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Scout Magazine‘s co-founder Andrew Morrison and writer Sean Orr have completed the mighty task of putting together a Vancouver Lexicon, within which you will find local inside jokes, definitions, historical tidbits, hockey player nicknames, and of course no list of Vancouverisms would be complete without Leaky Condos.

Ovaltine Cafe
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Scout released the first part of the Vancouver Lexicon in April and the final letters of the alphabet have been added this week.

Sample listing: Adbusters
Usage: “Did you ever read that article in Adbusters about hipsters?”

Sample listing: Gung Haggis Fat Choy
Usage | “At the Gung Haggis Fat Choy supper last night, after several drams of whiskey, I gained the courage to eat one animal’s stomach inside a different one’s stomach with my own stomach, plus a couple of wontons…”

Sample listing: Lotusland
Usage: “Welcome to Lotusland, where everyone is drunk on the scenery…”

Under “M” you will indeed find Miss604 as well:
Miss 604 | Person | Incredibly prolific and well intentioned blogger (aka Rebecca Bollwitt) who champions Vancouver life.
Usage | “Miss 604 is Vancouver’s least offensive blogger..."

Sample listing: Vangroovy
Usage: “Never use the word Vangroovy. Thanks!”

According to Bob from Vancouver is Awesome (listed in the Vancouver Lexicon as a “friendly person”) Scout began working on the project this past winter.

“It was inspired by a satirical 19th century work [Morrison] read in the 1990′s called A Dictionary of Received Ideas by Gustave Flaubert. This dictionary was designed to lampoon the clichés and characters of the Second French Empire using humorous cynicism and the dissent of ridicule and wit… …You’re guaranteed a few laughs along with the lessons contained in the Lexicon.”

Read it often, bookmark it, reference it. From A&B Sound and City of Glass to the Ovaltine Cafe and the RAV Line. Thanks to Andrew, Sean, and the team at Scout for creating this exceptionally amusing fun resource.

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