edward says:

    The Uncommon Good! Christmas ornaments are the best!

  229. Karunya Job says:

    My Chocolate Tree

  230. Caitlin says:

    Forest & waves ☺️

  231. Christina Pearce says:

    The Beautiful Project 🙂

  232. Natasha says:

    Forest & Waves 🙂

  233. Lisa B says:

    fait pour toi

  234. Thea says:

    Simple Soap 😀

  235. Nadia Bonamin says:

    Kewe Clothing!

  236. Alana P says:

    SeaLuxe 🙂

  237. Katie says:

    Life is rad, locomotive!

  238. Hailey says:

    Element botanicals!

  239. Shirley says:

    Forest & Waves!

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