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Half Corked Marathon Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country Getaway

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 — 2:14pm PDT
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Throughout the spring, summer and fall, Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country is a haven for visitors, capturing the best of the South Okanagan. From vineyards to orchards, the Okanagan is one of Canada’s prime agricultural areas. With dramatic landscapes and remarkable terroir, the valley is one of BC’s most beautiful and diverse places to visit, extending from the southernmost point of Osoyoos to the tip of McIntyre Bluff, north of Oliver. Bordered by mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes, the area is majestic by nature – and naturally unique.

Osoyoos Lookout Views

Half Corked Marathon

Created by the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association, and inspired by the legendary Medoc Marathon in Bordeaux, the Half Corked Marathon pays homage to one of Canada’s most decorated wine regions; a celebration of the Golden Mile and Black Sage Road benches connecting the communities of Oliver and Osoyoos. Taking place on Saturday, May 24, 2014 this is the fourth year of the Half Corked Marathon and it will be the largest to date with 800 runners taking part.

The Half Corked Marathon route is 18km and can be jogged or run in 90 minutes or walked in three hours. Racers are not timed but after three and a half hours the wagon comes to collect participants.

Stops along the way include 10-12 wineries and food stations, where racers can sample local wine and fine cuisine from Oliver-Osoyoos restaurants. There will be four waves of runners and a total of 800 participants. Runners are encouraged to dress up and there will be prizes for costumes.

Photo courtesy of the OOWC

Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country Getaway

High demand for tickets to the Half Corked Marathon in 2013 meant that a new lottery system was put in place for 2014 and tickets were allocated through a lottery system in February. Over 2,800 people entered for the 300 lottery places. The 2014 event is now sold out, tickets for 2015 will go on sale in February 2015.

Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country want to invite one lucky Miss604 reader to the region to give them a coveted spot in the marathon along with this prize pack:

  • 2 race tickets for the Half Corked Marathon on Saturday May 24, 2014. Tickets include race registration, goodie bag, shuttle from Osoyoos, Finish Line lunch and wine tasting.
  • 2 nights accommodation in a one-bed suite at Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort & Spa in Osoyoos for May 23rd and May 24th, 2014.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  • Leave a comment naming an Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country member (1 entry)
  • Post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
RT to enter to win an @UncorktheSun getaway from @Miss604 #HCM2014 #BCWine

Follow Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country on Facebook and Twitter for more information about this event and the region’s many other attractions.

I will draw one winner at random from all entries at 12:00pm on Friday, April 18, 2014. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash or different travel dates. Must be 19+ to enter.

Update The winner is Gabrielle!

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  1. Cameron W. says:

    Burrowing Owl 🙂

  2. Cairine says:

    Black Hills

  3. Caresse says:


  4. Geniene says:


  5. monique says:

    Nk’Mip Cellars
    Their resort is spectacular!!

  6. aliki says:

    gheringer brothers

  7. Karen says:

    Desert Hills

  8. Megan says:

    I love Gehringer Brother wines!

  9. Diana says:

    Burrowing Owl

    And this sounds like the best time ever!!

  10. kay says:

    Black hills

  11. Lisa says:

    Burrowing Owl…thanks for the chance!

  12. jae says:

    Silver sage

  13. Angela Griffin says:

    Black hills

  14. Mike Gismondi says:


  15. stacey says:

    hidden chapel!

  16. Ruby BB says:

    Burrowing Owl

  17. Kirky says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  18. Krista says:

    Moon Curser.

  19. Dilara says:

    Burrowing Owl

  20. Vanessa says:

    Burrowing owl

  21. Am says:

    Burrowing Owl

  22. David says:

    Burrowing Owl (for 4 in a row)

  23. Jas says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  24. Megan jones says:

    Burrowing owl! Yum

  25. Christine says:

    Burrowing Owl – so good!

  26. Sarah M says:

    Burrowing Owl

  27. Iris @muckymoo says:

    Road 13 Vineyards

  28. Rebecca says:

    Burrowing Owl

  29. Kelly says:

    burrowing owl!!

  30. Elwin says:

    Burrowing Owl! Hoot!

  31. Janet Kong says:

    Burrowing Owl

  32. Tracy says:

    Gold Hill

  33. marie says:


  34. Sharon says:

    Black Hills

  35. Heather V. says:

    I love burrowing owl!

  36. Bonnie R says:

    Burrowing Owl

  37. Marion Drakos says:

    Silver sage

  38. Brenda Walker says:

    Road 13

  39. Eileen Bourne says:

    Burrowing owl

  40. Katherine C. says:

    Silver Sage Winery – we did the half-corked a couple of years ago, and spent 45 minutes just at their stop along the running route (sooooo much food!!!)

  41. This would be amazing!! Thank you for an opportunity to enter!

  42. Stephanie says:

    Hester Creek, I love their wines and their customer service!

  43. Steffany says:

    Silver sage

  44. Sheri Fraser says:

    Tinhorn Creek- I would love the chance to do this with my sister.

  45. Andy C. says:

    Black Hills

  46. Janice Sanford says:


  47. Alexa says:

    Hidden chapel!

  48. Shannon says:

    Black Hills!!!

  49. Rosa says:


  50. Barb says:

    I love Tinhorn Creek, gorgeous!

  51. Sarah says:

    Moon Curser!!

  52. Stephanie says:

    Black Hills

  53. Dan says:

    Hester Creek

  54. Kimberley S. says:

    Silver Sage Winery 🙂

  55. Tammie says:

    La Stella

  56. Rachelle says:


  57. Ryan says:

    La Stella

  58. Ryan says:

    Ok not La Stella, even though they are my Fav.
    My real answer is: Quinta Ferreira

  59. carol says:

    Burrowing Owl

  60. Alex says:

    Nk’Mip Cellars!
    Great wine and location!

  61. Trevor Barry says:

    Sage Creek! Best spot on the run 🙂

  62. Shelby says:

    Road 13 !

  63. Anna says:

    burrowing owl

  64. Justin says:

    Hester Creek

  65. Linda says:

    Hidden Chapel!

  66. Laurel Johnson says:

    Silver Sage, owner Anna Manola

  67. GAIL WHITWORTH says:

    There is no better wine region: Burrowing Owl, Nk’mip, Hester Creek, an embarassment of riches

  68. tania says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  69. rino says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  70. Laurie S says:

    Silver Sage

  71. Leanne Elizabeth says:

    Burrowing Owl 🙂

  72. Ramona says:

    Young & Wyse

  73. Samantha Reeves says:

    Burrowing Owl

  74. Mary says:

    Church & State

  75. Danielle Scott says:

    Burrowing Owl. It’s my favourite!

  76. Jennifer says:


    Love their new bubbly 😉

  77. Caitlin says:

    Road 13

  78. jan says:

    Desert Hills – yum

  79. Christie A says:

    Tinhorn Creek!

  80. Maurizio says:

    So many to choose from I will go with Hester, but one would not go wrong with Black Hills, Burrowing Owl, Desert Hills to name a few.

  81. Mark P says:

    Church and State

  82. Samantha says:

    Gehringer Brothers

  83. Bonnie Tidswell says:

    Hester Creek

  84. Jen says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  85. Erin W says:

    My fav, Burrowing Owl!

  86. Marieke says:

    Burrowing Owl, a favorite and helping a good cause!

  87. Sheila H says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  88. Katie says:

    Black hills!!

  89. Kirsten says:

    Silver Sage! Love at first sip.

  90. @wastedmass says:

    Hidden chapel

  91. SYLVIA F says:

    Inniskillin, which was also the wine we served at our wedding!!!…uh mazing! Oh how I would love to go back!

  92. Mary says:

    Silver sage! Delicious.

  93. Erica says:

    Black hills!

  94. kim says:

    burrowing owl

  95. Aaron B. says:

    Burrowing Owl

  96. Mike Robertson says:

    Young and Wyse… The name says it all!

  97. Heidi says:

    Fairview Cellars

  98. Gabrielle says:


  99. Michelle says:

    I love Road 13!

  100. Lucie B says:

    Desert Hills

  101. Mary W says:

    Burrowing Owl

  102. Ruth says:

    Moon Curser – what a great name!

  103. Janet says:

    Burrowing Owl! I always wanted to go!

  104. Edie Dullaghan says:

    Burrowing owl…..

  105. Shelley says:

    River Stone

  106. Katie says:

    Road 13 Vineyards!

  107. Ron S says:


  108. Leanne M says:

    Black hills

  109. Michelle W says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  110. Kathleen Thom says:

    Burrowing Owl!

  111. Brenda says:

    Road 13 Vineyards

  112. Cliff says:

    Road 13

  113. Jeff S says:

    Hester Creek!

  114. Sheri says:

    Burrowing Owl

  115. Phoenix says:

    Mr. Jason Priestly’s Black Hills!

  116. Gladys Tsang says:

    Quinta Ferreira!

  117. James says:

    Oliver Twist or Moon Curser.

  118. Tinhorn Creek! What an excellent idea!

  119. chrissy says:

    Young & Wyse

  120. Janice Sanford says:


  121. Janice Sanford says:

    Burrowing owl

  122. JSanford says:

    Road 13

  123. Gary says:

    Gehringer Brothers

  124. Jenn says:

    Love burrowing owl!

  125. Mark says:

    Burrowing Owl

  126. Chaminda says:

    Black Hills

  127. valerie says:

    Burrowing Owl ftw! (for the win AND for the wine)

  128. Danielle Bauer says:

    Moon Curser

  129. Chantel I. says:

    Hester Creek is a member and my most favourite wine 🙂

  130. Andrew Forrest says:

    Burrowing Owl is my favourite! I just ordered half a case from them again.

  131. Gary says:

    Black Hills

  132. Michael Florizone says:

    Burrowing Owl… hoot hoot

  133. Brenda A says:

    Burrowing Owl and it is my favourite!

  134. Leah B says:

    Black Hills is a participant and is one of my favourites.

  135. dean says:

    desert hills

  136. Cj says:

    Moon Curser!

  137. Radhika K says:

    Black hills

  138. Burrowing Owl!!! My Fav!

  139. cindy says:

    burrowing owl hoot hoot

  140. Jules A. says:

    Burrowing Owl

  141. Cath says:

    Burrowing Owl

  142. Carla Ullrich says:

    Young & Wyse

  143. Melissa says:

    Oliver Twist

  144. Michael Vass says:

    Young & Wyse is a member and their wine tastes great !

  145. Lawrence says:

    burrowing owl

  146. websturr says:

    RT to enter to win an @UncorktheSun getaway from @Miss604 #HCM2014 #BCWine

  147. jane says:

    burrowing owl

  148. Terry Calhoun says:

    Road 13. Yummy Merlot!

  149. Karen says:

    Burrowing owl

  150. Marianne says:

    Desert Hills

  151. Sandy T says:

    Burrowing Owl

  152. Angela says:

    Burrowing Owl is so good and a great company with all of the good that they are doing for the owls.

  153. wondergirl says:

    Burrowing Owl

  154. Susan P says:

    Tinhorn Creek

  155. Andria Police says:

    Burrowing Owl

  156. tracy says:

    black hills!

  157. vincent chen says:

    black hills

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