Vancouver Icons: Freezing Water #7

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Many come up with their own names for public art around Vancouver. There’s the rib cage, the ‘are those supposed to be there?’ chairs, and the frame. Despite not knowing the formal names for these pieces, each is greatly appreciated, enjoyed, and widely photographed. This week’s Vancouver Icon photo feature is of ‘the mercury squiggle’ or ‘the water blob’ in Vanier Park, officially called Freezing Water #7.

Freezing Water #7, by Jen Run
Photo credit: Steven Ballegeer on Flickr

The beautifully fluid design makes this 7-ton stainless steel sculpture look light and graceful in its frozen movement.

Ren Jun made his North American debut with this elegant, amorphic stainless steel sculpture Freezing Water #7 at the Vancouver Biennale 2009-2011. The sculpture is located in Vancouver’s waterfront Vanier Park. Cast in stainless steel, the artist reveals his mastery of material, volume and engineering to create a monumental public installation as fluid as a bird in flight. This sculpture captures the artist’s inspiration of spilt water as it puddles and morphs into mercury-like shapes.

Freezing Water #7
Photo credit: Larissa Sayer on Flickr

the bat kite at J. Ren's Freezing Water Vanier Park, Vancouver
Photo credit: Gail Edwin Aguiar & roaming-the-planet on Flickr

Riding Frozen Water Freezing Water #7
Photo credit: Dan Fairchild & Alastair Smith on Flickr

Vancouver Vanier Park
Photo credit: TOTORORO.RORO on Flickr

Vancouver Biennale; "Freezing Water 7" by Jun Ren Vancouver Biennale
Photo credit: Jonathan Pope & Gail Edwin Aguiar on Flickr

Freezing Water @ Vanier Park
Photo credit: Mike Heller on Flickr

Sculpture in Vanier Park Vanier Park
Photo credit: Thomas Chung & Miss Barabanov on Flickr

Jun Ren, "Freezing Water"; Sculpture Biennale, Vancouver 2010
Photo credit: Jonathan Pope on Flickr

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  1. VesnaSunday, January 25th, 2015 — 6:24pm PST

    The sculpture is gone and I’ve tried to find out where, but was unable.

  2. NatashaSunday, October 18th, 2015 — 1:18pm PDT

    The sculpture has since been removed. Any idea why or if it’s going up elsewhere?

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