Amanita Muscaria The Red and White Mushroom

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 — 11:14am PST
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Our lush coastal rain forests are prime growing grounds for fungi of all kinds, including the bright red and white mushrooms — Amanita Muscaria — that pop up around this time of year at the base of trees. These highly toxic toadstools, also known as fly agaric, become prime objects of photographers looking to capture all the colours of autumn in the greater Vancouver area.

Amanita Muscaria

This fairy tale mushroom should not be consumed, but it can be photographed as these local shutterbugs have done:

Amanita Muscaria Amanita Muscaria
Photo credit: Michael Schmidt & TOTORORO.RORO on Flickr

Amanita muscaria
Photo credit: Kevin Krebs on Flickr

Power-up Mushroom in Super Mario They certainly look poisonous Double trouble
Photo credit: Ann Hung & Ruth Hartnup & Ruth Hartnup on Flickr

Amaneta Muscaria Autumn in the Park
Photo credit: Michael Schmidt & Miss604 on Flickr

Ponyo in Wonderland
Photo credit: TOTORORO.RORO on Flickr

wild mushrooms - Vancouver, BC Amanitas 2010  (#1)
Photo credit: Avi Dolgin & Avi Dolgin on Flickr

The Thunderbird recently wrote about Amanita Muscaria and featured the Vancouver Mycological Society. This organization educates the public about the importance of mushrooms to ecology, the forests, and the economy. They also there to help people make sure they pick mushrooms that are safe to eat.

Deep In The Forest
Photo credit: Clayton Perry on Flickr

Toadstool cluster Rain-soaked amanita muscaria
Photo credit: Ruth Hartnup & Ruth Hartnup on Flickr

Danbo's psychedelic dream
Photo credit: Eric Flexyourhead on Flickr

Fall On Me
Photo credit: Clayton Perry on Flickr

Should you wish to learn more, the Vancouver Mycological Society meets once a month at VanDusen Botanical Gardens and hosts various other events throughout the year.

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