14 Photos of Vancouver in the 70s

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 — 1:14pm PST
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Vancouver Whitecaps FC are celebrating 40 years of Whitecaps soccer in this city, promoting previous team members, traditions, and the beloved “White is the Colour” chant, heard best when coming from a record player. In honour of this anniversary, I have put together a collection of Vancouver photos from May-August of 1974, when the Whitecaps were just starting out.

14 Photos of Vancouver in the 70s

Empire Stadium, August 1974. Archives# 2010-006.231.

View of the PNE. Archives# 2010-006.235.

Bute Street between Robson and Haro. Archives# CVA 778-48.

400 West Hastings, south side. Archives #CVA 778-147.

700 Burrard with the Hotel Vancouver. Archives# CVA 778-21.

400 Granville, west side. Archives# CVA 778-95.

800 Thurlow, east side. Archives# CVA 778-440.

1200 block of Haro. Archives# CVA 778-136.

400 Hamilton at Victory Square. Archives# CVA 778-104.

700 West Pender. Archives# CVA 778-293.

800 Burrard, west side. Archives# CVA 778-30.

400 Richards. Archives #CVA 778-365.

1000 Smithe, north side. Archives# CVA 778-429.

900 Robson at Burrard. Archives# CVA 778-315.

Get your tickets for the Whitecaps’ 40th anniversary match on May 3rd and check out my collection of “14 Photos from 1914” for even more visual history.

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  1. Marion Cronen (Dorush) says:

    I loved the first pic .. it shows my old stomping grounds from when i grew up before all this was torn down .. i lived on Franklin and Triumph Streets .. along with so many other friends from the neighborhood.. was just wondering if you maybe had any more pics of that area .. ??

  2. Darwin says:

    The stadium pic brings back memories I used to work with the lions souvenir shop and seen many concerts there
    Best one fleetwood Mac
    Many lions games as well

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