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Reactions to the July Rain in Vancouver

Friday, July 24th, 2015 — 12:29pm PDT
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There was only 11mm of rain recorded in June where the monthly normal is 54mm here in Raincouver. We’ve had extreme drought conditions but this morning, waking up to the pitter patter of rain drops outside our windows, Vancouverites have been (mostly) rejoicing.

Some felt like this:

While others welcomed the soaking:

Photos of pho, ramen, and warm soup lunches alongside soggy hiking gear, umbrellas, and droplet-covered windows have flooded in online.

Unfortunately this rain won’t be enough to top up our reservoirs, that have been reported at 69% of their usual levels, and we still have Stage 3 Watering Restrictions. However, it will nourish thirsty gardens, wash away some grime from our sidewalks and alleys, and invigorate our Wet Coast souls before another warm spell sets in to dry up our summer once more.

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  1. VJSS says:

    Couldn’t believe when i heard the sound of rain pouring, went outside and i couldn’t be more happy!! Finally, this is the Vancouver i know!:)

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