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Signs You Grew Up in Surrey in the 90s

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 — 9:44am PDT
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It’s no secret that I love my hometown of Surrey, BC and when posts like Signs You Grew Up in Richmond and Signs You Grew Up in Vancouver in the 80s (which features my McBarge photo) starting popping up, I knew I had to make one for Surrey. With the help of two ladies I grew up with in Surrey, my sister and my friend Anne, I have compiled the following list:

Signs You Grew Up in Surrey in the 90s

You did the chicken dance on rollerskates at Stardust

Old School Roller Skates
Photo credit: Mykl Roventine on Flickr

You took the SkyTrain from the end of the line (Scott Road Station) to Metrotown to shop

Source: Translink’s The Buzzer Blog

You watched developed photographs roll down a carousel at Surrey Place

…Then went next door to San Francisco to giggle at the Fundies

You still call Central City “Surrey Place”

You attended birthday parties at Newton Wave Pool

You went to the Trojan Classic
West Whalley Trojans

You knew William Beagle, L.A. Matheson, and West Whalley were deadly rivals

…Until they all ended up at Queen Elizabeth for Grades 11-12

You bowled at Dell Lanes but wished they had auto-scoring like Scottsdale Lanes

You remember when Holland Park was a forest

You went to Surrey Beaver Day Camp at a local park

Track meets at Bear Creek Park were highlights of spring

You watched an acrobatic hot dog jump into a bun during intermission at Hillcrest Drive-In

Your first “coffee house” experience was at Muffin Break in the mall or Java Joint on King George, not Starbucks

Bruises from the skate park at Bear Creek were badges of honour

You may have snuck into Kwantlen, Holly Park, Unwin, Hjorth, or Kennedy outdoor pools on hot summer nights

Your first drink on your “19th” birthday was at O-Zone, Wheelhouse, Whaler, or Cheers

You watched the BC Lions train on their practice field in Whalley

BC Lions Training Centre, Whalley, Surrey
Photo credit: Reg Natarajan on Flickr

White Rock Pier and promenade was the place to be on Friday nights

You bought your first CD ever at A&B Sound in Whalley

You know that Surrey Girls are actually really awesome – and amazingly good sports!

Anything to add? Leave it in the comments! I also recommend the Surrey Archives on Twitter for more throwbacks and nostalgia.

You remember it being cold enough to ice skate at Fry’s Corner (update from Chris)

Rodeo Drive-In was THE place for burgers (update from Chris)

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  1. Jenn says:

    OMG. So true. My very first bday party after I moved out there was at Stardust.

  2. I went to Len Shepherd and we always get new students from other schools who got expelled. I remember going to a&b sound and then to Sam’s the Recordman at Surrey Place then go to Stardust, hoping they’ll play New Kids on the Block.

  3. Tasha says:

    Thanks for this, brought back wonderful memories!

  4. MJ says:

    HAHA I was a “Trojan” back in the day – everything posted is 100% true right down to muffin break, fundies and I still call it Surrey Place ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Gary says:

    -possibly your first job was delivering papers was for the Now or Leader and not the prestigious SUN or province ..
    -Back then to raise money schools sold chocolate almonds
    -your elementary school had a traveling drama teacher called Mr pichler..doing whole school drama productions of Oliver or wizard of oz.

  6. Love this post Rebecca! I so miss Stardust. Remember the pizza with the single piece of pineapple in the middle? I won a poster for the New Kids on the Block skate.

  7. Fran Martin says:

    I grew up in Surrey in the 60’s, so it really doesn’t count, but before Surrey Place or Guildford, we shopped at The Dell. We had lunch at the Woolworth’s lunchcounter and paid 69 cents for the hamburger platter! Stardust Roller Rink came to Guildford later and I spent every Friday night there. Had pom-poms on my skates! (and it was outdoors). Kwantlen Park was a forest and had a ‘frog pond’. I loved growing up in Surrey.

  8. OMG, so true Awesome memories.I remember all that.

  9. Melanie says:

    Overnight skates at stardust and arcade games and pool at the Delta Games Room ๐Ÿ™‚ ahhhh…memories โ™ก

  10. Matt says:

    Wow you nailed it with this!

  11. Edith says:

    I’m was raised in Surrey and went to both West Whalley and Queen Elizabeth Sr.
    Went roller skating at the 1st Stardust at the outside rink at Guildford. Love the pics.

  12. Angela says:

    U learned to drive on the dump road

    And rode bikes at “black cat cave”

  13. Kyla B says:

    Mr. Pitchler! We are The Rats!

  14. Tia says:

    I remember the many nights hanging at holy park and sneaking I to the pools to cool off

  15. Lis0r says:

    You STILL call it “Whalley” and not “Central City”.

  16. George says:

    You got your mom to drop you off at the Famous Players theatre in Guildford
    You remember the Surrey Public Market… but just barely
    You bought stuff (or bought your girlfriend stuff) at Claire’s
    You remember the plum lipstick fad of 1996

  17. Tam says:

    I went to Whalley and then onto Queen Elizabeth, and was totally floored by this post. So funny to see something like this written for us!

  18. Jen says:

    Changes – the ‘dance club’ for minors
    Frosted malts, Second Look, Mariposa at Surrey Place
    The movie theatres INSIDE Guildford mall
    The grand opening of a place called Yogen Fruz, the Body Shop and Au Cotton
    Club Monaco monogram sweatshirts

  19. @ Jen – Yes! Willie Woozle frosted malts

  20. sofia says:

    Wow, couldnt be more true….west whalley and q.e….only someone who grew up in whalley/ surrey shares these memories;
    Grew up up the street from Surrey Place….many firsts there….;)

  21. jaymz says:

    There was a smoking section in Surrey place

  22. Jams says:

    I went to La matheson took the bus and always exchanged mean mugs with the girls from Beagle just cause. Blue Snow cones at Stardust were the best, and hanging out at the Delta Game Room at lunch time. Dont forget the Owl and the Engineer restaraunt!

  23. Shelley says:

    Beagle Brats to Royals!!!

  24. Sonja says:

    My mum just said “You went to those dances at Tom Binnie!” I also remember the babysitting courses there. I’m was born in the early 90’s but still remember most of this!

  25. Britty Pie says:

    Pre-teen dances at what USED to be the whalley youth center (or something) and is now called Tom Binnie something or other lol

  26. Tracy says:

    Wow!!! Brings back so many memories!!

  27. Chantelle Syrette says:

    That tugged at my heart! Thanks for triggering the memories!

  28. newton raised says:

    – getting cheap games for sega, super nintendo and n64 at willow video games

    – getting at christmas tree at surrey public market

    – going grocery shopping with the old man at superstore in kings cross

  29. newton raised says:

    almost forgot, chowing down at foody goody by safeway in newton

  30. Marcie says:

    maybe a little older but bumpers and the zone. Where Scott Road station is now used to be a drive in theatre back in the day. Swimming or skating the surrey rec centre as well.

  31. Sally says:

    You hung out at A&B sound for fun and then went home and recorded the top 7 at 7.
    Love this post! Good old days ๐Ÿ™‚ Whalley sure looks different.

  32. Jason says:

    Having malts at Surrey Place…definitely.
    3-D human silhouette installation made out of chicken wire hanging in the ceiling at SAG
    The huge Winter Wonderland Xmas house off 64th ave & King George
    Freaking out about the White Face Man and Killer Clown lurking at Bear Creek Park
    Field trips to Newton Wave Pool
    Renting Betamax movies at 24-Hour Video, then VideoPlus

    Thx for jogging my memory, Rebecca!

  33. Jason says:

    Had to throw in a few more…

    Parents banking at Surrey Credit Union, then Surrey Metro Savings
    The opening (and closing) of Foody Goody buffet
    Godfather’s Pizza at Guildford Mall
    Going shopping with dad at Lumberland and Beaver Lumber

    OK I’ll stop now.

  34. Chasity says:

    Can’t forget grosvenor road public school that has been gone for over 15 years

  35. Tom says:

    used to work as a skate cop at the Stardust in Whalley played roller hockey there too.what a blast .when wasn’t working was down there hanging out Blew my first tranny leaving that place seems soooo long ago and used to load up the car to take everybody once a week to the Rodeo Drive-In .got to be there for their last day.met some old friends

  36. Mike says:

    This is awesome! Good job :). I grew up in Guildford, but I can relate to everything but the highschool drama. I agree with adding Beaver lumber and Godfather’s pizza (which turned into Hooters). And Famous players Guildford, where the main entrance was in the back, where there’s a church now, and movies were 4.50. We had videogames at the Mac’s too and Esso’s on both corners of 152 and 104. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  37. Tim says:

    You don’t have to remember the 90’s to watch the lions practice in Whalley. They still do.

  38. Julie says:

    The giant waterfall fountain in guildford mall… Stomped around in that once or twice as a kid

  39. Kelly says:

    Surrey Public market
    Newton arena on Friday nights…teen skate
    Stardust snow cones
    The Ozone…Thursday night..ahhh

  40. Crystal says:

    So love this post…thankyou

  41. Tara says:

    Rock-o-motion, buying “singles” at the popshop or from Danny at yonge st fashions, renting videos at AD video, the giant birdcage in surrey place mall!

  42. Grayden says:

    Tom- ill assume you mean transmission? Although anything is possible behind stardust.

  43. Craig says:

    LOL LOL Wow ..Memory Lane …

  44. Brant says:

    The end of the Skytrain line was King George, not Scott Road

  45. Mike says:

    AHP Matthew to William Beagle to QE!

  46. Mark says:

    Awesome walk down memory laneโ€ฆI went to Newton Junior and then Princess Margaret Secondary. Also used to get in underage at the King George hotel and the Surrey Innโ€ฆboth are no longer around. Our house was located on 132nd street which was all wooded area. Spent many Friday nights at the Stardust roller skating like lots of young people and who could forget the Surrey drive-inโ€ฆ.Jaws played for 4 straight months in the summer of ’75.

  47. Shaunna says:

    A night out at the bar / club was not complete without a visit to Fresco’s on the way home

  48. Mick says:

    Bowling at Whalley Lanes!!!
    “You got two-fify?”
    Getting a computer at Campus computers

  49. moni says:

    I remember buying Blur’s first album then going for a pattie at the Jamaican spot next door. Spent a lot of time at that a&b.

  50. @ Brant it was Scott Road from 1990-1994. The other three stations opened years later.

  51. Rena says:


  52. Cheyenne says:

    Watching movies at the Clova and Hollywood 3 with the fam jam. Always had good times at those rustic theatres!

  53. Christina says:

    Wow so many memories of the good old days, highlights was bear creek swimming pool ,surrey place mall, newton wave pool, stardust roller rink, a&ab sound and fresnos after clubbing at bumpers then renamed the zone I remember when there was no sky train and we had to catch a bus to go downtown.

  54. Trevor says:

    Those are all great! Still don’t understand the hate for Delta. I mean I still do, but why?

  55. chrisitne says:

    Newton Wave Pool was the BEST place to be! I remember buying my first CD at A&B sound (and my first TV when I got older;). I remember Stardust, Muffin Break, Knight &Day restaurant to smoke and drink coffee cause it was close to both school (QE) and home, bowling at the Dell…oh and I also still call it Surrey Place! Sneaking into the Kenedy pool at night in the summer, Taste Nice Jamaican restaurant…

  56. Diana miller says:

    Wow memory lane there. I ticked most those memories. Especially the comment of having dinner at Godfathers pizza!

  57. lance says:

    Eating fried ice cream at chi chi’s.

    Enjoying my first (and. 2nd, 3rd, 4th) adult beverage at boston pizza by guildford at the age of 16. Never getting I’d’ed.

    Smoke pit at guildford park.

  58. Brandy says:

    Chances the teen dance club on 152nd
    The original Johnston Heights! Love you Mr Norcott!
    Stardust birthday parties
    Cinnabon and Yogen Fruz in the Guildford Mall and
    Smoking in the original Food Court downstairs
    Catching the skytrain in New West to go to Expo 86!!!
    Living on the hill in Whalley looking over the fraser
    to beautiful trees and landscape….which is now all
    houses and business ๐Ÿ™

  59. lance says:

    Sub shop on 108th, way better than subway!

    Godfathers all u can eat pizza with the infamous desert pizza.


    Riding bmx bike down to the “pit”.

  60. Steph says:

    omg someone mentioned Mr Pichler?? he came to our school and did “Joseph”!!!!

  61. Coral says:

    I remember Al pitcher
    Joseph & the amazing techni colour dream coat (Harold bishop)
    Wizard of Oz (WE King Vig)
    The clowns (Hjorth road)
    Oliver Twist (hjorth or AHP matthew)

    The youth center on 154th
    The Forrest area where super stores now is on 104th

    Sizzler on 152 for grade 7 grad

  62. Edwin says:


  63. Jess says:

    Dark zone laser tag
    Guildford mall when it had the best doughnuts in the world downstairs on the end near the pet store and elephant castle
    Newton ice skating rink for field trips

  64. Tamsyn says:

    Stardust, Surrey Place, the Whalley Burnouts, the Zone, Grosvenor Road Elementary, the scary time of Clifford Olson, ice skating at Newton Wave Pool and the BC Lions training….it all brings back memories, both good and bad. Thank you for the walk down memory lane!

  65. Laird says:

    Pit parties, and “Popeye pants”!!

  66. Kirsty says:

    Oh, Jess, I remember those donuts, they were better than Tim’s and Robin’s any day, and that was when Timmy’s donuts were good, not the sell outs they are now.
    All of these and early Sunday mornings at the Cloverdale Swap Meet when it was a swap meet. The tracts of forests and trails which are now condo/town home developments where bikes used to be ridden, and runs taken. The “Pit” run. Even with the Clifford Olsen issues (he was in custody by the time we moved to Surrey), my parents didn’t curtail my explorations too much, so the bike was used extensively. Boxing Day sales at A&B Sound as a teenager (cured my lust for shopping on Boxing Day as I found the same prices before and after on the goods which I desired). Changes, O-Zone, ChiChi’s and fried ice cream and really good chips and salsa, Uncle Willy’s buffet, Wendy’s when they had a salad bar, The Sirloiner and Bonanza (both for salad bars). Movies at Famous Players Guildford. So many memories…

  67. Ernest says:

    Wearing a Mac and Datons was acceptible formal wear.

  68. robbiie says:

    When you were cool If you had a PAGER , page me ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  69. Scott G. says:

    – Surrey Canadian Baseball having their opening day parade through the streets of Guildford every April.

    – Guildford Mall when Champion Sports was the place to go for goods (before it changed to All-Star Sports) and way before Mega Sports Experts was the anchor on the Eaton’s side of the mall.

    – Milkshakes at Big B Burgers in Bridgeview were almost as awesome as the annual Bridgeview Days Parade.

    – Rickshaw Restaurant on King George Highway for Chinese Food. Or the Great Wall on 108th. That said, I’ve always been more partial to Lee’s Express in Green Timbers. Remember, it was right next to Green Timbers Fish & Chips and K&L Market?

    – Jumbo Video at Evergreen Mallโ€ฆback when Safeway was actually attached to the mall and not on the other side of the parking lot.

    – The best 24 hour restaurant (Sorry Fresgo Inn) was Bino’s on 152. And – for bonus points- remembering that Fresgo Inn was first called Cita 2000.

    – Getting your ears pierced for the first time at Faces Makeup in Guildford Mall.

    – Lime Ricky at Pic-a-Pop at 104 next to the original Mr. Mikes.

  70. Erica says:

    Going to ChiChi’s was the highlight of the year
    The Pop Shop on 104th
    And the all you can eat buffet at ‘Uncle Willy’s’

  71. dan says:

    and now its a shit hole full of junkies and immigrants yay! or maybe it always was

  72. lance says:

    Swap meet at riverside that had the game where you’d throw a ball at Pierre Trudeau while he gave you the finger.

    Robins Donuts bag of day (week? Month?) Old donuts for 2 bucks.

    The thrill os shopping at consumers distributing and waiting to see what the products that you purchased actually looked like.

    Yong street fashions.

  73. cathy says:

    Bridgeview was still called South Westminster and the first three digits of you phone number was the same as theirs

  74. WaterfallNow says:

    How come Excalibur Bowling did not make the list? It is gone now (sadly) as the owner chose not to renew their lease. You can visit their facebook page and say your goodbyes. Aria Banquet Hall & Convention Centre is going in its place.

    WaterfallNow is giving everyone a chance to win a luxury resort style artificial rock waterfall for your garden. If you would like to enter simply post your gardens “Before” photos to our Facebook page /waterfallnow We will select the best photo and declare the winner sometime in a few months.

    Good luck!

  75. Jess says:

    Oh yah Scott, free popcorn at jumbo video!

  76. Marie says:

    How about the concerts at A&B Sound! I remember seeing Limb Lifter, Econoline Crush, and other bands from the 90’s. And when it was too expensive for a CD at A&B Sound, you’d go next door to Reminiscing Records ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Irwin K says:

    Bush parties at 1001 steps.
    Bush parties at Surrey docks.
    Bush party on Barnston island.
    Basically bush parties.
    Crescent beach.
    Kits Pub, New West.
    I forgot the name, but the bar way out in Coquitlam, Rumors?
    BP’s Guildford.
    QE Royals.
    Good times…

  78. lance says:

    AD Video – huge weekend was renting a massive VCR with 5 Movies, one of which was always slapshot

    Woolco closing down and being taken over by walmart.

    Weird guy driving van called ” fog ducker”. Still haunts my dreams.

  79. Virginia says:

    It was on the Delta side of Scott road, but I remember going to “Bonanza” restaurant and the all you can eat ice cream bar (and the gut rot after).

  80. Don Pitcairn says:

    Thanks Miss 604 for bringing back those old memories of Surrey.
    For those who want pro-Surrey apparel, check out
    They have everything from “Rootin, Tootin, Newton” to “Surreyman” & “SRY Girl”
    My fav is the “Surrey Retro” featuring the Beaver logo and “City of Parks” slogan.

  81. Det0nator says:

    I remember the drive in theater that used to be located where Scott Road Station is located now. Also remember when there used to be some huge bird cage inside of Surrey Place.

  82. Susan Pereira says:

    I grew up in Surrey in the 80’s but I still nodded my head and went “Yup” to most of these things. I had to LOL because I went to Len Shephard Jr. Sec and once I got to QE I was like “Who are all these other people!!!” Btw… just went to a Beaver/Scout Day at Green Timbers yesterday so that tradition lives on!

  83. Denise says:

    My mom an I used to work at the Java Joint in the ’90’s and it was always super busy and had the best atmosphere to relax and listen to house bands eat great food drink the best coffee and make amazing friends i still remember allte great thngs of Surrey and sharing them with my daughter and taking her down memory lane.

  84. Thaine says:

    When AHP Matthew was half french half english…… when 711 on 132nd n 96th was foodtown. Missin the old days!

  85. ryan says:

    Went to William bridge elementary 101 ave 152 st in 85.My mom shopped at extra foods when surrey place was still around and the zellers next door.

  86. Matt says:

    I miss stardust ๐Ÿ™

    Great post, Rebecca, 100% true!

    I remember the Rec Centre at Surrey Place being smaller, and the old Whalley library was used a lot to finish school work.

    Extra Foods in Surrey Place was my go-to grocery store.

  87. NicoleB says:

    OMG @ Jen…

    You remember Changes Teen Nightclub!! I worked there from day one until it closed!!! Best job ever! (at 16 LOL)

    The memories!!!


  88. NicoleB says:

    In addition…

    After reading some of these comments… I’m pretty damn sure I knew a LOT of you guys that posted LOL

  89. Archie "Old school" Macpherson says:

    Ah yes Surrey… Home of the brave and land of the free! I remember most all of these things, I grew up in the Bear Creek Park neighborhood. We were kind of placed right in the middle of all this. We were pretty much equal distance to all these Surrey Iconic locations aforementioned. The Surrey drive in, the New West drive in (located in Surrey), the New West Drive in was down in Bridgeview aka “the flats.” Do you guys remember Big B Burgers down there across from the Drive in, Beside the notorious Turf Hotel?

    How about this one, “The Big Scoop Restaurant” on King George Hwy. Or just down the Hwy a piece was the old A&W drive in, great meeting spot, hang out to show off cars, bikes, girlfriends etc. And how about all you “Surrey Sliders?” Who recalls the “Pinball Palace” or the Foosball Valhalla? Amor Honda down by Gus’s shop… before the relocation to King George & 1O5 Ave, where Surrey’s (first ladies) of the night came out of the shadows gathered out front of “Surrey Honda” and pioneered their craft. Who remembers Mr Jakes Steakhouse, or Mr. Mikes, or Pic a Pop, the Pop Shop, K-mart?

    Me and my beloved sister went to Green Timbers Elementary school,Who remembers Jensen’s Market the little store kitty corner to G.T. Elementary? Frank Hurt Secondary. And of course myself being the rebellious one had the pleasure of attending various other senior secondary schools in Surrey. Princess Margaret, P.M. Annex, William Beagle, etc.

    Too many Memories of growing up in Surrey, Ill share more later.

  90. faiyaz says:

    lots of memories,miss william biegle,any one remember a big fire in mr domis science room?

  91. faiyaz says:

    any one have the year books from 91,92 from beagle?

  92. chris says:

    Yep, I remember most of that, i used to call central city surrey place till I started working there.

  93. Cole says:

    I grew up in surrey in the nineties, and central city, We called it SURREY CENTRAL.

    Every white persons dad had a Gus shop sweater, that their kids would wear to school. (girls always looked hottest in red ones)

    How bout the Ghetto Shell gas station on 108th and king george, my dad would drive me threw their and tell me this is why you do not do drugs.

    Hippie mike could be found at king george skate park.

    Those god awful skin tight plastic necklaces was a fad in the 90s of surrey.

  94. nick says:

    i remembering working at stardust

  95. Jen says:

    The Ozone was first called Shooters.

  96. Rory says:

    I may be a bit older, growing up in North Delta and Surrey in the 70s, but how about the Dog N Suds drive in restaraunt on 104th, the Suds on Fraser Highway between 192nd and 200th in Langley, street racing at Latimer Road and the CN tracks? Fast foods near Surrey Place Mall included the Wagon Ho, Roy Rogers, Mikes Burger Barn,others had mentioned BigB beside the Turf, but earlier it was called Kings, then Bings, and finally Big B. (I guess they wanted to use as much of the sign as possible. (still there today now a car lot.) A buddy bought a 67 Mustang from Car City on King George Highway hill, across from the old A&W (now sells truck canopys)Close by was Sturkos diner, Belmont Motors used to sell muscle cars, the new city hall sits where Surrey Speed Centre was located. In addition to the Westminster Drive In where Scott Road Skytrain station is, the Surrey Drive In was on KGH,Hillcrest on Fraser HWY, other Lower Mainland Drive ins included Delta Drive In (Richmond), Brentwood and Cascades, both in Burnaby. Anybody remember that to get to the Putallo Bridge, from Scott Road, you had to wait at a flashing light for traffic exiting the bridge, and then loop around under the bridge, entering the bridge near the Turf Hotel. Other Scott Road mainstays were Shums Chinese reastaraunt, Luxury Freeze, the Patio, right next to Kennedy Hall (Cascade Ramblers playing every Sat, nite!!) Under the Putallo Bridge was a huge scrap metal and car crushing yard, and Beaver Lumber yard. CRap, I#m feeling old now!!!

  97. Robert E says:

    Here’s a few more from a guy who’s lived in Surrey forever: Hanging out at Hamilton Harvey Safeway eating the free cereal samples and getting chips from the Nalley’s salesmen with Santa arriving by helicopter. Going to Hal’s fish and chips at 2 am. to meet up with the gang. Hitchhiking to Whalley to catch a show at the Cameo theatre just down from Surrey Drugs, close to the pool hall. Buying a pop at the BA station at 108 and King George. Going to the Round-Up in Whalley for lunch. Going back to five corners near birdland and taking my dirtbike to the gravel pit to terrorize all the people living nearby. Riding our bikes on the Port Mann bridge when it was being built and walking on the catwalks under the deck out to the middle. Catching a ball game at Port Mann ball park and getting a Pep Chew and a pixy stick from the store across the road. Buying No 6 cigarettes for 37 cents a pack and smoking them in the bush. Just a fun time all around!!!

  98. Kathy says:

    I grew up where Jhorth Rd & Roebuck Rd meet…..or for the younger crowd that would be 104th Ave. & 132nd St. That was in the mid 50’s, we had a Home gas station on one corner and a Chevron on the other. I went to West Whalley and then graduated from QE. My parents use to grocery shop at the High Low Grocery Store (Safeway is there now) & the Bon Marche Variety Store. I use to work at the Texan Restaurant and in the spring the travelling fair would set up between the Texan and the High Low and all the carnies would come in to eat the Longhorn Burger (which was 65 cents). We use to hitchhike up to Guildford to buy our 45’s and to go roller skating at the outdoor rink. We also went to the Cameo, the Round up Cafรฉ and the Dog n Suds. We had never heard of a serial killer, or a homeless person and nobody carried a weapon, it was a much more innocent time.

  99. Jerry says:

    making at least 1 pass thru the dog and suds before actually parking…rivalry between NSHS and QE,,, drags on Latimer road..Mr. Mikes… hillcrest, NewWest, and Surrey drive ins, ( Vanishing Point ) The Cameo, first a theatre, then a night club.. saw Heart there. oh yeah the TEXAN… wonderful burgers,


  100. Bruce says:

    The meadows condo’s on 102 ave and 137st. in the 80’s

    Foosball vahalla, Kmart, pick a pop,the Texan ice cream cones $.05 on sundays

  101. Sgt. Pepper says:

    The Hillcrest Drive-In and A&B Sound….two things that never should have left us.

  102. Carol L says:

    Filling your face at Fresno’s for cheap after a night of cocktails

  103. Taylor says:

    fast eddies on 108 Ave and 148th was the place to be

  104. Brandi says:

    Your first real ice cream Malt in Surrey Surrey Place

  105. Destin says:

    How about Young Street Fashions on 108th, getting the fake champion shirts without the red stitch on the collar.

    The old bearded guy at stardust, and the DJ Cam.

    How about Cell Phone Joey? Back when it was Whalley Exchange.

    I went to Frank Hurt in 94 and every other day was a huge fight with the White/Brown guys. Those were some good days.

    How about the opening day Little Ceasers Pizza opened up on 96th & Scott Rd.

    And the Carnivals at Guilford Mall every year.

  106. Lise says:

    I remember shopping at Boppers and Mariposa. Also bought stir-up pants from “the Hutch”, Elephant Castle restaurant. Newton Junior, was it Steve and Dots corner store? Miss the Surrey Public market food court and they used to have the Organic Grocer in there too..

  107. Gary says:

    who remembers that massive chineaee restaurant ( smorg board )on corner of king george. When your inside was like the now a days rainforest restaurants … Ha ha
    A lot of hockey, baseball and football teams ( North Surrey minor football ) had their annual get together a there until is closed down..

  108. Gary says:

    Delane’s in Whaley was a boyhood experience..
    Ha ha

  109. Gary says:

    Newton sorry

  110. gloria says:

    I remember working out at the California Club, and Dina fit. I remember my kids playing street hockey from as soon as school got out until it was time for bed ( with a two min. supper break).

  111. sylvia says:

    @krystal Clark and Matt,Stardust is still a roller rink.They have public skates on Friday nights

  112. Albert says:

    Thursday Night in Cheers… Tuesday nights in On the Rocks… FUBAR every long weekend… DJ Alibaba!

  113. James says:

    Playing minor hockey at North Surrey Rec, Newton arena and GPF in delta. Comparing school stories with your team mates from different highschools around Surrey! The old Burger King on Scott and 96th for lunch at LA Matheson! The Attic pool hall and the Gateway Billiards!! Man I’m old…

  114. James says:

    Oh and Denny’s on Scott Rd after a crazy night at Cheers!

  115. 80s born says:

    – lazer tag at dark zone
    -paint ball on Scott road…color wars??

  116. Betty Huff Elephant Slide was in my backyard. All of the above are true to my childhood! Thank you for the Memories Surrey!

  117. Kelowna77 says:

    it’s really too bad that Surrey has gone so far downhill that it’s now frightening to even be out after dark and that kids these days are not gonna have anywhere near the fun memories that we all have.

  118. Kathi says:

    what about remembering the 2 story bird cage as Surrey Place Mall?

  119. Yanick Perron says:

    All that so true West whally stardust etc did it all

  120. Tammie says:

    Pickle Pete’s in Surrey Place
    The long walk down the brick hallway between the bird cages and was in Super Valu then?
    Captain George’s
    The bike rivalry between Surrey and anywhere else
    The Whalley Burnouts – Buckwheat burning his hair or mack jacket
    “Up with People”
    The guy that used to visit the schools with his wolf (Tommy Thompson or something??)

  121. Tamara says:

    The end of the line is King George Station, not Scott Road.

  122. Tamara, technically you are right but the end of the line for many years was Scott Road (1990-1994), which is the reference in this post. Before the SkyBridge, the end of the line was Columbia.

  123. Laura-Lee says:

    You hung out at Honey-Bee or Delta Game Room (yes they were technically on the DELTA side of Scott Road, but us Surrey Kids still frequented them).

  124. James Kelly says:

    Wow . Grad 94 jhss. How about , splitting huge plates of home made fries for a dollar and quarter at green timbers fish and chips, later working there,working at muffin break in fleetwood or at Kelly o Bryan’s roaming the streets late into the nights with our “crew” wearing ubiquitous leather / old school Mac/ torn ( preferred acid washed) jean jacket ,combo and doc marten boots. All we did was smoke smoke smoke drink drink drink . Used to buy liquor in guild ford mall as a16 year old .karole nights at chi chi pitchers of beer served by former schoolmates.Always having to look out for trouble, as in some silly gangsters r coming to your school looking for some one etc etc.eating magic mushrooms in mcdo cheeseburgers , 5 dollar acid tabs all over the school . Yes the ozone Thursdays and that hole of a bar / strip joint in Whaley the dell?? Scary last call crowds.. Gild ford mall malts sure as a kid hoping your mom would treat! That old wishing fountain full of pennies ha everyone wearing club Monaco sweatshirts and rolling up there pant cuffs( folded tightly first) that’s in what 89? Then those black baggy Kung fu pants tighten up the side of the leg with safety pins , (ah am I all alone there?) with the white horribly incorrect but lingo Franca of the time wife beater shirts. Best mรฉmoires walking with my three sisters in the summer from 88 and150 to beard creek park pool(aged6-’13) eating the double cupped soft ice cream one off the truck there or one of those seemingly super long silo shaped wrapped in wax paper rootbeer Popsicles . Ok okthats enough

  125. Phoenix says:

    This is all spot-on, altho the only thing I might add is that it’s a little Whalley-centric. I lived in Fleetwood and altho I spent most of my time at Surrey Central, there’s some great classic 90s stuff out in Fleetwood and Cloverdale… Clova Cinema… Fleetwood Park in the summer… and so on.

  126. beckamax says:

    Whalers pub…says it all. Most of my weekends in my 20’s was spent there.

  127. Llailya says:

    I remember just about all

  128. Stefanie says:

    The ozone, my mom going to Ponchos and lefty’s or the Dell, Paul’s piercing, Stardust and how we awkwardly avoided each other when it was the couples skate or a slow song came on, Newton wave pool (getting the big floats and heading to the deep end), taking the bus to Surrey central and Guilford mall (san fransisco), KB Woodward, James Ardeil, Grosvenor Rd, Betty Huff, The Mohawk, Mayfair Apartments, BC Lions practicing and playing in the big park across from it, Bear Creek Park, riding the sky train for fun hoping we wouldn’t get caught, Gateway station looked like it was made for millionaires when it went up

  129. Savannah says:

    Great post! I’ll be awake reliving memories all night…
    I believe that Al Pichler is still(?)involved in school productions as well as Al Pichler and the Alpiners ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember Alibaba and the 40 Thieves, circa 1982 at Cloverdale Elementary, when as kindergarteners we performed as belly dancers!

  130. Valerie says:

    Shopping at the Hutch in Whalley….their clothes were a staple in my closet!

  131. Michelle says:

    I grew up in the later70s and eighties in Surrey. Love this post because some did apply. I still call mall Surrey Place, King George Hwy will always be K>G Hwy and not a Boulevard, I didn’t know Chances but we did go to a teen club called Bumpers down just a bit from Gus’s shop. I remember Mr. Mikes and Pic A Pop.. Loved the LIme Rickeys. I see Bozinis Restaurant is still there. I lived next to the Surrey Inn on Fraser Hwy at one point neither of which is still there and doesn’t even look familiar.Does anyone remember the three bears drive in which was directly across from North Surrey Senior high? Pac man and Asteroids game and also a circus circus arcade in the Guildford mall. And to go back at LONG time ago Woodwards used to be in Guildford Mall and you could pick up your groceries outside after like a drive through and they kept them on a conveyer belt kinda thing till you picked them up. Also outside of Woodwards was a kids playground down below .. sandpit with cave type things to go in.. have yet to see anyone who remembers that.
    Hey Julie..Remember the TA area? LOL

  132. Michelle says:

    I meant neither house or Surrey Inn is still there.. also was born in Surrey Memorial and it was a lot smaller!!

  133. Steve says:

    Was it my 1969 imagination, Burger king on 104 next to the rickshaw?

  134. Marlon says:

    I saw Grease and Star wars and Jaws at the Surrey Drive In at 80th and king George

  135. Cindy F says:

    I’m trying to get a picture of the BigB burger sign that was beside the Turf….am making my folks a “remember when” canander for their anniversary. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

  136. Paul says:

    Anyone remember John from Victory market behind 104?

  137. Bob says:

    Growing up in mayfair apartments. The hood!!! I remember pic a pop. Kmart. Going to grovesner rd elementary. Big rivalry with james ardiel. When all the golf coures were farmland. Go to Cheers. Then graduate to ozone. Tuesday night hockey at grovesner rd

  138. Matt Kunzli says:

    You can’t forget Clova Cinema’s cheap movie night, AND the “Welcome to Surrey” sign had a beaver!!! Not the new one that’s a knock off of vancouver’s sign, and it once was the city of parks before Diane Watts sold them all of to devlopers for condos

  139. Melissa says:

    Renting a movie from blockbuster, going to marge’s cafe, getting scratch tickets next door. getting [most] the bc lions to sign my shirt. Thanks for this, brought back good memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Heather B says:

    Haha. I went to George vanier, m b sandford ( The year it opened and I remember that my grade 7 teacher was also a player for the whitecaps Lol) then from there went to frank hurt. Hung out mostly at travis’s half pipe in his back yard or the smoke holes at lunch. Lol.
    I remember getting “dressed up” to go to Changes on Friday nights. Smoking super long Moore menthol cigarettes. Walking…..everywhere.
    Steve & dots. Food plus. food stop.
    Of course the ozone, (but I ended up working there from 19 for a few years) Lol.
    The baskin Robbins and kfc on the delta side of scott road. And Bonanza!! Loved it there.

    Anyone else ever go to the cheap movies in new west on 6th? Loved that place.!

  141. Demian says:

    – You remember the “Surrey Rams” (not South Fraser or Langley)
    – You sank a good number of quarters into the Street Fighter 2 game at Macs across from West Whalley.
    – You spent time in the “smoke pit” under the stairs in the food court at Guildford
    – You remember “The Dungeon” at West Whalley
    – You remember far too often ending up at Knight ‘n Day after the Ozone

    Stardust and Changes.. Man, I’d completely forgotten about those.

  142. Demian says:

    – You remember buying “singles” at almost any convenience store (although I’m sure that’t not local to Surrey).

  143. Jay says:

    This is dope….I remember playing basketball and hitting balls in the batting cage at an indoor sports industrial building called Whalleys World….chain nets on the bball courts at Bear Creek Park…going fishing at Green Timbers park…eating subs and fries at Fresgo Inn on King George and 100th…..hitting up White Rock so I could cruise up and down the strip to crank my car stereo and subwoofers…parents buying vegetables and fruits at Two EEs market on Fraser Hwy in Fleetwood

  144. Suzy says:

    You know what “The Home Depot” side means…

  145. Heather says:

    does anyone else remember the clothing store called ‘Check It Out’ by the Wendy’s on Scott Rd/96th?

  146. Jp says:

    Watching movies at Hillcrest drive in going to the drag races in port Kells drinking at barnsten island and getting pop from the dollar machine by the shoe house on the island. Only liquorstore open till 11 on Scott and 88 Ave. My 1st strip club was Baracuddas by the Dell.

  147. Chad says:

    I can’t believe that with 150 posts, mostly from Whalley, nobody mentioned buying cargo pants at “The Hutch” in Plaza 102!!! Nice shout out to the Java Joint. Spent many evenings on the back patio and mornings (after the keggers in their backyard). First jobs were at Supersave Gas and Chi-Chi’s just so I could chow down on free chips and salsa. Thanks for bringing back the good history lesson, but you don’t mention anything about Cloverdale or other parts of Surrey! What about sledding down the hill at Siddaway Park or drinking at 101 or 1001 steps? Getting sandwiches from the Cloverdale Deli for almost nothing! Nachoes with way too much cheese sauce at 7-11 Whalley or Green Timbers Mall (where you only ever went inside to go to the key cutter guy). Wing nights at Wings, Donegals, or the Kennedy Pub! Rembering the first time I heard the word Costco, and saying, so you mean it’s like Price Club, only bigger? And how about anyone who got to buy candy at Kelly Douglas? People always slagged on Surrey, but it was a pretty good place to grow up.

  148. Jenny says:

    I used to work at the Rodeo Drive In for 10 years!!!!! I didn’t work there when they closed but my sister and I both were asked by the owner if we wanted to work the last day so we did. I have a lot of great memories working there!!!!!!!!

  149. Nicole says:

    “We are the Trojans, the mighty-mighty Trojans!” LOL. STARDUST!!!
    Our family still calls it “Surrey Place”, too.
    Great memories! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Ally says:

    Does anyone remember a very tiny little all brick house on 96th Ave, not far from the Wheelhouse? It was so cute! As a kid, I used to wonder if it was even big enough to have a bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Guenters Delicatessen in Surrey Place – best rum balls ever!
    -The Bay’s Malt Stop – when they served malts in real glass!
    -KFC on Scott Road when it was a sit-in restaurant – oooh, the delicious cornbread!
    -Champagnes nightclub (friends of mine met there and are still married today ๐Ÿ™‚
    -I still miss those multi-coloured sprinkle doughnuts from that little cafe in Guildford ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kids today have no idea what they missed ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Steve says:

    As an East Van guy, I remember the chain of King’s burgers well, and I can remember the King’s on King George Highway near the Turf, where the current Legacy Auto Sales now is. I’m pretty sure that Legacy’s sign is the original King’s sign, but as I recall, it had 5 poles extending up above the original “KINGS” crown (like the points of a king’s crown) with each pole supporting one internally lit sign letter to spell the word K-I-N-G-S.
    As another commentator above (Rory) explained, it later became Bings, and I would guess that they simply changed out the letter “K’ for a “B”.
    What I can’t figure out is, did they remove one of the 5 poles and re-centre the other 4 when it became Big B? The current sign has 4 evenly spaced and centred poles on it (the letters atop them are long gone), yet I could swear it originally had 5. This question gnaws on me every time I drive by, I’m sure it used to say KINGS. Has anybody got the answer?

  152. tom says:

    The go carts on 104 thats now washworld

  153. gerald says:

    hanging out honey bee parting at kennedy park

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