Vintage Photos of Golf in Vancouver

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Earlier this summer, Langara Golf Course in Vancouver celebrated its 90th anniversary. Opening in 1926, it was the city’s first public 18-hole course, and was constructed by The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

Golf at Fraserview

“In order to sell their large tract of land for housing in South Vancouver, in 1924 the CPR altered their philosophy slightly. They decided to construct the best 18-hole public golf course in the Dominion on land bounded by Cambie and Main and south of 49th Avenue.

To accomplish their goal they hired the leading golf course architect in the Pacific Northwest A. Vernon Macan… To further insure a high quality course the CPR gave him 170 acres and basically an unlimited budget.

Spring 1926 the CPR prepared for the Official Opening Day. In order to add a local flavour to the new enterprise the company revived a lost name “Langara” for the golf course. In 1790 Lieutenant Jose Narvaez named the peninsula that we know today as Point Grey the Islas de Langara. Captain Vancouver renamed the area in 1792 as Point Grey. This choice preserved the name “Langara” forever.” [Source: BC Golf House]

1927. Clubhouse at Langara. Archives# Bu N322.

The Langara Golf Links opened June 26th, 1926. All the local professionals plus the club captains attended. The Reeve for South Vancouver, JW Cornett, hit the first shot.

Vintage Photos of Golf in Vancouver

The first public 9-hole course was at the PNE in 1925, and private courses were also scattered throughout the city. Here’s a glimpse at Vancouver golf culture over the years, courtesy of the City Archives:

1925. Golf Tournament at Shaughnessy Golf Club. Archives# CVA 99-3127.

1923. United States President Warren G. Harding standing at tee at Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club. Archives# SGN 943.21.

1925. Mayor L.D. Taylor takes a swing at golf tournament. Archives# CVA 1477-753.

1920s. Mrs. D.S. Montgomery teeing off at the Jericho Country Club golf course. Archives# CVA 371-1139.

1920s. Alfred Bull teeing off at Jericho Country Club golf course. Archives# SGN 1604.

1920. Participants in the Pacific Northwest Golf Tournament at the Vancouver Golf and Country Club. Archives# Sp P103.2.

1930. Pee-Wee golf at Cardero and Georgia. Archives# CVA 99-3815.

1945. Golf in Stanley Park. Archives# CVA 586-4034. Photographer: Don Coltman.

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